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REVIEW | ghd Platinum Styler

I'm a big fan of ghd- I currently own 3 of their stylers and 2 ghd air hair dryers and wouldn't give them up for anything! So when they recently launched their exciting new Platinum Styler which has received lots of praise from press and customers, I felt compelled to give it a go myself. 

The white Platinum Styler looks super sleek and elegant; I love the glossy finish and the black coloured plates. Some features of the original ghd stylers remain the same for the new Platinum Styler, for example: the automatic shut off (lifesaver!), the super sleek plates, and swivel cord. But the important question, is...

How is the Platinum Styler different to the original ghd Stylers? (Pros) 

I've been using the new styler to straighten my hair, and in my opinion are the best straighteners I've used to date. These are also much better than the original ghds.

Light and easy to hold- The delicate design of the styler makes straightening your hair a pleasure, as it's very gentle and not at all bulky.

Even glossier plates- These make the stylers literally glide through the hair. There was reduced snagging with the original ghd stylers and there's none whatsoever with the Platinum. The glossy plates also leave my hair feeling really smooth all day.

Wishbone hinge- A very fascinating feature of the Platinum, allowing you more control of the plates as you don't have to style your hair with pressure (something I'm guilty of!). If you're used to the original ghds, you may have to get used to the Platinum at first as you don't have to work so hard to style your hair. It's much lighter to use, making it brilliant for both straightening and curling your hair.

The wishbone hinge also ensures that your hair won't caught in the hinges. Admittedly, I always get my hair caught in the hinges of straighteners, but it's funny because I only realised how often it occurred/annoyed me until now. ghd are very, very clever to have addressed this problem!

Tri-Zone Heat Technology- Heat is equally distributed throughout the plates, allowing kinder and consistent styling. This ensures less hair breakage and is apparently helps a lot with coloured hair. Also, my hair was fully straightened from messy/curly hair in less than 8 minutes- which is very quick in my experience! I've also found that I don't have to re-straighten my hair the next day.

On/off press button- rather than a switch (I'm not sure why, but I prefer this).

Left: Before styling (Towel dried hair). Right: Straightened using the Platinum Styler. 


I tried so hard to find something negative to say about the Platinum but it was so difficult because it's such a brilliant styler, but I guess there is one little thing. The Platinum Styler is not available with wide plates, which is a shame because ghd's Gold Max Stylers are very popular- especially amongst those with frizzy hair. Hopefully this is something ghd might work on. 

Is it worth £165? 

Definitely. I know from personal experience that ghds are a very, very good investment. As well as the new Platinum, I currently own 3 of their Stylers (Katy Perry, Red Gloss IV, and Gold Max) and 3 ghd airs. They all still work perfectly fine and are regularly used by myself and my sisters almost everyday. 

I'm glad I've discovered something that's life-changing in a way (yes- constantly smooth hair and not having to re-style it the next day is life-changing for me haha!)

If you're a big fan of ghd but are looking for something a little more premium, I'd definitely recommend going for the Platinum Styler. If you've tried it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

The ghd Platinum Styler is priced at £165 and can be purchased at