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'Taylor' by Taylor Swift review!

After smelling Taylor Swift's third fragrance 'Taylor', I sincerely hope that she continues to make fragrances for a very long time to come. This one is just amazing! 

Seriously, I never thought she would top 'Wonderstruck' [which I love], but she did because 'Taylor'- in my opinion- is the best fragrance out of all three she's launched.
A photo of Taylor Swift's fragrance
'Taylor' by Taylor Swift fragrance

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck was launched last year in the States, and proved to be incredibly popular- particularly across her fan base. But us Brits had to wait a whole year to get our hands on the queen of country music's first-ever fragrance!

The gorgeous fruity floral scent is captured in a magnificent purple coloured bottle with a patterned golden bottle-top and dangling antiqued charms of a dove, a birdcage, and a Moravian star. The bottle has an iridescent rainbow holographic finish (apparently, this concept has never been used before in the fragrance industry so it's really exciting!) and when the light shines directly through the bottle, it becomes a beautiful crystal clear deep purple colour. Check out my photographs in the slideshow below!