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Topshop War Paint Sweetheart Nails

At first, I felt unsure about Topshop makeup as it's essentially a fashion brand- I didn't think the products would be good.

I tried their Nail Paints for the first time and I loved them! I thought their crackle polish would be as terrible as some of the other brands I have tried.

I applied a coloured nail paint as a coloured base coat in Topshop's War Paint- a blue-based coral, and then I applied a thin layer of Topshop's Crackle Nail Paint in Sweetheart- a rose pink colour. Here are some images: 

The consistency and texture of both of the polishes are really smooth and they both dried very quickly! I imagined myself not having a good experience with these nail polishes as I demand a lot from a nail polish- a sleek application and a quick drying time- which I was happy with as these the Topshop Nail Paints performed according to this little criteria. I haven't waited long enough to see whether the polish chips on my nail easily or lasts long, but I will definitely update you guys!

Although the actual polish's texture and consistency is important for a good crackle polish application, but the secret actually lies in the product's brush. Long and thin brushes won't work as a crackle polish needs to be applied over the whole nail as quick as possible to prevent streaking, smudging, and heavy overlaying. Maxi-brushes may well work when using a crackle polish, but then again it depends on how 'maxi' the Maxi-brush is- you don't want a thick coat over your base colour coat as this will prove to be difficult for the crackle effect to work. Plus, it won't dry quick enough.

This is my number 1 tip for crackle polishes: DO NOT pump drops of nail polish remover into a crackle polish bottle if it becomes gloopy and clumpy- this will totally ruin the formula and trust me, it will become even more gloopy and clumpy if you do!

Instead, store your crackle polishes in a fridge overnight and the consistency will become a lot smoother and it will be a lot easier to paint your nails with!

Topshop Nail Paints retail at £5.00 each, and the Crackle Coats retail at £6.00 each.

Are you a fan of Topshop Nail Paints? Do you like the crackle nail polish as seen in the images above?