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Summer fragrances for 2014

Summer is fast approaching, which not only hands you the opportunity to revamp your wardrobe, but also gives you the excuse to purchase a cheeky fragrance to get you smelling sweet this summer.

In the summer, fragrances should be light- the last thing you need during a heatwave is an intensified headache from an overpowering fragrance when combined with hot temperatures. Whether you like it or not, certain fragrances are best left for the Autumn/Winter seasons, and these include strong fragrances with spicy and woody notes. Water-based fragrances are great for the summer but if you're not a fan, you can also go for scents with light floral notes as these are less likely to give you headaches. 

Hot temperatures in the summer can also reduce the longevity of the fragrance as body heat and sweat can cause the scent to evaporate quicker in comparison normal temperatures. The perfect trick here is fragrance layering which involves applying your chosen perfume's body lotion onto the skin before the perfume itself. 


'Taylor' by Taylor Swift review!

After smelling Taylor Swift's third fragrance 'Taylor', I sincerely hope that she continues to make fragrances for a very long time to come. This one is just amazing! 

Seriously, I never thought she would top 'Wonderstruck' [which I love], but she did because 'Taylor'- in my opinion- is the best fragrance out of all three she's launched.
A photo of Taylor Swift's fragrance
'Taylor' by Taylor Swift fragrance

A 'White Christmas in New York' with Elizabeth Arden!

On Thursday evening, me and Jayna popped along to Elizabeth Arden's HQ to preview some of their Christmas launches at a 'White Christmas in New York' themed event which was so beautiful and Christmassy, and I'm really excited to show you what will be available in the next upcoming months! 

Elizabeth Arden's iconic 'Red Door' as an entrance to the amazing 'White Christmas in New York' event
Christmas gift sets will be available for Taylor Swift's fragrance (Taylor), Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday', Britney Spears' 'Midnight Fantasy', and Justin Bieber's 'The Key'. These gift sets also come with a personalised recorded ringtone from the celeb, which I think will definitely be a hit with teenagers. 
A picture of celebrity fragrances by Elizabeth Arden
Christmas fragrance gift sets from Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Justin Bieber.

Nicki Minaj will also be launching yet another reinterpretation of Pink Friday (called the 'Pink Friday Deluxe Edition) in time for the holiday season. With the upcoming edition being a floral musk with notes of starfruit, mandarin, boysenberry, lotus flower, jasmine petals, caramelized pear, musks and wood- captured in a golden 'Nicki Minaj' style body with black hair, it makes a great Christmas gift for Nicki Minaj fans. Pink Friday was one of the best-selling women's fragrance this year, which is brilliant for a celebrity fragrance. 
A photo of Pink Friday Deluxe fragrance by Nicki Minaj
Special Edition Pink Friday fragrance by Nicki Minaj (RRP: £49 for 100ml- available from November 2013)
As a huge fan of every Britney Spears' fragrance that exists (I literally own every single one!), I was very excited to see that she'll be launching a special 10th Anniversary Edition of her bestselling 'Fantasy' fragrance with the iconic Britney bottle in Black with gold gems. I actually find it hard to believe that it's already been 10 years since the fragrance was first launched. It was one of my staple fragrances as a teenager and it will always be a personal fave. The anniversary bottle also has an inscription from Britney herself personally thanking her fans, so it makes the perfect addition to anyone's Britney Spears fragrance collection- especially mine! 
Britney Spears Fantasy Anniversary bottle
Britney Spears Fantasy Anniversary Edition fragrance with a nice little personal message from Britney herself! (RRP: £29 for 100ml- available from October 2013)


Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review!

Swifties in the UK have been waiting for Taylor Swift's second fragrance, Enchanted Wonderstruck for almost a year since it was launched in the US first.

Taylor has kept the design of the fragrance very similar to that of her first fragrance, Wonderstruck- but has instead opted for a gorgeous crimson coloured bottle and a different selection of dangling luck charms; a bird, a flower, a leaf, and a sparkling crystal, which were all hand-selected by Taylor herself. I'm glad that the bottle remains as vintage, treasure-like and magical as the original Wonderstruck with its beautiful golden bottle-top and its iridescent finish.


Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck was launched last year in the States, and proved to be incredibly popular- particularly across her fan base. But us Brits had to wait a whole year to get our hands on the queen of country music's first-ever fragrance!

The gorgeous fruity floral scent is captured in a magnificent purple coloured bottle with a patterned golden bottle-top and dangling antiqued charms of a dove, a birdcage, and a Moravian star. The bottle has an iridescent rainbow holographic finish (apparently, this concept has never been used before in the fragrance industry so it's really exciting!) and when the light shines directly through the bottle, it becomes a beautiful crystal clear deep purple colour. Check out my photographs in the slideshow below!