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'Taylor' by Taylor Swift review!

After smelling Taylor Swift's third fragrance 'Taylor', I sincerely hope that she continues to make fragrances for a very long time to come. This one is just amazing! 

Seriously, I never thought she would top 'Wonderstruck' [which I love], but she did because 'Taylor'- in my opinion- is the best fragrance out of all three she's launched.
A photo of Taylor Swift's fragrance
'Taylor' by Taylor Swift fragrance


Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review!

Swifties in the UK have been waiting for Taylor Swift's second fragrance, Enchanted Wonderstruck for almost a year since it was launched in the US first.

Taylor has kept the design of the fragrance very similar to that of her first fragrance, Wonderstruck- but has instead opted for a gorgeous crimson coloured bottle and a different selection of dangling luck charms; a bird, a flower, a leaf, and a sparkling crystal, which were all hand-selected by Taylor herself. I'm glad that the bottle remains as vintage, treasure-like and magical as the original Wonderstruck with its beautiful golden bottle-top and its iridescent finish.