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Lee Stafford from Morocco Miracle Shine Spray!

In the past I've hauled so many beauty products promising to add gloss and shine to my hair (you can never go wrong with shiny hair!), but I never seemed to find the right one; for example, some would smell awful and chemical-like, some were sticky, and some just never worked at all.

Last Autumn I fell in love with Lee Stafford's Argan Oil- which I NEVER fail to use every time I wash my hair (and my bottle only just finished! That's what I call long-lasting!). The product really transformed my hair in the long-run from messy frizzy, brittle hair to softer, silkier waves! Lee Stafford's Argan Oil has always been my number one consistent product (I always brand-switch!), and I certainly wouldn't be able to live without it!

So when Lee Stafford recently launched a Miracle Shine Spray as an addition to the ArganOil range, I was really intrigued to try it.

The spray has the same scent as Lee Stafford's Argan Oil, which I weirdly like. The product also has elements of Argan Oil so it's a spray that nourishes the hair at the same time as 'Glossing it up'.

Another great aspect of the product and it's design is that the spray nozzle is a 'mist' nozzle. The reason why I think this is great, is because I used to use another shine spray with a normal spray nozzle, so if I straightened my hair, a lot of product would spray onto my hair, and cause it to slightly frizz. The mist nozzle on Lee Stafford's Miracle Shine Spray makes it easier to quickly spray some shine onto your hair without ruining the style.
The amount of shine offered from the product is good- although if you want a few locks of your hair to look more shinier than the rest of your hair- for example, highlighted bits- then it's better to mist the shine spray slightly closer to your hair than you usually would.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Lee Stafford? Are there any hair-shine products you swear by?

Again, if you have rough, frizzy, or untamable hair- give Argan Oil a go! I couldn't recommend it enough and no matter how many times I try and find something negative about it, I can't.