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Protein World | Chocolate Slender Blend review

My review of the Vanilla Slender Blend was incredibly popular and I received lots of e-mails to review the Chocolate flavour one, so voila!

So, a little bit about my Protein World journey so far: I try to have 2 protein shakes a day so my overall protein intake averages at about 100g as I eat meals high in protein too. I've been using Slender Blend alongside an exercise regime for just over a month now, and in the first week I lost 2lbs. I plateaued for a bit after the first week, but that's understandable considering the first week's results and the high-protein diet. So far, I've lost 8.5lbs in 7 weeks which doesn't sound like much when compared to the results of Protein World fans on Twitter- but I've just been using Slender Blend and not the capsules. Also, I've noticed more fat reduction on my waist and thighs which is amazing.

Protein World | Slender Blend review

After constantly seeing tweets and Instagram posts raving about Protein World's Slender Blend, I gave in and had a go of the popular stuff myself! So far- along with my exercise routine, I've experienced some amazing results whilst having a serving of Slender Blend a day, including a 2lb weight loss in 5 days, an inch off my waist and stronger nails in the process!

Slender Blend was recently launched for women, and is specifically targeted for weight loss. It contains Whey Protein, Raspberry Ketones, and Green Tea- which is proven to support fat loss. Protein World has done well to make a product high in protein appealing to a female market as I know so many women who keep away from protein shakes due to the fear of 'bulking up'. But protein is key for weight loss, and toning too- results won't be as quick and effective without protein.