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Debenhams Beauty Press Show SS15

A few weeks ago, I attended the Debenhams SS15 Beauty Press Show at the Debenhams Press Office in Oxford Street. The theme was 'Jet Set Beauty' and showcased the best of Summer beauty. There's lots of exciting products and upcoming launches from so many different brands including Dior, Burberry, OPI, DKNY, Too Faced, Make Up Forever, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Here are some photographs I snapped during the launch. 
Colour cosmetics for Summer from Dior, Sisley, Givenchy and Burberry

Bags of Beauty Blog: E45 Event- E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion!

Susmi Patel
I attended an E45 launch event/presentation at the Covent Garden Hotel earlier this week with a presentation from dermatologist, Doctor Tabi Leslie and an introduction to E45's newest product, the Intense Recovery Moisture-Control Lotion. I also met the lovely Haidee and Nikki from E45!

The event was really nice and cosy- there were a couple of other bloggers there and a few journalists, and it was an interactive session all about skin-care. We left the hotel with a full-size sample of the new E45 product, and a beautiful umbrella from Lulu Guiness!

Doctor Tabi Leslie was really nice, and she gave us a very interesting presentation about skincare and skin moisturisers- i.e. which ones are best for us, why does our skin need to be moisturised, what makes the best moisturiser.

Here's what she had to say about what makes a good moisturiser:
- Hydrates the skin
- Includes preservatives
- Cosmetically acceptable
- Non-greasy or sticky
- Easily absorbing and long-lasting
- Affordable 
After the presentation, Haidee introduced to the exciting new E45 product. I have nothing but positive things to say about this E45 product! And believe me- although I try and be nice to, and forgive the slight flaws of cosmetic products as they're obviously not miracle workers, this is definitely a product for keeps!

This lotion is a very cool-toned and of a smooth consistency, and the texture isn't as thick as E45 creams usually are. Also, the lotion very easily absorbs into your skin- it's like your skin is drinking the lotion! If you apply an average layer of it onto your skin, then it won't feel sticky at all like other moisturisers. However, if you put on loads of it then it's obviously going to feel sticky, and this is the same with any other moisturiser.

My skin felt so smooth after using it for the first time that when I used it on my face, it actually felt like a smoothing primer! I was shocked by the results! I get frustrated at skin-care products that cost a lot and hardly make a difference, but not only is the E45 Intense Recovery Moisture Control Lotion affordable, but it's a product that actually works and makes a huge difference!

Have you tried this product? What do you think of the 'What makes a good moisturiser?' checklist?