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Minajesty by Nicki Minaj review!

Minajesty was supposed to be launched on Valentine's Day at The Perfume Shop but launched on Monday due to popular demand, and I wasn't surprised- Barbz in the UK have been waiting for this fragrance to land in the UK for months! 

Prior to Minajesty, Nicki Minaj fans had already seen three fragrances from her; Pink Friday, and two limited edition interpretations of Pink Friday.

In the words of Nicki Minaj, "MINAJESTY is my newest scent- it is sultry, captivating and powerful. There is a sexy power behind having self-confidence. I want this fragrance to invite my Barbz to celebrate their glamorous side, live in the moment, and be outrageous knowing that true power comes from within." 
Minajesty by Nicki Minaj


Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj review!

I've been excited for Nicki Minaj's debut fragrance ever since it was announced that she was launching one. Her fragrance is called 'Pink Friday' and it launched into the UK in March and unsurprisingly, it's proved to be very successful.

The fragrance bottle for Pink Friday is incredibly unique and so cool- it's very Jean Paul Gaultier but with a more funky edge, characterising Nicki Minaj's bubbly, colourful personality and outgoing style in just one glimpse. She's launched a brilliant visual addition to the celebrity perfume market- I love the candy pink hair! Nicki posted a sneak preview image of the bottle before it's release on Twitter, and the bottle-design had her fans in a real craze of anticipation of what the fragrance would actually smell like. 

Nicki played a vital role in the creation of her fragrance: "I was involved in every aspect of the decision-making process- it seems easy because I always get this feeling inside: I know if something is right or wrong. Each detail needs to 'wow' me or it is not an option; that's my way of composing perfection."