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Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat in 'White Splatter'!

Recently I've been loving Maybelline New York's Street Artist Top Coat in 'White Splatter' which is part of Maybelline's Color Show range- a collection that is always full of up-to-date and on-trend colours! I love popping into Boots and Superdrug stores just to check out the latest shades and textures. 

'White Splatter' is a funky glitter top coat filled with glitter; white, blue, purple, and green hexagonal sequins; as well as white confetti-like pieces. It works best as a top coat but can also be used on its own. 
Maybelline 'White Splatter' top coat


Avon Pink Pastel Nail Lacquer!

When Avon announced the launch of its Nailwear Pro+ range earlier this year, they promised lots of shades that will hit the hot summer pastel trend on the head! I've previously posted about Avon's 'Coral Reef' shade- which is beautiful!- and Avon's nail polish in 'Pink Pastel' is also gorgeous and perfect for the summer.
Avon Pink Pastel Nail Lacquer

The shade definitely reminds me of strawberry milkshake, and is similar to the popular 'Pink Friday' shade from OPI's Nicki Minaj collection. This polish is very glossy, which goes well with a bright and 'clean' shade.

My first coat of the polish was okay, but it needed a bit more colour as it wasn't that pigmented, so I painted a second coat which made the polish on my nails a bit streaky. I had a feeling that a thick third coat in one single stroke would provide a decent finish, and it did so it looked great. Avon nail polishes have rectangular shaped brushes which gives a better coverage of the nail.
Avon Pink Pastel


Elegant Touch Sherbet Mix It Up Nails!

Sweet pastels are perfect for the summer season- especially when the sun actually manages to shine in the UK! So I jumped at the chance to try their Mix It Up Sherbet Nails!

Basically, you get a mixture of different nail colours (in this pack- pink, yellow, and green), and you can mix and match to create different coloured manicures. Sometimes your thumbnail can be pastel pink, or sometimes pastel green, so I think it's right for this product to be priced around the £8 mark.

The design and packaging of the product reminds me exactly of when I used to go to Woolworth's and go to the Pick 'n' Mix stand.

The colours of the nails are sweet pastel shades that you're likely to find in a pack of Smarties- although I believe that the colour range is definitely missing a shade of sherbet blue, which would make the range look a lot more colourful!

I don't like using nail glue for false nails as I damaged my natural nails with nail glue last year, so now I just use Nailene's Nail Tabs because not only does it allow false nails to be easily applied and removed, but it doesn't damage the natural nail.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Elegant Touch?


Pastel and Ice Pastel Nails with Revlon!

I've promised pastels so voila! I recently tried Revlon's Top Speed Nail Enamel in Cloud- a white based lilac shade which adds radiance to the complexion of your skin when worn on your nails. It is a neutral colour, but it's quite bright, and it shines in the reflection of the light. The shade is ideal for the summer, but because it's a neutral yet radiant colour, it can even be sported on a rainy day- so this is defo for keeps if you live in the UK!

The images below show the lilac colour to be more of a grey, but this was just lighting issues- the shade is a lot more brighter in reality. Some of the Top Speed range was released last year in the UK, but I think the extensive range available in the US has recently been made available in the UK. The Top Speed range does fulfil its promise of drying quickly. Plus, I love the design of the typical Revlon bottle with its sleek long bottle-top which can glam up anyone's dressing table! That sounds weird, but I pay a lot of attention of detail!
Revlon Top Speed in Cloud

Revlon Top Speed in Cloud
If you want to jazz up your nails, you can use a glitter overcoat to create the 'Ice Pastel' look. I currently love Revlon's new Nail Enamel in Stunning to do this. Revlon recently launched a whopping new 20 shades to celebrate the brand's 80th birthday, and they launched a few holographic sequined glitter shades. If you're going for a glamorous look, glitter nails are a must!

Here are some images of my 'Ice Pastel' nails:
Glitter overcoat with Revlon Nail Enamel in Stunning
Glitter overcoat with Revlon Nail Enamel in Stunning

This look totally reminded me of the colour and glamour of Cinderella's dress when she went to the ball! 

What do you think of these Pastel/Ice Pastel nails? Are you a fan of Revlon Nail Enamels?