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Paco Rabanne Pure XS

This is currently one of the biggest fragrance launches, and I'm not at all surprised. Paco Rabanne's One Million and Invictus fragrances have managed to uphold their reputations as some of the most popular and fast-selling scents in the month of December. So it's inevitable that many men have- no doubt- heard of, and wish to try out their latest venture, Pure XS.


Paco Rabanne Olympea

It's so nice to see something new from Paco Rabanne- their last biggest women's fragrance launch was Lady Million, and that was years ago! I was beginning to think that Paco Rabanne had lost their spark, until now of course... 

Inspired by Greek Goddesses, Olympea takes you on a venture of victory and championship through a sweet floral scent. The warm fragrance opens up with a sweet and creamy burst of top notes consisting of Salty Vanilla Accord. The journey then continues by developing into the Jasmine and Gingerlily heart, finally settling to a dry down of Ambregris, Bois De Cachmire Ambregris, and Cashmere Wood lingering on the skin. 


Paco Rabanne Black XS review!

I've loved Paco Rabanne's Black XS ever since I was 16 when I was randomly introduced to the fragrance in Debenhams by a staff member. I remember seeing the deep red, rose-engraved bottle in her hand and insisting to myself that the fragrance will definitely not be my type. As she sprayed the fragrance onto the back of my hand, I was expecting to sniff a strong spicy scent, but I was proved wrong.