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OPI Just Spotted The Lizard!

This shade is from OPI's recently launched Spiderman collection to celebrate The Amazing Spider-Man movie! 

The shade is pretty unique, although it reminds me of one brought out by Chanel before. Although I wouldn't usually go for this colour, I did like how the colour of it changes according to the reflections of light. Sometimes the colour looks yellow/gold, green/gold, or bronze/gold so the name 'Just Spotted The Lizard' is rather appropriate!

Some of the images were taken with flash on my camera so I'll be uploading some images without flash and from different angles soon as there's a huge difference in colour. I can also imagine this shade looking amazing with a black shatter overcoat or some black coloured nail art on it.
What do you think?

Pastel Nails: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

Okay this collection may have been launched over a year ago, but some of the colours are so wearable for this summer!

The collection was launched for Spring/Summer 2011 and was inspired by the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Pastel Colours are also great for a multi-cultured manicure; pastel shades usually resemble sweets and so the more colourful your nails look, the better- I like to call this type of manicure the 'Pix N Mix' manicure. 
The shades from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection aren't bright pastels- I wasn't expecting them to be bright as, if anything, a colour collection inspired by a pirates movie would probably mainly consist of more dull colours.

Instead, OPI made the pastel colours in this collection slightly grey-based, which I took a surprising liking to. I love bright colours but these shades stood out to me because they looked somewhat a lot more natural  than the brighter pastel shades.

Most OPI Nail Lacquers I have tried don't actually need a second coat as their coverage and pigments are great. However because these are pastel colours, only applying one coat will have a sheer effect on the nail (which some of you may prefer). But if you want a better coverage, then two coats is best. OPI brushes are decent in size and length so this won't take long at all as you can apply a coat in one stroke in a few seconds. OPI lacquers dry very quickly too.
Nail Lacquers from left to right: 'Sparrow Me The Drama', 'Mermaid's Tears', and 'Planks A Lot'.
What do you think? Are you all thumbs-up for pastels?!


OPI 'Red Lights Ahead...Where?' Nail Lacquer

When the O.P.I Holland Collection launched in the UK, I fell in love with the shades on the Lena White website, but there was one shade in particular that stood out to me: 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?'.

This shade is a gorgeous vibrant coral that's like an incredibly glossy red colour with a pinky sort of hue to it. The shade completely matches its cool and wacky name- 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?', as wearing such a bright coral colour such as this one, makes you feel sexy, and somewhat daring as if you're driving and don't care that there are red lights ahead telling you to stop. That was my first thought when I read the name of the shade!

Coral is my favourite colour as it comes in all sorts of different shades and colours- orange coral, pink coral, red coral, and I love every single one of them (so I'm basically cheating when I'm asked to name my favourite colour!). I have quite a few coral nail polishes, but this is by far my favourite!

There's no glitter or shimmer in this nail lacquer, but that's a good thing really, as the shimmer would take the extreme glossiness of the nail lacquer away. And there's always something good about a glossy coral...

Have you tried this shade? What do you think? Are you liking O.P.I's Holland Collection?


'Honk If You Love O.P.I'!

If I actually manage to pass my driving test this year, I will definitely remember to honk if I love O.P.I- which I do! How COOL is the name of this shade?! O.P.I always come up with the best shades and the best names, but I guess that's what makes the brand a lot more special besides its amazing quality.

This shade is a gorgeous ripe aubergine purple shade, that offers an incredibly glossy finish on your nails. The colour reminds me of red grapes (even though they're actually purple!), and this shade is from O.P.I's Touring America collection, which came out last Summer.

When I was at my work experience placement last year, my boss wore a similar colour and she always told me how she wore it to make herself seem more authoritative. Bit weird, but hey!

This nail lacquer is so shiny that I didn't even need to apply a top-coat to gloss it up! O.P.I Nail Lacquers also have a good brush that covers the whole nail when you're applying the lacquer- it even manages to paint the edges too in just one coat!

Have you tried this shade? Is it your favourite from the Touring America Collection?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Simple Nails with O.P.I Samoan Sand!

Sometimes, the simple the better! Simple colours are the most versatile- you can wear them almost anywhere from shopping to clubbing, and O.P.I's Samoan Sand shade is a lovely choice.

I brought this online a couple of weeks ago because they matched my platform heels from New Look and the manager of my local nail salon recommended the colour to me. And I always love it when my nails match my shoes.

The colour of the nail lacquer is a nude shade- a light beige shade, and in the image above I have applied 3 coats of the colour with top coat over it. It's lighter than my skin shade but from far away its looks like my nails aren't painted at all but they do look very well manicured and healthy (I always leave the house with my nails painted- I can't stand my bare nails).

This nail lacquer won an Instyle Beauty 2011 Award for the best Neutral Nail Colour for Dark Skin. I haven't got dark skin but this is still such a good buy! The only problem I have with this is that the lacquer is quite opaque and I needed 3 coats of it, but that's most likely the case with other light/nude shades so that's not really a big deal.

Have you tried this shade? Are you a fan of O.P.I? Do you like your nude shades?


OPI The Muppets Collection- Christmas 2011

Yes! O.P.I have come up with loads more shades once again- they never fail to impress with their humongous selection of coloured lacquers! 

Christmas is nothing without shimmer and glitter, and O.P.I knows this. Here at Bags of Beauty, we're in LOVE with the glitter lacquers from this collection, and you're bound to fall in love too if you already haven't!

The glitter lacquers are quite sheer, but build-able. We really recommend that you apply a similar colour of the glitter lacquer you intend to use underneath as it will intensify the colour of your nails. The glitter  in the lacquer are no doubt of getting noticed as there is quite a lot of it, and there are lots of silver confetti-style pieces too so these are a definite must-have for glam nights out and parties...

If you're off to any Christmas parties and have no idea of what to colour your nails with, definitely have a go with the red glittery nail lacquer as shown in the image below (the one right on the end of the second row). This shade is called "Gettin' Miss Piggy With It"- again another fun name that matches a fun colour that'll definitely get you into the delightful Christmas spirit!

Swatches coming soon!

What do you think of the Christmas collection? 


O.P.I I Lily Love You Nail Lacquer

Glam up this November with O.P.I's I Lily Love You Nail Lacquer from O.P.I's very own Nice Stems Collection!

The colour of I Lily Love You is a sheer yet shimmery pink with lots of sprinkles of holographic glitter in the colours of silver, blue, and pink glitter! If you love pink- this lacquer has got your name written all over it!

The nail lacquer can be used on it's own, or as a stunning top coat over one of your favourite shades, and the best thing about using it as a top coat, is that you can experiment with any colour you like as a base for your nails, and I Lily Love You is also resistant to chipping! Woohoo!

You only need one coat of this beauty to glam yourself up for any Winter parties, and you'd be bringing out the green-eyed monster in everyone who even catches a glimpse of your 'I Lily Love You Nails'!

O.P.I products are brilliant for super salon quality nails (that's why nearly every nail salon uses them!). 

And O.P.I literally have nail lacquers in every shade under the sun, and they still manage to come up with more fabulous shades! 

Take a look at their website and you'll see, and you can also use the O.P.I online Nail Studio to check out whether you like particular nail lacquer shades according to your skin tone and nail length.

The I Lily Love You nail lacquer retails at £10.50 each for 15ml.