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Nad's Nose Wax!

Nasal hair can be a real problem, primarily because it can look unsightly and it's an incredibly painful process to get rid of them- especially if you pluck or pull them. If you've tried to, you'd know that your eyes water like a flood and you tend to sneeze!

So Nad's- experts in hair removal- have introduced a world's first Nose Wax product for both men and women, which can not only get rid of nasal and nose surface hair, but also claims to work as a deep pore cleanser that helps remove blackheads. So this really is an all-in-one solution for keeping up the appearance of your nose.

The Nose Wax kit retails at £17.99 and comes with a tub of microwaveable wax, safe tip and spatula applicators, anti-bacterial wipes to hygienically prepare for the waxing, and post wax calming oil wipes to calm the skin after waxing and easily remove any excess wax.