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When I reviewed Morgan Taylor's Royal Temptations collection, I mentioned that my nails weren't in the best condition. So recently, I've been using Dadi'Oil- a very popular nail and skin treatment- to help with the dryness and help my nails recover from their brittle state. 


Morgan Taylor Royal Temptations

Here is Morgan Taylor's Royal Temptations collection, and it's got me rather excited as it's full of gorgeous pastel colours. You can never go wrong with pastels when the sun's shining. 

Morgan Taylor Platinum collection

My favourite nail brand, Morgan Taylor have recently launched a new collection of holographic polishes called the 'Platinum collection', and oh my goodness- they are stunning! 
Glow All Out


Seche Vite Top Coat

This top coat ticks all of the boxes, making it one of the best to exist on the market. It's already very popular, and I highly recommend it. 

Seche Vite Dries incredibly quickly, and when I say dry- I mean touch-dry. I always manage to get marks/scratches on my nails after painting them when they were supposedly dry, but with Seche Vite- the nails are actually dry. After applying a coat of this stuff, I can do my hair, and type on the keyboard; something that's considered unthinkable with most top coats. 


Morgan Taylor Matadora collection

Morgan Taylor do the best nail lacquers. They're excellently pigmented, don't go gloopy after countless uses, are long-lasting, and never streak during application. I could go on. In fact, I only use Morgan Taylor.


OPI Venice Collection

Oh dear, OPI have done it again! They're about to launch yet another exciting collection for  Fall/Winter 2015- this time with a Venice theme, and I've fallen in love.

The collection is made up of 15 shades- including nudes, reds, pastels, and dark shades so there's definitely something for everyone. I've always wanted to go to Venice and this stunning collection makes me want to go there even more- I can honestly say that I will continue to wear each and every shade. Plus, the imagery for the collection is just beautiful.


NEW | OPI Color Paints Blendable Nail Lacquer Collection

I'm a huge OPI fan and they're always launching new collections and lacquer styles, but their new Color Paints Blenable Nail Lacquer collection is incredibly exciting for all nail art fans. The collection launches next month and consists of 9 gorgeous shades.

The new polishes can be used to create different types of nail art and if you're a fan of abstract art, then these polishes may just be the ones for you. The colours can be worn on its own and offer a sheer coverage, but you can also wear it over the Silver Canvas for a chromatic effect.

I went for a simple yet cool crossover style on my nails with colour splashes on the ring finger. I used the Silver Canvas as a base, but the other shades can also be used. I used no tape or tools to create the style- just the OPI polishes, which is very impressive. You can also see the chromatic effect when the colours are worn on top of the Silver Canvas. 


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints | Summer Shades

I wrote about Barry M's Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints back in February and I raved about how brilliant they were. As a huge Barry M nail fan, I was very excited to hear that they have launched 6 new shades for the summer season and I had to get my hands on them (they're currently on offer at buy one get one 1/2 price at Superdrug). Yay! 
The original line consisted of pastels which is great, but the new Summer shades are bright and tropical- and omg what an amazing colour collection it is! Three of the shades offer a glossy finish, and the other three are of a lovely frosted effect.


Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints

Barry M launched a new and exciting Nail Paint range this week called 'Sunset Daylight Curing' which is full of Summer-perfect colours and offers a gel-like finish to your nails without a lamp. It simply requires natural light. Gel finish nails have always been a popular trend so I can imagine these being immensely popular. Basically if you're a fan of the Gelly range, you'll love these too as these offer an even glossier, light-reflecting finish and your nails just feel amazing.


NEW | Barry M Speedy Nail Paints

I've mentioned this before but Barry M Nail Paints are my absolute fave; they don't just launch the average 4 nail colours per season- they launch about 20 in various colours, effects, and textures! Plus, they're cheap as chips and considering the quality is good, you're getting a bargain. 

For SS15, Barry M have launched a plethora of new Speedy Nail Paints aiming to well... speed up the drying time! I've noticed that loads of brands claim that their polishes are quick-drying but aren't. However, these new Nail Paints by Barry M do exactly what it says on the 'tin'. My nails dry fully after just 2 minutes of application, and when I say 'fully' I mean 'being able to rub your finger across your painted nail without ruining it' fully. 


Festive Favourites | Barry M Christmas Nail Paints

Believe it or not, Barry M is the king of colour cosmetics and they're Nail Paints never fail to amaze me. They recently launched a few more shades of their Silk Nail Paints for AW14 as well as a Christmas top coat, and they're so festive and party-appropriate. I picked up three shades- the Christmas Tree top coat, and Silk Nail Paints in Poppy and Forest. 

The formulas offer smooth matte finish and dry incredibly quickly- I was surprised that by the time I finished painting my pinky finger, my thumbnail (which I painted first) was already completely dry! They're very impressive, especially considering that these only cost £3.99 each. Also, Superdrug have a deal on at the moment: if you spend £6 or over, you get a limited edition Christmas top coat free. 

Models Own Ice Neon Polish Collection

Models Own have made a few of their popular Ice Neon shades available as a gift set for Christmas this year. 

Okay- the shades aren't very 'Christmassy' but the word 'ice' slightly makes the collection appropriate for the Winter, making it finally acceptable to wear bright neons in the cold season! Plus, getting this for someone as a Christmas present will allow them to save the colours for when the Summer comes by. 

The set contains three Models Own polishes from the Ice Neon collection; Pukka Purple (a beautiful violet shade), Luis Lemon (a bright lemon yellow shade), and Bubblegum (a girly fluorescent pink shade), as well as a four-way buffer allowing you to file, buff, smooth, and shine your nails.


Maybelline Colour Show 'Be Brilliant' nail polish in 'Skyline Blue'

With Christmas soon approaching, I was on the lookout for Christmassy colours in the make up aisles of Boots so as you can imagine, I was thrilled to find the new beautiful nail top coats from Maybelline. And they are absolutely fantastic!

Maybelline always come out with stunning nail shades that hit trends and seasons on the head, and this collection is probably one of my favourites.


GOSH Nail Lacquer in 'Night Sky' review

I usually hate black coloured nail varnish- I don't know why but I've always thought that it looks weird on my nails, but I'm warming up to GOSH's new 'Night Sky' Nail Lacquer from their AW14 collection. 

The GOSH AW14 nail lacquer collection is full of monotone colours, which I think is quite interesting as GOSH are well known for their love of bright and bold colours. But I do think the collection will go down quite well. 

'Night Sky' is a black coloured nail lacquer with subtle sparkles, offering a lovely shiny 'stardust' finish. It very much reminds me of GOSH's Holographic Hero Nail Lacquer that launched a few years ago. 

I've always been a fan of GOSH Nail Lacquers. Personally, I find them to have a brilliant glide-on formula, and intense colour- two glowing factors that sometimes (from my experience) can't even be found in premium branded nail varnishes. 


Avon Gel Enamels: Red Velvet

Avon have jumped onto the gel nails bandwagon and have recently launched their very own collection of nail Gel Enamels. 

The enamels are available in a variety of on-trend colours- from brights and nudes to glitters- and promise to offer a gel-like finish without the hefty salon price. With great performance in my opinion, and considering that the enamels retail at £7 each, their promise is fulfilling.

I recently tried out the shade 'Red Velvet', a shimmery red wine colour that reminds me of Christmas, and of course- red wine.


OPI Muppets Most Wanted: Miss Piggy's Big Number

I loved the OPI's Muppets collection back in 2011 for the Christmas season, and I was gutted when they all sold out quickly. But with another Muppets movie comes another OPI collection! 

Muppets Most Wanted is one of the latest collections from OPI and consists of lots of nudes which I found quite strange as I thought the collection would have lots of bright colours. Considering it's the Muppets- it's totally understandable. I loved the look of 'Miss Piggy's Big Number' so I wanted to try it out.


Barry M Aquarium Nail Paints!

I've recently been loving these Aquarium nail paints that were recently launched by Barry M so I thought I'd post a few photos of some swatches. Barry M are always bang on-trend with their nail products, and are constantly launching a variety of 'effects' and coloured nail polishes. I'm a big fan of their Gelly range!

The Aquarium collection consists of six shades split into two colour categories [one being blue/green, and the other being gold/pink]. My fave are the blue shades because they're so mermaid-like and pretty! Click 'Read More' for enlarged photos!


Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat in 'White Splatter'!

Recently I've been loving Maybelline New York's Street Artist Top Coat in 'White Splatter' which is part of Maybelline's Color Show range- a collection that is always full of up-to-date and on-trend colours! I love popping into Boots and Superdrug stores just to check out the latest shades and textures. 

'White Splatter' is a funky glitter top coat filled with glitter; white, blue, purple, and green hexagonal sequins; as well as white confetti-like pieces. It works best as a top coat but can also be used on its own. 
Maybelline 'White Splatter' top coat

Spring Nail Art!

One thing I love about the Spring and Summer seasons is that it means bright colours are everywhere- I love bright colours! So I dug into my collection of nail colours and whipped out all of my brights, neons, and pastels.


2True Pro Sequins Nail Polish in Christy!

As you may already know, I'm a big fan of all things glitter and sparkle, so I couldn't wait to use this 2True Pro Sequins Nail Polish because of how stunning and sparkly it looked.