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'Honk If You Love O.P.I'!

If I actually manage to pass my driving test this year, I will definitely remember to honk if I love O.P.I- which I do! How COOL is the name of this shade?! O.P.I always come up with the best shades and the best names, but I guess that's what makes the brand a lot more special besides its amazing quality.

This shade is a gorgeous ripe aubergine purple shade, that offers an incredibly glossy finish on your nails. The colour reminds me of red grapes (even though they're actually purple!), and this shade is from O.P.I's Touring America collection, which came out last Summer.

When I was at my work experience placement last year, my boss wore a similar colour and she always told me how she wore it to make herself seem more authoritative. Bit weird, but hey!

This nail lacquer is so shiny that I didn't even need to apply a top-coat to gloss it up! O.P.I Nail Lacquers also have a good brush that covers the whole nail when you're applying the lacquer- it even manages to paint the edges too in just one coat!

Have you tried this shade? Is it your favourite from the Touring America Collection?


Bags of Beauty Blog: 17 Magnetic Nail Polish!

I have been swooning over Magentic Nail Polishes for a while now but it was only the other day when I actually tried out one! When I recommend magnetic nail "art" people, they think its expensive- but it's really not! The Magnetized Polishes by 17 Cosmetics retail at £5.99 and the magnet is part of the bottle.

It met my expectations in terms of presentation as I have seen a few adverts for Magnetic Nail Polish and I loved the look of them. At first when I used the polish, it didn't work! And this may have also been the case for some of you guys too. But the trick is to paint a thick layer of the nail polish- or paint a thin layer to get coverage of your nail and then a thicker second coat to get the magnet to work!

I love the colour of the 17 Magnetized Polish in Blue, which is a metallic ocean blue shade with bits of silver shimmer with a slight hint of purple/pink shimmer! 

It's pretty cool what the magnetized effect on your nail is! Darker stripes of the colour start to form with 17's Magnetized Polish and even though I applied a thick second coat, my nails managed to dry very quickly.

Before I tried this out, I was set out that this nail polish would end up clumping and gloopy (I blame the horrors of crackle nail polish!). But actually, the texture of the polish doesn't get clumpy at all and I don't need to use undercoat with it and it provides a really smooth application with a matte finish.

Have you tried this? What do you think of Magnetic Polishes?


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Shocker!

Rimmel London's best nail polish range is the 60 Seconds range; it has a nice brush and the polish dries quite quickly. 

The only downside I have of Rimmel London polishes is that some of them get clumpy and gooey when you haven't used it in a few months, which most of my polishes don't do. But all in all, they have a really nice colour collection, and these are only £3.69 so its a decent product.

I love the colour I'm wearing in these images- it's a metallic fuschia pink called "Shocker", and the colour is reflects a lot of light!

The nail brush of this particular polish range is one of my favourite brushes as it's really easy and quick for you to apply the nail polish without streaks.

The next bits on my to-buy list are the Rimmel London Crack Your Colour Crazy Topcoat nail polishes!

Let me know your thoughts!


Bags of Beauty Blog: GOSH Nail Lacquer in Miss Minty!

The Spring season says hello to pastels and neons, and this nail lacquer is a perfect colour to go with the flow!

The shade is a light pastel blue and green colour- some may say blue, and some may think the colour is green! Although it's a pastel shade, it's quite neon in its own little way as its quite a bright colour. 

The colour reminds me of mint ice-cream- most pastel colours actually remind me of ice-cream for some reason... It also reminds me of the Dune heels that Tulisa wore in a press image (below), which I'm in love with!

This colour is also definitely a shade that will suit both dark and pale tones!

Most girls tend to wear a light pink or purple colour when it comes to pastels, but I prefer this blue/green pastel colour a lot more because it looks somewhat original.

The nail lacquer gives a glossy finish, and I didn't even need to use a top-coat. 

What do you think of this colour? Have you been sporting the 'Pastels' trend?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon Nailwear Pro in Sequined Turquoise!

Susmi Patel
Ever since I first tried this nail polish courtesy of Avon, I have purchased five more of the same shade as this is such a gorgeous colour! The shade is a glossy turquoise colour with  silver and turquoise shimmer and glitter, giving an overall metallic effect.

This colour is perfect for glam nights out and when you're wearing something metallic or glittery! Avon polishes usually have a glossy finish as you can see in the images below in the reflection of the light. I don't usually go for greens and turquoise colours, but I loved this colour as soon as I tried it out!

Avon nail polishes are brilliant considering the polish's chip-resistance, burst of colour, and staying power.

Avon has a few other metallic colours in their Nailwear Pro collection so I'll be posting about these soon! The polishes retail at £6.00 each, but they're on offer at the moment for £3.00!

What do you think of this colour?

Bags of Beauty Blog: Orly Nail Lacquer in Basket Case!

Susmi Patel
If you've never heard of Orly, Orly is a professional nail brand specializing in nail colours and nail treatments. I love this colour called 'Basket Case'; a vibrant pink that reminds me of the name 'Barbie Pink'. It's my favourite pink shade. 

This shade makes me feel ultra girly (in a good way!) and I like bright colours like this as it's a colour that's easily spotted by others- such a grabber for compliments! The colour is also a lot darker in reality as opposed to the images below and the press images on the Orly website.

Orly is another one of my favourite nail polish brands- they always release nail colour collections to match the current trends, and they usually keep the nail colours in their main line. They actually have the best pastel colour collection which was released two years ago, but the colours in the collection are perfect for this season's love for pastel colours!

Nail Polishes by Orly are extremely chip-resistant, and they have a decent drying time- by 'decent', I mean that you have enough time to paint over and correct any polish streaks before it dries (which would then create even more streaks!). And when you're finished, you don't need to wait long before you can stop waiting for your nails to dry!

Are you a fan of Orly? What do you think of this shade?


Bags of Beauty Blog: GOSH Nail Lacquer in Wild Lilac!

Susmi Patel 
GOSH Nail Lacquers are among my fave nail polish brands- the brushes are good, the polish dries quickly, and it has pretty good staying power.

I've had this colour for quite a while but only thought to wear it as I was wearing purple eyeliner at the time. The shade is a lovely purple that's not too dark, and not too light. If you want to play your part in this season's pastel colours trend, but wish to go for a more bolder colour, this shade is defo for you! It's similar to the colours 'Emma' from the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique, and 'Do You Lilac It?' by O.P.I.
In front of one of my Katy Perry posters- a signature landmark for taking pictures of my nails!
GOSH Nail Lacquers retail at £5.00 each, which is slightly more expensive than other brands such as Rimmel and Barry M (who typically charge around £2.99 for an 8ml nail polish). But in my honest opinion, GOSH is a much better nail polish for keeps as I find that when I haven't used my Rimmel nail polish in a while, it tends to dry up and become rather sluggish and I have to keep pumping drops of nail varnish remover into it to smooth out the consistency if the fridge doesn't do any wonders.

GOSH Nail Lacquers, thankfully doesn't do this! I have a couple of GOSH Nail Lacquers which I haven't used in over a year, and they're still as good as new!

By the way, if you're a fan of crackle nail polish but get annoyed with the outcome on your nails, defo have a go with the GOSH crackle polishes- they're the best I've used!

It's such a shame that only a few of the GOSH shades are available on the Superdrug website, and they only have selected shades in-store :(

Do you like GOSH Nail Lacquers? Do you like this shade I'm wearing?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Upcoming Launch- L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in Sky Fits Heaven

Susmi Patel
I was lucky enough to be sent a few of the new Colour Riche nail polishes from L'Oreal. I think they're being released next month but I'll double check that for you if you leave a comment below.

These nail polishes are quite small in size- I'd see that as a disadvantage, but then again at least you can carry a few of these in your handbag without feeling like your lifting a heavy sack! The small bottles kind of look elegant too with its gold bottle top.

When I first opened the nail polish, the first thing I noticed was the wide brush. It's not really that wide, but because the bottle is quite small, it's a shocker! I'm not a fan of maxi-brushes, but this polish surprisingly painted my nails well and I managed to get the corners (which is usually difficult with a maxi-brush!).

The colour of the nail polish is a sky blue, but not a light blue. The colour on your nails reflects a lot of light, so they tend to look really shiny too! This colour will be so perfect to wear in the summer...


Bags of Beauty Blog: Andrea Fulerton Nail Colour in Debbie!

Susmi Patel
I naturally love bright coral colours, so the Andrea Fulerton nail polish in Debbie is one of my favourites in the range. 

The shade of the polish is a lovely cool-toned orange and it's quite a neon shade too so it's perfect to wear in the Spring and Summer seasons. Pastel and neon colours are huge this season- especially for nails!

Andrea Fulerton nail polishes have a good brush- I hardly experience any streaks with Andrea Fulerton products and it's easy to paint the whole of your nail (even the corners!)

I have used two coats of the polish in the image above, and if you use Andrea Fulerton's Triple Action Undercoat and Gloss Up Overcoat, you're nails will last quite long. I've never applied polish from the range without using the undercoat and top coat so I'm not sure how long the colour of your nails will last without using these...

To make the colour of my nails even prettier, I would have added some silver glitter onto them using Andrea Fulerton's Stripe and Sparkle but unfortunately, I didn't have that with me at the time... :(

Are you a fan of the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique? Do you like this colour?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Simple Nails with O.P.I Samoan Sand!

Sometimes, the simple the better! Simple colours are the most versatile- you can wear them almost anywhere from shopping to clubbing, and O.P.I's Samoan Sand shade is a lovely choice.

I brought this online a couple of weeks ago because they matched my platform heels from New Look and the manager of my local nail salon recommended the colour to me. And I always love it when my nails match my shoes.

The colour of the nail lacquer is a nude shade- a light beige shade, and in the image above I have applied 3 coats of the colour with top coat over it. It's lighter than my skin shade but from far away its looks like my nails aren't painted at all but they do look very well manicured and healthy (I always leave the house with my nails painted- I can't stand my bare nails).

This nail lacquer won an Instyle Beauty 2011 Award for the best Neutral Nail Colour for Dark Skin. I haven't got dark skin but this is still such a good buy! The only problem I have with this is that the lacquer is quite opaque and I needed 3 coats of it, but that's most likely the case with other light/nude shades so that's not really a big deal.

Have you tried this shade? Are you a fan of O.P.I? Do you like your nude shades?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Orly Nail Lacquer in Terracotta

Orly is best known for its professional, salon quality products. Orly products are perfect if you want a lacquer that offers a full, smooth coverage that is available in loads of different colours.

I'm loving the one in Terracotta- a lovely pink/red coral colour. This shade is gorgeous and is incredibly glossy when two coats are applied. I love coral shades, but this shade in particular appeals to me because it's a perfect mixture. Not too red, not too pink, and not too orange. 

The drying time of the lacquer was spot on as it doesn't try up too quickly before you paint your whole nail, so it doesn't streak.

This nail lacquer doesn't chip! I was really surprised when my nails were still in perfect condition after washing the dishes! I think minor chips started to show around day 3/4- but they were only minor...

Orly Nail Lacquer in Terracotta (The actual colour is a little lighter
in this image because of the camera flash).
For me, the brush of the lacquer is great because I'm not a huge fan of maxi-brushes as I hate it when I paint over my cuticles and lacquer gets on my skin. Orly's brush allows you to paint the main surface of your nail as well as the sides (which can be tricky, let's be honest...).
Orly Nail Lacquers can be purchased as a 5ml bottle at Boots for £5.00, and as an 18ml bottle at for £6.75. Check out Orly's website here: