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Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Nad's was founded by Sue Ismiel in Australia, who has an inspiring story as to how she created the brand after wanting to help her daughter with unwanted hair. I've met her, and she's an amazing woman who loves her brand and her family.

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper is something that I haven't spotted on the market as of yet, and I think it's amazing. I always stock up on these as it's such a useful product, and it's tiny! It reminds me of  a twist-up lip-gloss, and it's brush applicator allows precision which is important when it comes to eyebrows. The kit comes with the eyebrow wand itself, and some cotton strips for the waxing. These strips can be washed and re-used which is an excellent selling point in my opinion.


Nad's 20th Anniversary!

Yesterday I was invited to an event to celebrate Nad's 20 year anniversary at the St Martins Hotel in Central London! Nad's- renowned as the experts in hair removal- is an Australian brand that was created by Sue Ismiel (who is absolutely lovely!) by initially experimenting in her own kitchen for her daughters.

Lots of hair removal products were showcased on the night but the main focus was on Nad's World First Nose Wax, which I have already written about- which removes nostril hairs in an instant without pain- literally the product was tested out on a few people last night and according to them it didn't hurt a bit! It can also be used on the surface of the nose as a pore cleanser and to get rid of blackheads. - Click here to read the review of the Nose Wax - 
Nad's hair removal products
It was such a fun event- Sue was really nice as she spoke to everyone there as she demonstrated the products on the guests and everyone just had a bit of a laugh really. I strongly feel that Nad's perfectly fills the gap in the UK market for efficient, long-lasting hair removal, that's pain-free. It kind of excites me how well Nad's Nose Wax and their other products will do in the UK when more people know about it because pain-free waxing is just a dream come true- there's going to be some fierce competition between Nad's and other hair removal brands!

I'm going to leave you with some photos that I took from the event so enjoy looking through them! :)
Nad's products!


Nad's Nose Wax!

Nasal hair can be a real problem, primarily because it can look unsightly and it's an incredibly painful process to get rid of them- especially if you pluck or pull them. If you've tried to, you'd know that your eyes water like a flood and you tend to sneeze!

So Nad's- experts in hair removal- have introduced a world's first Nose Wax product for both men and women, which can not only get rid of nasal and nose surface hair, but also claims to work as a deep pore cleanser that helps remove blackheads. So this really is an all-in-one solution for keeping up the appearance of your nose.

The Nose Wax kit retails at £17.99 and comes with a tub of microwaveable wax, safe tip and spatula applicators, anti-bacterial wipes to hygienically prepare for the waxing, and post wax calming oil wipes to calm the skin after waxing and easily remove any excess wax.