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Models Own Ice Neon Polish Collection

Models Own have made a few of their popular Ice Neon shades available as a gift set for Christmas this year. 

Okay- the shades aren't very 'Christmassy' but the word 'ice' slightly makes the collection appropriate for the Winter, making it finally acceptable to wear bright neons in the cold season! Plus, getting this for someone as a Christmas present will allow them to save the colours for when the Summer comes by. 

The set contains three Models Own polishes from the Ice Neon collection; Pukka Purple (a beautiful violet shade), Luis Lemon (a bright lemon yellow shade), and Bubblegum (a girly fluorescent pink shade), as well as a four-way buffer allowing you to file, buff, smooth, and shine your nails.


Models Own Magenta Pearl Nail Polish!

I'm a newbie to Models Own nail polishes, but so far they've been pretty impressive. I bought the shade 'Magenta Pearl' from Boots last week; I usually go for bright or pastel colours on a brand's first purchases but I thought I'd try a deep purple shade as Autumn is approaching so that would be more appropriate!