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Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet

I do love an MJ fragrance! Marc Jacobs recently launched two new limited edition Sorbet fragrances (sisters to the original Daisy). The Sorbet editions are refreshing, playful, very Summer appropriate, and are- like all MJ fragrances- both encapsulated in the most eye-catching flower bottles. 


Lola by Marc Jacobs!

I have adored this fragrance ever since I first purchased it just over two years ago! It is definitely one of my staple fragrances. The scent of this is so unique and distinctive that you'll be able to recognise this fragrance when you can smell it on someone quicker than you can say 'Lola'!

Lola is a sweet floral fragrance but with a big twist of rose and pink peppercorn, and the fragrance leaves a gorgeous 'vanillary' and musk scent on the skin, which lasts for ages! It smells similar to sandalwood, which is odd because the scent doesn't include sandalwood. Overall, the fragrance is very warm and feminine, which definitely suits females of all ages!