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Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipsticks

The new Rouge Edition Aqua Laque lipsticks by Bourjois have been centre-stage ever since they launched last month, offering a high-shine lip stick/gloss hybrid with good colour payoff. I haven't actually worn a lip gloss in ages; for years, I've been a matte lipstick girl but I actually really like these new Aqua Laque Lipsticks.

The Aqua Laque Lipsticks are available in a variety of shades from bright reds to opaque nudes and provide a realistic 'wet' look (the word 'Aqua' definitely belongs in the product name). I understand that glossy lips aren't for everyone but I think they're great for glamorous evening and party looks. Also, I think these are great for those swimming pool selfies in the summer!


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturising Matte Lipsticks

Elizabeth Arden have just launched a range of 'Beautiful Color Moisturising Matte Lipsticks', and don't they look amazing?! I do love a matte lipstick, but it's very common for matte lipsticks to go down horribly wrong, but Elizabeth Arden have nailed it with these ones. 

The packaging of the lipsticks are so cute! They just look so fancy and luxurious and I admire how Elizabeth Arden's 'red door' theme is engraved onto the actual product and in the packaging form, but in gold.


Make Up Revolution launch

A brand new cosmetics brand called Make Up Revolution launched today in Superdrug. I went to preview the brand's products last Monday at the St. Martins Lane Hotel near Trafalgar Square. 

The products available include lots of colourful eyeshadows, lipsticks of every colour [including yellow and blue!], and foundations suiting a variety of skin tones. What struck me is how affordable the products are; the lipsticks retail at £1 and nail polishes are £1.50 each!

The eyeshadows are also good dupes of the Urban Decay palettes. I swatched the lipsticks and they're intensely creamy and they pop in colour [even the yellow one was powerful in colour- I was expecting it to be quite sheer]. You can check out Make Up Revolution by clicking here. Here are some photos of the products from the launch:

Eyeshadow Palettes - The one on the right is my fave! [£4 each]


Bags of Beauty Blog: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre Metallic Lipsticks!

We are in love with these YSL lipsticks! YSL have the best lipsticks for a premium beauty brand- in terms of both wonderful designs and product!

These lipsticks are available in a range of shades- Browns, Corals, Reds, Golds, and Purples, so we're pretty sure you'll be able to find the perfect lipstick shade for you!

The lipsticks are shimmery and have an incredible festive touch to them, so make sure you stock up on a couple of these before the Christmas break or gift them to your friends (these make great gifts- the lipstick's sleek, golden packaging is enough for anyone's eyes to gleam!)

Because the lipsticks are sheer and incredibly smooth in consistency, the application is pretty easy and the lipstick tends to glide onto your lips (Believe us, a lipstick that can glide is the one to spend good money on!)

This product looks really elegant and really expensive so its a real show off in your hand-bags :)

When applied, the product is quite pigmented but not too full on due to its shimmery-ness. But we do love a bit of glitter and sparkle!

Here are the shades of the lipstick available:
Image taken from the Boots website


Bags of Beauty Blog: I've found a replacement! :)

I was really really disappointed when I found out that Loreal were discontinuing the Star Secrets lipsticks (which I loved in Milla and Aishwarya). They were one of my fave lipsticks!

However, my disappointment was slightly made smaller when I had trialled (just realised that's not even a word) L'Oreal's new Colour Riche Inside Serum lipsticks. I see these lipsticks as a good replacement, and I've developed quite a liking for it.

The smell of the lipstick is divine, and I'm definitely finding it a little addictive now- it's quite a strong smell of roses.

It's kind of funny because whenever I try a moisturising lipstick or a lip-cream, the colour isn't as rich, but these L'Oreal lipsticks are both moisturising and perfect if you like your lips to have vibrance in its colour. Although the colour didn't last as long as I had hoped, my lips remained soft and moisturised for quite a long time. I went to a party wearing the lipstick in the shade Sparkling Rose, and I was surprised how my lips remained moisturised throughout.

The lipsticks are available in a total of 12 beautiful shades; my fave shades are Freshly Candy- a lovely light pink colour. The selection of shades are brilliant, but unfortunately there aren't any nude shades, which is a bit of a shame. Here are the shades available: 


  • Color Riche Serum Inside lipstick - Application Video by James Kaliardos



    Our 1st lipstick with a boosting serum at its heart. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, chosen for their moisturising properties. Enveloped in voluptuous colour that doesn’t feather!

    I also think it's rather clever how the moisturising serum is inside the lipstick, and I love how the lipstick glides easily onto the lips when applying.

    Despite these new lipsticks, I'm still gonna miss L'Oreal's Star Secrets lipsticks... :(

    Let me know whether you've tried the lipstick. If not, which are your favourite shades?

    The lipstick retails at £8.69 at Boots, but can also be purchased at Boots.

    L'Oreal products can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug.


    Bags of Beauty Blog: Why I love the new No 7 lipstick and lip gloss range by Poppy King

    The collaboration of No 7 and lipstick guru Poppy King means that we’re in for a treat as No 7 has recently launched the Poppy King lipstick and lip gloss range, which comes in 7 different shades; History, Glamour, Allure, Intrigue, Seduction, Confidence, and Power. All the more for us to choose from!

    Here's Poppy talking about her new No 7 lipstick range in a little more detail:

    No matter how jam-packed your handbag is, you’ll still be able to fit this amazing lipstick in as it’s tiny in its appearance, but you still have an average sized lipstick inside- reminds me a bit of the Tardis really…

    On top of that, the lipsticks feel incredibly light when you're holding them in your hands. The design is also very sleek. I have to disagree with those who say that the lipstick and lip gloss range could have been more creative when designing the packaging because I think the lip sticks look really cute, and a simple design really works for it.

    I was sent a lipstick and a lipgloss in 'Intrigue' which Poppy King describes as subtle and a "nude with a little bit of pink". I really liked this shade as it's quite a neutral shade but with a coloured element to it. My other favourite shades include Glamour (a flirty pink) and Confidence (a warm golden glow).

    3 reasons why I love the lipstick:       
    -   The lipstick moisturises your lips and keeps them smooth.
    -   You're in control of the boldness of the colour: the more bolder you want the colour- the more levels of lipstick you apply.
    -   When applying the lipstick, it has a very glossy feel to it, and it looks glossy too.

    3 reasons why I love the lip gloss:
    -   Acts like a lipstick/lip gloss in one.    
    -   Provides your lips with deep colour and high levels of shine.
    -   When applied, it doesn't feel as heavy as other lip glosses.   

    Here are a couple of tips to remember when applying lipstick:
    -    Place a folded tissue between your lips in order to get rid of any excess colour after applying the lipstick- this will prevent the lipstick from getting onto your teeth.
    -    Try not to rub your lips together as the colour of the lipstick will end up over the outline of your lips.
    -    After applying lipstick, if you feel you want to add some shine, but not too much shine, add some vaseline/lip balm onto your lips.

    No 7 products are available to purchase at Boots. 

    Click here to read an interview with Poppy King, find out her lipstick tips, and to watch videos of her talking about each shade in a little more detail.