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Lee Stafford DeTangling Spray review

After washing my hair, it can become ridiculously tangled, thus being a nightmare to deal with. In comes Lee Stafford's DeTangling Spray, a lightweight spray that helps to moisturise the hair and allow the brush to gently work through any tangles. 

I've never tried a hair detangling spray before so I  didn't really have a set level of expectations, but I feel that the product has worked well for me. I use the spray every time I wash my hair just before I blow dry it. It has a nice smell to it, and definitely keeps my hair feeling a lot more soft, which has always been something I've struggled with as I have fine hair that's not as thick as it used to be. 


Lee Stafford Poker Straight DeHumidifier!

My hair never behaves itself in the Summer- I have naturally quite curly hair that can get really frizzy and messy in humid weather, and we've had a lot of that over the last couple of weeks in the UK. 

Lee Stafford's Poker Straight DeHumidifier is a very light hairspray designed to fight frizz, and it's my hero for when I've blow-dried and straightened my hair. It can be a real pain when you've spent so long doing your hair only for it to be ruined by humid weather. 

I was actually surprised as to how well it worked as my hair tends to be rebellious; I lightly sprayed the DeHumidifier over my hair before I went off to a barbeque a few weeks ago, and it proved its brilliance to me. The DeHumidifier tames my hair, prevents it from frizzing and much to my joy, keeps it straight all day. Frizz from humidity is something I've battled for years and this is the perfect solution for me; it takes seconds to spray on and it's very light so your hair doesn't feel heavy from product build-up.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight range!

Straight hair is something that many women wish to possess; it's a lot easier to handle and style, looks longer and sleeker, and is very versatile in terms of hair-style choices. So let me introduce you to Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range!
The Poker Straight range!
Using straightening products such as the Lee Stafford Poker Straight range will make your hair a lot easier to straighten as well as making it a lot smoother and sleeker, allowing your hair to stay lovely and straight for longer- even if your hair is naturally straight!

★ Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.49):
These are packaged in cute little 250ml pink bottles which look so trendy and cool in the bathroom! Plus, these smell lovely and healthy. They claim to 'silken, soften and shine' and helps to combat static hair- which I definitely think worked when used with the Intensive Care Treatment.
Lee Stafford Poker Straight


Lee Stafford from Morocco Miracle Shine Spray!

In the past I've hauled so many beauty products promising to add gloss and shine to my hair (you can never go wrong with shiny hair!), but I never seemed to find the right one; for example, some would smell awful and chemical-like, some were sticky, and some just never worked at all.

Last Autumn I fell in love with Lee Stafford's Argan Oil- which I NEVER fail to use every time I wash my hair (and my bottle only just finished! That's what I call long-lasting!). The product really transformed my hair in the long-run from messy frizzy, brittle hair to softer, silkier waves! Lee Stafford's Argan Oil has always been my number one consistent product (I always brand-switch!), and I certainly wouldn't be able to live without it!

So when Lee Stafford recently launched a Miracle Shine Spray as an addition to the ArganOil range, I was really intrigued to try it.

The spray has the same scent as Lee Stafford's Argan Oil, which I weirdly like. The product also has elements of Argan Oil so it's a spray that nourishes the hair at the same time as 'Glossing it up'.

Another great aspect of the product and it's design is that the spray nozzle is a 'mist' nozzle. The reason why I think this is great, is because I used to use another shine spray with a normal spray nozzle, so if I straightened my hair, a lot of product would spray onto my hair, and cause it to slightly frizz. The mist nozzle on Lee Stafford's Miracle Shine Spray makes it easier to quickly spray some shine onto your hair without ruining the style.
The amount of shine offered from the product is good- although if you want a few locks of your hair to look more shinier than the rest of your hair- for example, highlighted bits- then it's better to mist the shine spray slightly closer to your hair than you usually would.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Lee Stafford? Are there any hair-shine products you swear by?

Again, if you have rough, frizzy, or untamable hair- give Argan Oil a go! I couldn't recommend it enough and no matter how many times I try and find something negative about it, I can't.



I love, love, love Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil!

This time last year, I didn't have a hair product that I could call 'Made For Me', which I found quite frustrating; my hair was so untamable and I didn't want to go for the chop- my hair goes down to my waist! My hair was frizzy and it always looked messy, plus I didn't want to be bound to using straighteners every single day. I needed a product that would tame my hair without reducing its moisture and shine, and thankfully, I found one.

Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil is probably the only product I couldn't live without (apart from eyeliner that is!)- and yes- I will only use Lee Stafford's! When I was a child, my Mum used to apply Coconut Oil in my hair, making it strong and silky. Despite this, I really dislike Coconut Oil! The smell, greasiness and heaviness really annoyed me, so this made me skeptical about using Argan Oil at first.

However, Lee Stafford's Argan Oil is the total opposite to other hair oils; it's incredibly lightweight, non-sticky, and smells lovely! I always use a few drops of Argan Oil when my hair is damp after I've washed my hair so it's easier to apply.

That's not it, Lee Stafford's Argan Oil doesn't just make your hair smooth and tamable until you've washed your hair the next time- it improves the health and appearance of your hair overall. I've definitely noticed a difference, and so have my friends! That's why it's a really good idea to use it every time you wash your hair. Also, you should avoid applying Argan Oil into the roots of your hair as this will make your hair greasier a lot quicker than usual!

Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil retails at £14.99- yes, I was shocked at the price too but seriously, a little goes a really long way with this product. I started using my bottle in November and I've only used half of it! And I have long hair! I treasure my cute little bottle of Argan Oil; I even have a little space for it on my desk!

£14.99 is a brilliant investment for healthier, smooth locks. I haven't used another brand of Argan Oil, but Lee Stafford's Argan Oil has already totally won me over so I don't really need to. Every time I hear a friend, or a friend of a friend complain about how dull or unhealthy their hair looks, I always recommend Lee Stafford's Argan Oil!

I also  love Lee Stafford's ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment mask, and I'll be writing about that very soon!

Have you tried Argan Oil? I'd highly recommend Lee Stafford's if you're looking to give it a go!