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LUSH Oxford Street Haul

Last week, I finally visited the recently opened LUSH in Oxford Street. I've been meaning to pop in for ages- being a LUSH fan, the idea of a store with 3 floors and a heap of exclusives made me very excited. 
I wasn't there for too long but did manage to pick up a few bits- some old faves, and some exclusives.  Also, I was so sad to find out that the Space Girl Bath Bomb has been discontinued! My little sister has been a big fan of it for years. 


LUSH Easter 2015

LUSH is one of my favourite brands- I find visiting a store quite therapeutic and I enjoy roaming around, popping items into my basket and having little chit-chats with the staff. Plus, who doesn't love their bath bombs? LUSH are constantly launching fun seasonal and celebratory products (remember their Royal Wedding Bath Bomb?!), and their new Easter range for 2015 is so cute that I couldn't wait to try some of the products out.


Christmas Gift Guide | The Extravagant Edit

If you really want to treat someone this Christmas, why not go 'all out' on their gift and purchase something that's elaborate and significant in size? The festive season is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation to your family and friends, and what better way is there to do that than placing a nice big gift for them under the tree? 

I’ve put together an edit of the visually stunning, extravagant beauty gifts that are under £60, and are bound to put a huge smile on someone's face this Christmas. 

Crabtree & Evelyn Big Top Twelve Hand Therapy Musical Tin: £44

This musical tin from Crabtree & Evelyn looks fantastic and whilst playing music, the set also contains 12 Hand Therapy moisturising lotions of a variety of different scents. I love the elegant design it and what a lovely Christmas gift it makes. 


LUSH Haul!

Me and my 5 year old sister went on a long-needed trip to LUSH in Brent Cross a few weeks ago. I love the guys over at the Brent Cross store- they're so so friendly! My sister always goes crazy in there, so it wasn't surprising when she finished all of her 7 bath bombs in just a few weeks!

I was a little more patient than my little sister, so I haven't used any of the bath bombs I brought for myself so far. So I've decided to include all of them in a blog-post as part of a haul post. Here's what I purchased: 
vanilla fountain bath bomb
This smells absolutely divine! I'm a sucker for vanilla scents so this went straight into the basket to purchase! This bath bomb is made with real vanilla beans, a dash of creme brulee, vanilla custard and sherbet!


Sneak Peek at the LUSH Emotional Brilliance Make-up range!

LUSH Emotional Brilliance
LUSH have left me gobsmacked once again, but this time with their upcoming colour cosmetics collection due to launch in July. The LUSH Press Office sent me a few samples from the collection, and so far so very good!

The cosmetic range consists of liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeliners, cream eyeshadows, skin tints, translucent face powders, and a mascara. And the colour ranges of the eye and lip colours are categorised in terms of personalities that will be picked using a LUSH Emotional Brilliance colour wheel, for example confident, passionate, and glamourous, so LUSH sales assistants will ask customers to pick three colours that are most attracted to them.

This strategy definitely fits into the cosmetic market, and it's a perfect marketing strategy by LUSH; I believe they did something similar with the Gorilla perfumes where a sales assistant would get customers to sniff a range of scents whilst wearing a blindfold where they'd find out what type of scents they warm to, and so the assistant figures out the perfect Gorilla perfume for them.

I absolutely love the whole concept of the products- the packaging is so unique, and it sticks to LUSH's  ethos as you can recycle the product packaging and drop off the lid to your nearest LUSH store.

You'll see this lovely products in LUSH stores from 21st July! I haven't done swatches yet, but I'll be putting up swatches on Pinterest, or on here if you like!

Liquid Lipsticks (£14.50):
These Liquid Lipsticks are incredibly pigmented so I'm confident that they'll last a long time. Plus, because the lipsticks are liquid based, they glide so easily onto the lips. What amazed me about these was that they are incredibly lightweight on the lips and they're not sticky at all! The Liquid Lipsticks leave a lovely soft matte finish.

The Lipsticks also contain Jojoba Oil, which is really beneficial for lips because it moisturises well, and makes the liquid lipstick quick to absorb.

The Power shade is a bold red colour with a gold sheen, which reminds me of one of the shades of the Max Factor Flipsticks. And the Passionate shade is an electric fucshia pink colour with blue undertones.

LUSH Emotional Brilliance

Eyes Right Mascara (£12.00):
LUSH Emotional Brilliance

I'm not sure why but I was quite surprised to see a mascara in the range, and I like how they packaged it similar to the Liquid Lipsticks.

The mascara smells slightly weird but it does smell like grass, and this is because the mascara formula contains fresh wheatgrass which conditions the lashes. Some mascaras can be harmful to the lashes, causing them to weaken and fall out. Wheatgrass is also quite significant in terms of beauty and aesthetics because it has quite a few benefits; for example, wheatgrass can be applied to the skin to cool down irritation.

I've tried this mascara a few times and I can definitely say that it defines the lashes well without the extra coat or two. My eyelashes are already long, so I don't need them to be any longer! The only criticism I have of this is that the short mascara wand makes it difficult to target the corner lashes, but the brush is quite small so it's do-able.

In reality, I wouldn't see myself purchasing a mascara from LUSH for £12, but I'll definitely be purchasing a few more of these. And to be honest, price doesn't really matter in LUSH as their sales assistants would do a good job in encouraging customers to purchase its products- always works for me! :)

Skin Tints (£12.00):
Also in the LUSH Emotional Brilliance range are Skin Tints in two shades; Charisma and Feeling Younger. Because the Skin Tints are packaged in glass jars, the actual product stays cool in temperature  so not only does it provide something positive to tired skin in the morning, but it feels lovely. The Skin Tints also contain cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oil, and orange flower water, to reduce shine from the face. These are ideal to wear under the make-up or simply on its own.

Charisma is a gorgeous cool bronze shade that may look dark at first, but it very easily blends into the skin and offers similar coverage to a tinted moisturiser. The texture of the Skin Tint is very smooth and light in texture so a little really does go a long way! Some skin tints also smell quite funny and 'chemical-ly'; these Skin Tints just smell like a normal moisturiser. It will also work for dry skin too because it lightly moisturises the skin whilst giving it a gorgeous flow!
LUSH Emotional Brilliance
Feeling Younger was definitely my favourite product when trying out all of these products! Feeling Younger contains a magic orange pigment aimed to brighten the skin by reflecting the light. This product is bound to look beautiful on cheek-bones, brow bones, on the philtrum as a light champagne highlighter, or you can use it over the face or underneath eyes to banish dark circles. LUSH even suggests that you can mix this with your favourite moisturiser or foundation/colour supplement for a subtle all-over skin glow- and not just on the face, but for the whole body!

I'd personally use it as a highlighter on my cheek and brow bones.
LUSH Emotional Brilliance

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder (£12.00):
LUSH Emotional Brilliance

This is great for finishing off your make-up routine in order to set your make-up. Some finishing powders I have tried before can tend to ruin your make-up- especially if you're skin is quite dry, but LUSH's Translucent Face Powder contains Jojoba Oil to nourish the skin so your make-up won't dry out.

I've banged on about this to literally everyone I know but if your make-up tends to smudge during the day (mascara and eyeliner can be the worst), then apply some of face powder underneath your make-up to help prevent the skin's moisture from smudging your eyeliner/mascara. It really works!

LUSH's Translucent Face Powder is also packaged in a small glass tub- which means it's easy to pop into your handbag in case you may be in need of a few touch-ups on a night out! Below on the left is a swatch of the Skin Tints, and the image on the right are the slightly blended swatches. Feeling Younger looks amazing and radiant!
LUSH Emotional Brilliance
Do you like the sound of LUSH Emotional Brilliance so far? 

Now available to purchase:


Bags of Beauty: Dream Cream works... Like a dream!

LUSH Dream Cream (Taken from the LUSH website)
When I first checked out the product in LUSH Brent Cross, I saw that it was priced at a pricey £10.75 (:O) so that kind of put me off. But as soon as I tried out the cream on the back of my hand, I fell in love with it- the cream easily absorbed into my skin and made my skin feel super soft. So I brought it and I don't regret spending my money on it.

The product contains rose water, which is essential in calming the skin down when it becomes irritated and is also very useful in nourishing and hydrating your skin.

Other ingredients include Oat Milk, and lots of good oils (including Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil), so your skin is bound to end up as smooth as silk when you've slapped a bit on. 

I've already been using the cream for a few days, and I can already feel the difference in the softness and the hydration of my skin. 

I have a skin condition called 'Keratosis Pilaris' on my arms and so hydration for my skin is key, and I can definitely see the improvement of the condition after using Dream Cream. Seriously, if you have troubled or irritated skin, use this fab product!

The product has a lovely unique herbal smell and the texture of the cream is incredibly smooth. Another aspect I love about the product is that the cream lasts for ages on your skin, so re-applying won't be a big issue.

Tip: For even more brilliant results, exfoliate your skin with LUSH's Sugar Babe or Sugar Scrub before applying Dream Cream.

At £10.75, Dream Cream is totally worth it! Go on, take a trip down to your nearest LUSH store- I promise you won't regret it!