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BM Beauty Mineral Foundations! A mini swatch gallery

BM Beauty has an extensive range of Mineral Foundations- they currently have a total of 8 gorgeous shades to suit a range of different skin tones. They even have shimmering  tones to them- which I never thought I'd like in a foundation, but trying the BM Beauty foundations has made me realise that I love it, as it makes the skin look a lot more radiant. Plus, a little shimmer always helps to brighten up those cheeks!

BM Beauty foundations are also very forgiving in regard to using slightly different shades to your skin-tone, as it blends in very easily because the texture of the powder is super smooth! 

Below, I've only featured 5 of the 8 shades available though as these shades were mini samples that I purchased from the BM Beauty website which I then zoomed into with my camera and photographed to bring you a clearer picture of what each shade actually looks like. The BM Beauty website does offer a clear image of what each shade looks like, but   it don't actually show the shimmering tones the foundation has to offer.

0.75g sample jars of BM Beauty's Mineral Foundation retail at £1.25 each- a perfect price for those wanting to experiment and try out different foundation shades to find out which one is right for you. This is a really good way of trying out all of the available shades without purchasing the full-sized versions, and creating a hole in your pocket! 

I found it a bit difficult to purchase sample jars from the BM Beauty at first as they're tricky to actually locate. What you have to do is click on the 'More Info' button of the shade you want a sample of, and you'll be directed to another page where you can click the 'Add Sample' button to purchase a 0.75g sample! 

Honey Mist
This is my favourite shade from trying out the samples! It brightens my skin-tone which was surprising as I thought it would be a little dark for me, but it worked into my skin really well.

I love this shade too- especially when I just want a simple coverage with only slight shimmering tones. Naked is only slightly lighter than Honey Mist, and is great to achieve a natural, flawless look.

Stripped is the lightest shade in the BM Beauty Mineral Foundation range, which is probably a shame for girls with a paler skin-tone. But then again, I've realised that BM Beauty powder foundations are a lot more forgiving when using a slightly different shade to your skin as the powder is easy to blend across and into your skin.

 Sunny Haze
Sorry about the fuzzy bottom of this image! Sunny Haze is a step darker than Honey Mist; it's more of a bronzed sunset shade which is beautiful. I used this shade once when I woke up one day and hated how pale my skin looked when I looked in the mirror! 

Walnut Whisper
Another gorgeous shade! And the name is so lovely too- I love saying it out loud! By looking at this image, this shade is definitely looks too dark for me, but it's a completely different story  when you apply it onto your skin. This shade is perfect for a bronzed goddess look as the shimmering tones really stand out in the bronzed powder shade. I also use it as a naughty little eyeshadow too! And you can also use this to highlight and bronze your cheekbones with a soft walnut shade.

The price for the full-sized foundations are £14 for 10g of foundation in a sifter jar. 

I hope you liked this little swatch gallery! If you want to know anything else about anything BM Beauty, pop a comment below or e-mail me! XX