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Katy Perry nails it again!

Stunner, Katy Perry is well known for her incredibly innovative nail art- who remembers her Russell Brand and her Smurf nails?

However, these weren't the last of it! She's only gone and introduced us to another showcasing of another nail masterpiece- and it shows her political side too.

On Sunday, she Tweeted a pic of her nails with the colour themes of the Republican party, and Barack Obama's face on them (!), that she sported as she sang for the President- aren't they just AMAZING?! She captioned the photo as "Appropriate nails."- I couldn't agree more!
I always said that the best way to express your personality and views is through your nails (whether that's a colour choice, or through nail art)!

I will definitely try my best to replicate these just because of the fact that Katy Perry sported them, I love her and her style, and she's definitely my girl crush.

What do you think?!


Katy Perry to launch eyelash range with Eylure!

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Katy teamed up with O.P.I last year to launch her very own nail lacquer range, and now she's treated her female fans to more things 'Katy Perry' with her exciting new eyelash range with Eylure.

Eylure have launched pretty good products in the past- they're eyelash range with Girls Aloud was a success, and there's no doubt that this will also be very popular.

Katy is launching 4 sets of different eyelashes in the range, which can be seen in the image on the left. So soon, you'll be able to look as beautiful as Katy! Katy Perry's new eyelash range will be launched in February!

Also! Katy Perry's new fragrance 'Meow!' will hit stores in March so this is defo the year for you if you're a fan of the woman herself- we are!

More info to come soon ladies!
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Purr... Katy Perry Fragrance!

We here at Bags of Beauty are HUGE fans of Katy Perry! Our mini HQ is literally covered in Katy Perry posters. We instantly fall in love with all of her songs, TV appearances, fashion and make-up looks, her personality, and even her fragrance!Purr made its debut last year and became a popular fragrance and took the UK by a storm due to its success in the USA.

The fragrance is a lovely warm and fruity one, and is quite rich and fruitful. When the fragrance is sprayed, the first thing you can smell are apples and vanilla, with a hint of jasmine. Although it's not very strong, it's honestly such a beautiful fragrance and you can't go wrong by smelling irresistible! If you love vanilla and fruity scents, you should already have this perfume in your collection by now!

The bottle of the perfume is super cute too! It's in the shape of a kitty and is purple! The kitty also has silver jewelled eyes and a sweet little heart collar that reads "Purr". This is why we love Katy Perry- her bubbly personality is so infectious that you love with her instantly!

Also, we found out last week that Katy Perry is to release her second fragrance! Wahey, how exciting is this?! Details to come shortly...

Purr by Katy Perry retails at £29.99 for 30ml, £39.99 for 50ml, and £57.99- although most retail stores charge less than this. 

Do you have this fragrance? Have you tried it out? What do you think of it?

Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Control!

Everyone hates those frizzy hair days when your hair just won’t behave itself!

If you’re a fan of curly hair but your hair isn’t, be sure to try out Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Control, which helps to calm frizzy hair as well as define curls, and add shine to your hair!

Many frizz calming and curl defining products can be very sticky and greasy as they contain lots of hair oils, but Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Control is very lightweight, and non-greasy in consistency. It’s also good to lock in your hair’s moisture (which is essential in the Winter!)

The product is designed to be used on dry hair whenever you think your hair needs a bit of Ooomph or definition! It’s perfect to use on the go, as it’s a handbag-sized product.

Aveda's Be Curly Curl Control retails at £10.50 for 100ml.

Here are Jessie J and Katy Perry sporting curl-defined hair (Don’t they look lovely?):