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The Key by Justin Bieber review!

After the whopping success of his first two fragrances, Justin Bieber is launching an exciting third fragrance in a couple of weeks. The fragrance is called 'The Key' and is idealised by the belief that it will bring together Justin and his dedicated fans on a more personal, and connected level, and that they should always believe in their dreams.


Girlfriend by Justin Bieber review!

Last year, pop sensation Justin Bieber had followed the foot-steps of many celebrities and launched a very popular debut fragrance, 'Someday', and has since then launched a second fragrance called 'Girlfriend'.

First of all, I was surprised at how big the box was- especcially for your average 50ml fragrance, which means that the bottle must be something indeed.

And it was! The fragrance is accommodated in a tall purple bottle that fits into a heart shape that's then wrapped by a bright multi-coloured slinky! The slinky definitely makes it seem like a fun fragrance, and the heart shaped bottle was chosen by Justin as it symbolizes the heart hand gesture that he uses to connect with his fans. It's a real eye-catching design that's cleverly put together.