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007 SEVEN fragrance

SPECTRE is released today in cinemas and I am SO excited to go and see it! I'm such a big Bond fan and have been waiting for the new film for three years. In celebration of the film's release, I bring to you a review of the new 007 SEVEN fragrance that recently launched nationwide.


007 Fragrance for Women review

Up until now, there have been three 007 fragrances for men (007, Ocean Royale, and Quantum) and as a huge James Bond fan myself, I found them very fascinating as they all cleverly depict the complicated character of James Bond. I've always wondered whether (and hoped that) 007 would launch a fragrance for women, and that's exactly what they're going to do. Yay! 

The upcoming '007 For Women' fragrance launches in early February and I love it, although I do think that 'Skyfall' would've made a better name for it. At first glance, the bottle design is very much the 'girlfriend' of the first 007 fragrance (same colour, same texture pattern). The curvy bottle with the slim top and golden strip makes the overall concept more feminine. 


James Bond 007 Fragrance review

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for any man in your life, look no further. The original 007 fragrance is a cool and trendy gift that's great for any hardcore Bond fan- which I imagine, most men are.

First of all, the bottle is in the form of a black grenade-style object, which I love and it's just so 'James Bond'. A few people think that the bottle looks tacky but I think it's cool, and I think Bond fans will love it too.

Like James Bond himself, the fragrance is masculine yet a light, fresh scent which makes it perfect for everyday use. The scent does not smell cheap at all and the quality is similar to big branded fragrances, so at £31.50 for a 75ml bottle, it's a decent product for a decent price.

James Bond 007 Quantum fragrance review!

I'm a huge fan of James Bond [and Daniel Craig for that matter!] so I had to grab the third 007 fragrance 'Quantum' to smell it for myself. You know, seeing as I can recite almost every scene from Skyfall ;]. 

A picture of the 007 Quantum fragrance
Associated with the nation's most masculine figure that every man wishes to be, 'Quantum' is a light sophisticated fragrance composed of Bergamot, Cardamon, and Juniper Berries as top notes; Violet Leaves, Leather Accord and Geranium as the heart; and Benzoin, Sandalwood, and Vetiver as the base.