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Interview with Kelly Adams!

The lovely Kelly Adams, also known as Emma from Hustle, talks exclusively to Bags of Beauty about all things beauty!

Briefly describe your daily beauty regime.
Guest artist in Hustle last year Anna Chancellor had amazing skin and told me what her routine was and I've done it religiously ever since. I cleanse my face with a none perfumed wipe, then pat it all over with a hot flannel. I then rub Bio Oil over my face and again pat it with a hot flannel, holding it in place to open my pores and let the oil soak in. After wiping off any excess oil I massage Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream over my face. 

Here Anna said to then apply a cold flannel to close the pores again but I don't bother. I do this twice a day. Its quite lengthy but I've noticed the difference.

What is your favourite beauty brand?
Dermalogica are great because they do a face map treatment which tells you what is good for your skin type. I also like Neal's Yard Remedies and Kiehls. 

Are there any beauty products that you can’t live without?
Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream. Its literally the only thing to hydrate my reptilian dry skin.

As Emma, you’re always wearing bold colour lipsticks. Are you a fan of bold colour lipsticks?
Hot pinks and Corals are definitely used in most of the scenes this series because they look great on camera and they freshen up the bright costumes I wear. The guys tend to wear more muted tones so it is down to me to sport the eye catching colours. 

As me I either wear Vaseline or clear gloss. I find looks that need constant touch ups too high maintenance plus it means I cant kiss my husband! 

You did your own hair and make-up for your wedding earlier this year, which is really inspiring. Which beauty products did you use? How long did it take you?
My make up artist told me off for doing this but I wanted to be as natural as possible on the day.
I wore a light Laura Mercia tinted moisturiser in Bisque with Touche Eclat by YSL and a dab of Strobe cream by Mac. Mac Cremeblend blusher in Ladyblush for my cheeks, Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition mascara and my eyes  and eyebrows defined with the Daytime Kit and Super Shape Me Kit both by Jane Iredale. I finished off with Spice Lip Pencil by Mac and some Lucas Pawpaw ointment.

It sounds a lot but the whole thing with Velcro rollers for my hair and a bit of hot tonguing took about half an hour.

Have you ever experienced a beauty disaster? If so, what happened?
I went to a high brow Polo Match wearing a cocktail dress and fascinator hat but couldn't find a makeup look to match. I wanted to feel strong because I was nervous so I did smokey eyes but then carried on adding more blusher and red lips.The end result was too much of everything and very aging. 

Do you have a make up/beauty tip that you’d like to share with us?
Instead of buying perfumed scrubs and body creams that sit on the surface of my skin and slide off later at the gym, I scrub my body with granulated sugar, shave my legs using hair conditioner instead of shaving foam and moisturise my body with olive oil. Yes, I smell like a salad for half an hour but it’s worth it.

I don't wear make up if I'm not at work and I try not to touch/rub my face.

Do you have a beauty icon?
I saw a photo of Natalie Imbruglia without makeup once with a caption saying this is how she likes to be the most, natural and happy and I know what she means. Supermodels Helena Christensen and Natalia Vodianova are stunning too in completely different ways. I think people look at their best without worries and a bit of sun on their skin.

Women who don't feel like themselves unless they are covering up and sticking poison in to their face must feel constantly on edge.

For me, makeup should enhance certain areas should you need to. I hate the term war paint.

What’s currently in your make-up bag?
The head of make up (Alyn Waterman) on Hustle gave me a make up kit for my Birthday so I am lucky enough to have quite an impressive mix of Mac, Jane Iredale, Bourjois, Christian Dior lip gloss, Mac brushes and Loreal. This will last me a lifetime even though he always warns me that make up has a use by date.

I came back from a weekend in the country last night so right now my very sparse over night bag has Loreal mascara, Bourjois Blush in Rose D'ior and Vaseline.

What advice would you give to those wanting to get into acting?
Make sure there is nothing else on earth that you want to do more and then go for it. Know your worth and don't sell yourself short by only applying to the smaller drama schools. Start with the biggest and the best and go from there.

I think if you want to act you have to be prepared to go the whole hog and live the life warts and all. Be prepared to give your all on a daily basis without ego and know yourself well enough to cope with the times when it doesn't work out.


Interview with Diana Vickers!

Hi Diana! You’re the new face of Collection 2000! How does it feel?
It feels amazing! I love the brand and felt honoured to be ask to be part of the campaign. I grew up wearing Collection 2000 and have always loved the products.

Describe your daily beauty regime.
During the day I prefer a more natural, fresh makeup look and wear a light foundation like Collection 2000's Colour Match Foundation (£5.99). I also like to keep my eyes defined and so wear a slick of mascara with a hint of eyeliner.  The new Collection 20000 Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Liners are great for achieving this look (£1.99). To add a bit of colour I add some bronzer for a nice glow and a vibrant lip shade like Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Mango Tango (£3.49) to brighten up the look. 
Which is your favourite Collection 2000 product?
I love drawing attention to my eyes and having a great mascara is essential for this! The Collection 2000 Pump Up the Volume Mascara (£4.99) is amazing for giving you big, luscious lashes. I couldn’t live without it!

How old were you when you started wearing make-up?

What’s currently in your make-up bag?
Aside from my Collection 2000 faves, I’m also a big fan of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, Bumble & Bumble thickening spray and Chanel Bronzer.

Do you have a beauty tip that you’d like to share with us?
I always always remember to take my make-up off before going to bed to keep my skin looking healthy and youthful.

Have you ever suffered a beauty disaster? If so, what happened?
I’ve experimented with fake tan in the past and ended up looking really tangoed – so never again!

Who is your beauty idol?
I really admired Kate Moss when I was growing up because she always looks chic and cool, and doesn't really put a foot wrong. I also think that Blake Lively is absolutely beautiful. 

If you were to pick only one colour/trend nail varnish to wear for the rest of your life, which colour would you go for?
At the moment I’m a massive fan of the Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Nail Polish in ‘Geranium’ (£2.79) as it spruces up your look and is such a vibrant colour! Plus it’s really affordable.

What kind of fragrances/perfumes do you go for? Do you have a particular favourite?
Tom Ford is my ultimate fragrance!

Should your fans be expecting anything exciting from you in terms of music anytime soon?
Yes definitely! I am currently working away on my second album. It’s coming along really well and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it in the New Year!

What advice would you give to those wanting to get into the music industry?
You have to be passionate about what you do, work hard and be confident in yourself.


Interview with Kimberly Wyatt!

Kimberly Wyatt
In your welcome message video on the BM Beauty website, you say that you love make up. What would you say is your favourite beauty product, and why?
I would say that mascara is my favorite product! I have blonde eyelashes so I rarely go a day without pumping them up with BM Beauty thickening mascara!

Have you got a favourite product from the BM Beauty range? If so, why, and are there any other products you would strongly recommend?
Our mineral foundations contain zinc oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory and is great for spot prone skin! It helps my problematic skin AND gives me the coverage that I need!

Do you have a make up/beauty tip that you'd like to share with us?
The better you prep your skin, the better everything you put on it looks!

How did you meet your business partner, Laura? And how did the BM Beauty brand form?
Laura and I met in 2008, I was a fan and label mate of her boyfriend's Scottish band Driveblind. He introduced me to Laura and I soon discovered her skincare range, Love The Planet. We became fast friends after bonding over our love of the environment and beauty products! I started selling some of her products on my website and then we decided to join forces and BM Beauty was born!

Apart from your passion for make up, why did you decide to launch a beauty range?
The idea for a makeup line derived from my online portal, The BM Family has become an online community of loving and compassionate people working towards a better life. BM Beauty is an extension of my websites message.

Why do you think it's important for make up to be free from certain chemicals, and fragrances, and for cosmetics to be 'Cruelty Free'?
My favorite quote: "Be the Change you wish to see in the World." -Gandhi

Does your cosmetics line have a specific aim? Are you trying to target a particular female market? If so, why?
Our aim is to make the all natural choice fun, affordable and easy to use for all ages.

How would you describe your cosmetics line?
BM Beauty is cruelty free and BUAV , PETA approved! It's a beautiful face with a no makeup feel! 

I think it's fantastic that you co-manage the brand and you're act as the face of it too. What made you take up the role of being the face of the line?
I like being on both sides of the camera!

How do you cope with co-managing a beauty brand as well as focusing on your music career? Is there a 50/50 split between the two?
I definitely have to be wise with my time. I like to find ways to cross-pollinate music and makeup using song titles and words that relate to Her Majesty and the Wolves with BM Beauty. Emerald Showers is a song title as well as the name of a BM Beauty Eyeshadow, so is Her Majesty. Finding ways to mix makeup with music and keep the integrity of Beautiful Movements intact is what I'm all about, it's the challenge that keeps me dreaming!

What advice would you give to those aspiring to break into the beauty industry or the business sector?
Do it because you love it and are passionate about it, listen to the advice around you but always form your own opinion and be forward thinking in how you connect with your market!


Millie Kendall: Interview

Millie Kendall (Taken from Google)
I interviewed the lovely Millie Kendall for one of my journalism assignments at university, so I thought I'd share it with all of my followers.
One of the UK’s well-known business entrepreneur, Millie Kendall- co-director of popular cosmetics brand, Ruby and Millie, lives a very busy lifestyle due to entrepreneurial success.

Kendall claims she finds it difficult to achieve a balanced lifestyle. “The hardest bit is finding the line between work and home and sticking to it” says Kendall, aged 43, who has 2 young children of her own, whom she describes as “very accommodating”.

"I often get home and the day doesn't end and my kids do suffer I think" she adds. On a daily basis, Kendall is constantly in contact with clients, including international clientele.

However, working in the cosmetics industry does have it's highlights. In 2007, Kendall won an MBE Award along with business partner and celebrity make-up artist, Ruby Hammer for their services in the cosmetics industry. Their own cosmetics brand, Ruby & Millie has attracted many fans, including celebrities- Myleene Klass, and Kate Winslet.

Another positivity would include that Kendall and Ruby Hammer, hold contracts with two of the biggest UK retailers- Boots and Superdrug. When asked to describe Ruby Hammer in three words, Kendall replies proudly “Gorgeous, brilliant and passionate”.

Kendall, who chose to settle in London as a teenager whilst her parents lived between LA and London, claims that she wasn’t allowed to buy make-up. “The first products I used were actually my Grandma’s” says Millie, “I wasn’t allowed to buy make-up, nor was I that interested in spending my money on it.”

Although, like every other person, Kendall still had her favourite beauty and 'grooming' products. “Nivea Crème was one of my favourites and I also loved a mascara my Grandma used that was in a pan and not in a wand. You had to add water to it”.

When asked about how Kendall became involved within the cosmetics industry, she replies “It was by pure accident that I got into this business”. As a teenager, she worked for hair salon, Toni & Guy after leaving school, and then began to work for a Japanese cosmetics company, Shu Uemera where she found success. “This was the first stepping stone and I continued to work for this company for many years. As success for the brand grew, my visibility did too.”

Currently, as well as co-directing Ruby & Millie, she, and Ruby Hammer also design make-up products for Scarlett & Crimson, and work with the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique.

"R&M is the embodiment of our esthetic, so everything about it was designed with our own style in mind." says Kendall with regard to Ruby & Millie. "Ruby as a make up artist needs performance and I need ease of use, so we made a lot of products that had built in applicators."

In relation to the UK’s famous entrepreneur, and multi-millionaire, Lord Sugar, Kendall states "I like him better than his USA apprentice counterpart Donald Trump, who I think is revolting.". Kendall then goes onto add that “He [Lord Sugar] has a sense of humour, and he doesn’t care what people think”. She then states “I respect a rebel”.

With the world in recession, careers in business involve incredible competition. Kendall emphasises that when wanting to become a business entrepreneur, “The single most important thing is passion for what you do”. She also claims that she always did things in her “own way” in order to achieve success.