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BOSS The Scent

This is Hugo Boss' biggest male fragrance launch in a long time- and it's a very good one. BOSS The Scent is a masculine scent that's inspired by the art of male seduction and confidence, and pays tribute to the BOSS man's personal achievements rather than his professional. Nice. 
For the past couple of years, Hugo Boss have been launching fragrances that were almost like brothers to the original BOSS Bottled. BOSS The Scent is completely different, and this is why it's already an incredibly popular scent. Every guy I've tested it on has nothing but positive to say about it.


Hugo Boss The Scent: Meet Theo James!

Hugo Boss recently unveiled their brand new fragrance BOSS The Scent, which stars British Hollywood Actor Theo James as its ambassador (swoon!). I absolutely love Theo James- he's a brilliant actor, and really fits in with the campaign. Plus, he's gorgeous! 

I just thought I'd give you a little heads up that Theo James will be at Oxford Street's Debenhams this Thursday signing bottles of the new Hugo Boss scent. 


BOSS Bottled Oud

Hugo Boss are forever building on the success of the popular BOSS Bottled fragrance by launching re-interpretations of it, this time as an Oud based scent. BOSS Bottled Oud is a warm, spicy fragrance that's the epitome of modern masculinity. 


BOSS Runway Edition Fragrances

Before Nuit launched in 2012, Hugo Boss wouldn't have ever crossed my mind when thinking of one of my favourite fragrance brands. 

Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie changed everything for the BOSS Woman fragrance brand, making it more feminine, and sophisticated. For me, BOSS Woman Orange just wasn't cutting it. So it's great that the fragrance trio are being celebrated by their re-launch as Runway Edition fragrances this month. The new editions have three statement looks inspired by Jason Wu on the bottles and packaging.

NEW Hugo Woman fragrance by Hugo Boss review

Hugo Boss recently launched a new fragrance for women, which intrigued me when I first read about it- the fragrance is known to have a slight masculine tone to it despite being a female fragrance so I had to give it a little try for myself. 

It's a youthful scent with sparkling top notes of Boysenberry, heart notes of Jasmine and Black Tea (interesting!), which then settle down into a sensual amber dry down. The masculine tone kicks in during the developing of the heart notes, and is designed to redefine the conventions of female fragrances and I think Hugo Boss have managed to pull it off as it's still a scent I can imagine women still going for.


BOSS Bottled and BOSS Bottled Collector's Edition

BOSS Bottled by Hugo Boss was launched in 1998, and it's still a very popular fragrance. So popular in fact that, they have recently launched a collector's edition of the fragrance encased in a velvet Black bottle. 

The fragrance notes of BOSS Bottled are quite interesting; apple, grapefruit and mint form the top notes whilst geranium, jasmine and patchouli altogether compose the heart notes, which then settle into a set of sensual of woody base notes. 


BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme review

I love both BOSS Nuit and Jour fragrances. The fruity, sensual fragrance of Nuit is an absolute favourite of mine; for me, it's a fragrance staple and I wear it all the time during the autumn/winter season! So I was very ecstatic when I was told that BOSS is launching another fragrance this summer called 'Ma Vie'. 

As expected, Ma Vie bares similarities to its sister fragrances Nuit and Jour. All three of them are fresh, feminine scents that sit comfortably in the floral/fruity fragrance category, albeit Ma Vie leans over more towards the floral side.


Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited fragrance review!

Boss Bottled. Unlimited. is an interpretation of the original Boss Bottled fragrance which launched back in 1998. It is an energetic new scent that's inspired by the 'Boss' man's determination and drive for personal success. Sexy. 

Bottled Unlimited is a masculine scent with a freshly cool, energetic twist. On initial spray, the fragrance is citrusy as its top notes include Iced Violet Leaves, which then develops into the heart consisting of notes of pineapple. The fragrance's base notes include sandalwood and musk, leaving a fresh woody scent lingering on the skin.


BOSS JOUR Fragrance Review!

I love BOSS Nuit- it was one of my fave fragrances of 2012 as I wore it almost everyday in the Autumn last year! So obviously I was incredibly excited to try out its sister fragrance, BOSS Jour.

In a similar sleek bottle as Nuit but in crisp white, Jour is an elegant floral fragrance but with a fruity kick which makes it the perfect daytime fragrance symbolising femininity, sophistication, and composure. And again, Gwyneth Paltrow looks stunning in the fragrance's ad campaign!


Monthly faves: September!

Here are my favourite beauty products for the month of September. Some products are newly launched, and some products have been available for a long time, but I've only recently got round to trying them or I've only just discovered its wonders! And some are simply re-favourites!


Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme!

Hugo Boss recently launched a new fragrance for women called Nuit, with Gwyneth Paltrow being the face of it.

I hate using press/stock photos to review products, but I had a whiff of this fragrance at The Perfume Shop near me and I loved it! I wanted to purchase it but they had completely sold out, but the kind salesman let me sample the fragrance in-store :)

Nuit is a sensual floral fruity fragrance that's supposed to represent femininity and sophistication- just like a little black dress (just like Gwyneth is wearing in the ad!). She was most definitely the perfect celebrity to be the face of the fragrance- she's a wife, mother, actress and singer, which is such a multi-task! So there's no question that this fragrance represents femininity.