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Giorgio Armani Si Rose Signature

It's very difficult for me to pick a favourite fragrance brand (primarily due to the fact that I own so many fragrances) so I'd have to pick a handful. It's safe to say that Giorgio Armani is most definitely one of them, amongst others including Viktor & Rolf and Tom Ford. 


Si by Giorgio Armani review

In 2013, Giorgio Armani launched a fragrance called 'Si', a unique, sophisticated chypre fragrance that's been a popular favourite for women globally, and I fell in love with it straight away.

The bottle of Si is fairly simple and the clear glass reveals the golden tinted juice, signifying that it's a luxurious, elegant fragrance. Overall, it looks like an expensive perfume.

I love chypre fragrances so Si is definitely the fragrance for me. I love how feminine, and luxurious it is; the scent embodies female power, confidence, and elegance. It's a bit of everything to be honest- sweet, floral, woody, and warm so it's unique.