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Jimmy Choo Illicit

Jimmy Choo always launch amazing fragrances and the recently launched Illicit is definitely no exception. The brand are clearly aiming at the younger market by creating a fun and edgy fragrance. Personally, I don't think Jimmy Choo need to do this as so many young girls I know are fans of their fragrances. 


007 SEVEN fragrance

SPECTRE is released today in cinemas and I am SO excited to go and see it! I'm such a big Bond fan and have been waiting for the new film for three years. In celebration of the film's release, I bring to you a review of the new 007 SEVEN fragrance that recently launched nationwide.


DKNY Be Desired

There's always a special place in my heart for a DKNY fragrance- I still own some of the limited edition ones from years ago. Who remembers the Candy Apples and Hearts The World fragrances? I also fell in love with the gorgeous DKNY Dreamsicle fragrance that launched earlier this year- I'm currently being stingy with it so it doesn't run out. Such a shame it was limited edition! 
Anyway, DKNY have just launched a new fragrance in the form of the brand's famous apple bottle, called Be Desired. DKNY usually launch their apple fragrances in trios so I was intrigued to find out the story behind the new scent, and obviously what it smells like. 


RiRi by Rihanna

Rihanna's fragrance press office sent me a beautiful parcel a few weeks ago containing the new RiRi fragrance. It's her 5th fragrance and she had been hinting at it for over a year- I love Rihanna to bits and I was so excited. Although I review a lot of celebrity fragrances, it's very rare for me to discover one that's unique and I've fallen in love with. 


BOSS Bottled Oud

Hugo Boss are forever building on the success of the popular BOSS Bottled fragrance by launching re-interpretations of it, this time as an Oud based scent. BOSS Bottled Oud is a warm, spicy fragrance that's the epitome of modern masculinity. 


Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

Michael Kors has just launched a new selection of fragrances called the Gold Collection, composed of three scents which were all carefully chosen for the Michael Kors woman. 

I'm a huge lover of MK handbags and watches particularly because they have that special hint of bling to them, but Michael Kors has clearly gone the extra mile with these new fragrances. Obviously, packaging isn't everything but oh my goodness just look at these! 


Paco Rabanne Olympea

It's so nice to see something new from Paco Rabanne- their last biggest women's fragrance launch was Lady Million, and that was years ago! I was beginning to think that Paco Rabanne had lost their spark, until now of course... 

Inspired by Greek Goddesses, Olympea takes you on a venture of victory and championship through a sweet floral scent. The warm fragrance opens up with a sweet and creamy burst of top notes consisting of Salty Vanilla Accord. The journey then continues by developing into the Jasmine and Gingerlily heart, finally settling to a dry down of Ambregris, Bois De Cachmire Ambregris, and Cashmere Wood lingering on the skin. 


BOSS Runway Edition Fragrances

Before Nuit launched in 2012, Hugo Boss wouldn't have ever crossed my mind when thinking of one of my favourite fragrance brands. 

Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie changed everything for the BOSS Woman fragrance brand, making it more feminine, and sophisticated. For me, BOSS Woman Orange just wasn't cutting it. So it's great that the fragrance trio are being celebrated by their re-launch as Runway Edition fragrances this month. The new editions have three statement looks inspired by Jason Wu on the bottles and packaging.

Ghost Girl

I was invited to the Ghost fragrance party on Wednesday at the Holborn Hoxton Hotel, where they were launching their latest fragrance, Ghost Girl. It was a really fun event with Ghost themed cocktails, pick 'n' mix, light-up candy floss, and even a fortune teller (who very scarily, knew quite a lot about me!).


Little Mix Gold Magic

Last month, Little Mix launched their debut fragrance, Gold Magic. I love Little Mix- the girls seem so sweet and down to earth but to perfectly honest with you, I wasn't expecting much from their fragrance. Proving me wrong, Gold Magic is a very gorgeous, versatile fragrance that stays true to 'Little Mix'. 


Aramis Black

Prestige fragrance brand, Aramis has recently launched a new male fragrance- Aramis Black, which portrays the wearer as 'Polished but mysterious. Racy but refined'. Nice :) 

Aramis have been very clever with this fragrance as it's a scent formed of traditional notes, but also thrown into the mix is a combination of unique, contemporary notes. Aramis Black is a modern twist on the traditional, and it smells great.


One Direction | Between Us fragrance

The first two things I thought when I found out that Zayn was leaving the group was "What?!" and "What will happen to their fragrance line?"'. I mean, it'll be awkward (and silly!) to not continue with the line after a huge success, and I was trying to think how they could pull it off. But they have, and I was pleased to find out that 1D will be launching a brand new fragrance next month called 'Between Us', and it is a cracker! It's completely different compared to the previous fragrances, and has a more premium side to it.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet

I do love an MJ fragrance! Marc Jacobs recently launched two new limited edition Sorbet fragrances (sisters to the original Daisy). The Sorbet editions are refreshing, playful, very Summer appropriate, and are- like all MJ fragrances- both encapsulated in the most eye-catching flower bottles. 


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Summer Fragrance for 2015

When it comes to Summer fragrances, I always think of brands such as Escada and Marc Jacobs- I never would've thrown Jean Paul Gaultier into the mix. But after trying out the newly launched fragrance, I've changed my mind.

Jean Paul Gaultier have launched a new version of the Classique fragrance for Summer 2015, opting for a 'Hindi Summer' theme, which I think is brilliant.


Britney Spears | Rocker Femme Fantasy Fragrance

Britney fans will be pleased to hear that Britney has launched her new fragrance, Rocker Femme Fantasy! Britney fragrances still excite me as much as they did when I was a teenager. Midnight Fantasy was a massive favourite of mine (and still is!), but I also loved Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, and Curious. 

The new fragrance is captured in a 'Fantasy' bottle in the form of a gorgeous studded pink sphere with a black ombre effect and studs. The design of the packaging box is so cool as well- I love the smokey effect over the bright pink, and it definitely matches up to the fragrance's name. 


Cheryl Storm Flower and Storm Flower EDT fragrances

Cheryl fans will be pleased to hear that she will be launching her second fragrance soon, called 'Storm Flower EDT.
I've been a huge fan of Cheryl ever since my primary school days when she was in Girls Aloud, so she's been quite an influence on my life as I became a teenager. Cheryl teased us about whether she'd launch a fragrance, and when she finally announced last year that she was- it was the start of a hugely successful venture. Storm Flower exceeded its pre-orders last Summer and was one of the most popular fragrances for Christmas 2014. My little sister owns lots of celebrity fragrances by Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry... But she wanted Cheryl's.


Rogue Love by Rihanna fragrance review

Rihanna has launched some of the most exotic fragrances, and now she's launched another one just in time for Valentine's Day. 


NEW Hugo Woman fragrance by Hugo Boss review

Hugo Boss recently launched a new fragrance for women, which intrigued me when I first read about it- the fragrance is known to have a slight masculine tone to it despite being a female fragrance so I had to give it a little try for myself. 

It's a youthful scent with sparkling top notes of Boysenberry, heart notes of Jasmine and Black Tea (interesting!), which then settle down into a sensual amber dry down. The masculine tone kicks in during the developing of the heart notes, and is designed to redefine the conventions of female fragrances and I think Hugo Boss have managed to pull it off as it's still a scent I can imagine women still going for.


DKNY Delicious Delights: Dreamsicle

I'm a huge fan of DKNY fragrances, and I always get excited when they launch their annual limited edition 'Delicious' fragrance collections. For 2015, DKNY are launching a 'Delicious Delights' collection in March, consisting of three fragrances 'Fruity Rooty', 'Dreamsicle', and Cool Swirl. I recently got my hands on a press sample of Dreamsicle, and I LOVE it!



007 Fragrance for Women review

Up until now, there have been three 007 fragrances for men (007, Ocean Royale, and Quantum) and as a huge James Bond fan myself, I found them very fascinating as they all cleverly depict the complicated character of James Bond. I've always wondered whether (and hoped that) 007 would launch a fragrance for women, and that's exactly what they're going to do. Yay! 

The upcoming '007 For Women' fragrance launches in early February and I love it, although I do think that 'Skyfall' would've made a better name for it. At first glance, the bottle design is very much the 'girlfriend' of the first 007 fragrance (same colour, same texture pattern). The curvy bottle with the slim top and golden strip makes the overall concept more feminine.