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Upcoming Beauty Launches: 2012

We say goodbye to another year, but we say hello to a new year and loads more exciting beauty products for us to embrace! Okay, that sounded cheesy but wahey- away we go with the product list! 

Katy Perry Meow:

Although Katy Perry didn't have a great end-of-year considering her recent divorce news with Russell Brand, she's got an exciting perfume on the loose for 2012!

After the success of Katy Perry's debut fragrance Purr, Katy has launched another fragrance called Meow! 

We loved Purr- its scent was so fruity and unique and our expectations of this are really high! This fragrance is to be launched in the UK in the Spring of 2012, and we're so excited!

Rihanna Rebelle:
Rihanna launched a beautiful perfume this year, and we're so glad that she decided to launch another one. 

Her debut fragrance, Reb'l Fleur became so popular when it was launched that everybody will have really really high expectations of this perfume (Although according to a couple of US reviews, that expectation has already been met...)

Her second perfume is called Rebelle- it's currently on sale in the US, and we really hope that it hits the UK very soon as we can't wait for it!

MeMeMe Dew Pots:
MeMeMe Cosmetics re-launched their whole range back in July, introducing even more fabulous products- including the famous Seventh Heaven Face-Base. 

In 2012, MeMeMe are launching a new colour eyeshadow range. We love MeMeMe so we can't wait to try these! We're not sure of the price, but they'll be on sale in Superdrug from 4th January 2012!

Avon Foundations by Alesha Dixon:
Alesha Dixon became the spokeswoman for Avon recently and she is launching an extensive foundation range (We had a sneaky little peak at them and the lovely Pixiwoo gave us a gorgeous makeover using the foundation). 

There are 16 shades in the range so there's no need for compromise. You should be able to purchase this in February 2012, retailing at £12 each.

Avon Shine Attract Lipsticks:
In our opinion, these are the best lipsticks ever and we can't wait to hear what you guys think of it too when it's released in January 2012. 

The lipsticks are incredibly smooth, smell lovely, and provides your lips with high levels of shine, with some vibrant colour without being too full-on and bold. Retail price: £9.

Toni & Guy Sculpting Powder
We LOVE Toni & Guy hair styling products and we love their new Glamour and Shine range that they launched recently this year.

For 2012, Toni & Guy are launching a Sculpting Powder product in March 2012 that promises to add volume to your hair and texturize it without causing greasiness and stickiness.

We haven't actually tried any form of hair sculpting powder so maybe this'll be the first...
Retail price: £7.19.

Rimmel London 'Long Lasting Finish 1000 KissesLip Tint and Rimmel London 'Wake Me Up' Foundation: 

It's about time that Rimmel launched their very own line of Lip Tints as it has been a huge trend for 2011. In the range, there are six lip-tints that ensures a non-smudging wear. This plans to retail at £6.99.

Along with the Lip Tints, Rimmel are also launching a foundation targeting premature skin aging. The foundation will retail at £8.99.


Get Tulisa's X Factor Look!

Yes! You too can look like Tulisa with these brilliant make-up products and tips!
- Revlon's Grow Luscious Lash Liner - £6.29
- No7 Midnight Enchantment Eye Shadow Stick- £10.50
- The Body Shop Brow Definer- £8.00
- Maybelline One by One Mascara- £8.49
- Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer- £3.00

1. Using a make-up wipe, make sure that your eyelids are free from any make-up (Unless you've already applied foundation!).

2. Apply a small amount of Elf's eyeshadow primer onto your eyelids and gently blend it in using an eyeshadow brush.

3. Line your top eyelashes with Revlon's Grow Luscious Eyeliner. The key tip here is to make the eyeliner as subtle as possible, i.e. no flicks, not too bold. You should line your bottom lashes/waterline after you've applied your eyeshadow. 

4. Using No7's Midnight Enchantment Eye Shadow Stick, apply the eyeshadow either directly from the stick, or by using an eyeshadow brush. Wing out the eyeshadow for a glamourous look like Tulisa's.

5. Line your bottom lashes/waterline, but make it line as precise as possible- just like Tulisa's, otherwise it'll probably look a little over-the-top!

6. Use Maybelline's One by One Mascara to define and 'volumize' your eyelashes. 

7. Define your eyebrows with The Body Shop's Brow Definer.

- Lush Lip Scrub- £5.00
- Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Balm in Pink Pop- £6.99

1. Use Lush's Lip Scrub to exfoliate your lips and smoothen them. These come in a variety of different flavours! Apply the lip scrub onto your lips, scrub away, and then lick the excess scrub off! You'll be tempted- they're yummy!

2. Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Balm will not only allow your lips to become moisturised, and pigmented in colour, but it will also make your lips shiny, shiny, shiny! Apply the balm/lip-gloss, but be careful not to apply too much as with lip balms- less is more.

Have fun in creating this look! Pop your comments below what you think of this look and whether you'll be trying it out!


Celebrity Hair Trends: November/December

‘Side’ hairstyles are a significant trend this season, and because it’s Christmas soon, here’s a selection of the very best side hair trends and styles for December!

We love Beyonce. Everybody loves Beyonce. So take a leaf out of her book and sport the Side-Plait hairstyle with a super-glam outfit- like in the image on the left- to party the night away this Christmas!

Beyonce’s Side-Plait compliments her simple and natural make-up choices, which includes lightly blushed cheeks, a light eye shadow base and a pink lip-gloss.

The hairstyle looks even more fab with her ombre’d hair so the style is making the best out of both colours of her hair.

Beyonce’s choice of a side-fringe makes the overall look a lot more trendy and chic.

Who knew that such a simple style would make you feel just like a star?

Camilla Belle looks absolutely stunning here with her side-parted up-do and this is a perfect, practical hairstyle for Christmas dos.

Up-dos and buns are associated with elegance, so choosing a side parting can alternate the look according to how you want your overall hairstyle to look.

A side parting can add a sparkling touch of glamour to anyone’s hairstyle, and will grant you a Red Carpet look in minutes!

Camilla’s choice of a fuchsia coloured lipstick adds femininity to her overall look and makes her look quite sophisticated.


October/November Celebrity Hair Trends!

The hottest fashion hair, and celebrity hair trends this month are hair buns! You probably wouldn’t believe that such a simple style would hit the ‘Trends book’, but anyone can look stunning with their hair up in a bun, whichever look you wish to create!

If you’re not sure whether a bun is the right hairstyle choice, take a look at these celebrities and their hair buns…

Hayden Panettiere
Here’s an image of Hayden Panettiere back in 2009 sporting the ‘Bun’ hairstyle- which she totally rocks! 

Her hair bun is styled low and volumised, which is then finished with a long side fringe.

This style goes very well with Hayden’s choice of a ‘Smokey eye’ look, and a nude lip as it balances her overall look out, making her look as perfect as a ‘Red carpet’ superstar! Smokey eyes and nude lips are a huge trend for this winter! Although this image of her is from 2009, this look is must to be re-created this season!

Freida Pinto
Actress and model, Freida Pinto has always had the most enviously beautiful hair- it’s long, shiny, and rich in colour.

Freida makes the right decision in opting for a low hair bun with a side parting (which is also a brilliant hair trend for this season). She also adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to her look by making her hair curve down towards her ears.

A pink glossy lip look and a ‘Smokey eye’ look finish the look by sealing in natural and simple tones to go with her rich ebony coloured hair.

Sophie Habibis
X Factor 2011 contestant, Sophie looks gorgeous here as she achieves a glamorous look with her amazing, unique hairstyle as she hears the results on the X Factor.

Her hair is styled into a high bun that is beautifully fanned out to create extra definition and attention to her hair. The fanned out bun-style is also made even lovelier with Sophie’s fringe, which not only frames her face, but also makes her look more like a Hollywood glamour girl!

Would you go for a ‘Bun’ hairstyle? How would you style yours? Pop your comments below!


The ‘Bob’ trend for Autumn/Winter 2011!

Bobs have been the No.1 ‘It’ style for 2011, and the trend has just got hotter this Autumn!

A bob is available in a huge variety of styles, which can range from Angled Bobs, to Chin Bobs. And with lots of fantastic celebrities showing off this hairstyle too, you can’t put a foot wrong with this fabulous, classic trend!

Keira Knightley:
Keira’s bob has made her bob here, a lot more edgy and chic as she creates soft, subtle bangs by adding waves, as well as a side fringe. 

The waves make her style resemble a messy bob, and allows more of her face to be covered, which helps to shape it into more of a heart shape (which most of us would envy for!).

Her messy bob also makes her low-lights stand out, but not on an over-the-top level, and it’s always great to show off two different shades of your hair in one go!

Her smokey eye make-up goes very well with the deep chocolate colour of her hair, and her rose-shaded lipstick makes her look a lot more seductive and glamorous.

 Jessica Alba:
Jessica’s Long Inverted Bob Hairstyle is an absolute classic; it is a very simple hairstyle, complimenting a simple look, and she still looks stunning!

With minimal make-up, she manages to grab everyone’s attention to her hair, which makes her look sophisticated yet alluring. Her use of a glossy, sparkly lip-gloss of a pinky shade is the key to the touch of glamour to her fashionable look.

Jessica’s hair is poker-straight, which makes her look tidy and professional, as well as add elements of power to her overall look.

The ‘Bob’ trend is getting hotter and hotter this autumn, so it’s not too late to jump on the wagon!

What do you think of the ‘Bobs’ trend? Pop your comments below!

Autumn/Winter 2011 Make Up Trends!

The season of autumn has fallen upon us, which marks a drastic change in make-up trends since summer has come to an end.

Smokey Eyes:
Sporting a Smokey eyes look in the Autumn Season will add a touch of glamour, femininity, and sexiness to your personality.

The Smokey eye look is all about playing around with it to achieve the look of your preference; a Smokey eye look can be created using any colour, and you can choose whether you want your look to be bold or subtle. The best bit is that you can even add a little shimmer!

Smokey eye make-up can, not only give you a wide-eyed look, but can also make a dramatic and powerful statement about yourself.

How to create a Smokey Eye look:
      1.    Apply some concealer under your eyes and over your eyelids to create a base for when you apply eye shadow.
      2.    Line your eyes with an eyeliner (Use a pencil eyeliner to create an even more Smokey effect)
      3. Apply a dark coloured eye shadow onto the base of your eyelid- however, don’t apply over the whole eye area.
4.    4. Next, use a lighter coloured eye shadow and apply it above where you have applied the dark eye shadow.
5.    5. Blend the two colours together using an eye-shadow blending brush.
6.    6. Add a coat or two of volumising mascara.
7.    7. Use a brush to clear up any messy eye shadow underneath or around your eyes.

Check out the autumn eye make-up collections for 2011:
Dior’s 2011 Autumn Collection for eyes
Chanel’s 2011 Autumn Collection for eyes:

Nude Lips:
If you choose to go for a Smokey eyed look, the best option for your lips is to go nude! This is to make your eyes more of a focal point of people’s attention. A nude/pink lip adds a touch of glamour to your look, and like they always say: Less is more!

Choose nude shades lip colours to go with Smokey eye make up will balance out the colour on your face.

Follow these steps for perfect nude lips:
       1.    Moisturise your lips using a lip balm- this is essential as dry or chapped lips will be seen at its worst when lipstick is applied.
       2.    Lightly line your lips with a lip-pencil in a similar colour to your foundation.
     3.    Apply a lipstick that is similar to your skin tone.
      4.    If you want a gloss finish, apply a clear lip-gloss.

Tip: Use a lip primer before you apply the lip-pencil and lipstick if you want your lipstick to last on your lips longer.

Tip: If you wish to make your lips slightly lighter, apply some concealer over your lips and then use a creamy lip colour!

Here are the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks from their 2011 autumn collection:

Autumn/Winter nails:
Traditional colours are back this autumn, and it would be a shame if you missed out on the trend! Deep, and bold nail colours add a touch of elegancy to your look.

Check out Nails Inc’s 2011 Autumn/Winter nail polish collection:


The Power of Powder

Fed up of mascara and eyeliner smudging under your eyes and onto your cheeks?

I have the perfect solution, and it’s pretty basic: talcum powder! (Or loose powder…)

The mascara/eyeliner smudges due to moisture in your skin, so applying talcum powder under your eyes will stop the mascara and eyeliner from smudging or running down your cheeks.

Using a powder brush to apply the powder is best so then you can apply the powder lightly and you can brush any excess powder off.

Hope this helps…