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Escada Born in Paradise review!

I was very excited when I found out that Escada was to launch another fragrance in March. Escada's new upcoming fragrance is called 'Born in Paradise' and is the 22nd limited edition fragrance from Escada- wow!

I love Escada fragrances and have never been left disappointed by one so far, and Escada Born in Paradise is no exception. I absolutely loved Escada Cherry in the Air and purchased three bottles of it last summer and I wasn't sure if Escada would launch another fragrance that I would fall in love with again. I review a lot of fragrances and it's not everyday I say this but- I absolutely freaking LOVE this fragrance!
Escada Born in Paradise


Especially Escada Elixir review!

Escada fragrances are very well-known for their gorgeous, youthful, and feminine scents, and Especially Escada Elixir is no exception.

Escada Elixir is another interpretation of Especially Escada, which launched in 2011. Another floral fragrance more vibrant than its original, Escada Elixir stays true to the femininity of Escada fragrances.


Escada Cherry In The Air review!

I do love an Escada fragrance! They launched Cherry In The Air earlier this year as a limited edition fragrance, and I fell in love with it instantly. It smells amazing; it's definitely my kind of perfume, and it's my fave Escada perfume so far. 


Especially Escada fragrance review!

If you're a lover of floral scents and you haven't tried out the Especially Escada fragrance, you're missing out!

My initial thoughts as soon as I sprayed some of the fragrance were good; it's a fresh, feminine scent of pear, musk and roses, which is a lovely combination. However, it's not as overwhelming as most fresh fragrances. In fact, Especially Escada is a soft, and subtle scent- amazing if you love spraying perfume into your hair! It makes the perfect daytime and evening fragrance. What I love most about the fragrance is that it's sensual and unique.