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Enrapture | Jumbo Amplify Waver!

I had to re-post this today as I've been experiencing some issues with scheduled posts on Blogger so you may have read this yesterday further down my blog 'timeline'.

Summer stands for all things music festivals, and sun, sea and sand, so it isn't surprising that curls and soft waves are back this season! And what better way is there to show off that you're living it up in one of the most fun seasons (although this is open to interpretation if you live in the UK- ha!)? It is also often said that women with curly hair are daring, outgoing, and fun!

What's great about waves is that you can either create them soft and subtle, or defined, depending on personal choice, which is made easy with Enrapture's Jumbo Amplify Waver- which its lovely PR company recently sent me to try out and review.

The heating plates of the waver are designed to work similarly to straightening plates but instead of two flat iron plates, the waver has a curved bottom plate on one half, and two curling tongs on the other so when pressed together, it creates defined waves without wrapping your hair around a curling wand (which can be annoying).

When I used the product for the first time, I have to admit- I found it a little difficult to work with because the waver didn't curl the hair with much definition, but then I realised that it was my technique that was wrong, not the tool. So basically, practice made perfect. I used the technique used in the Enrapture video tutorial below to create defined waves:

I tried out the Amplify Jumbo Waver on my sister's hair, and she loved it! I've uploaded a picture below.

I would highly recommend the Jumbo Amplify Waver if you're looking for defined waves, or a mermaid/goddess-like hairstyle! Defined waves look beautiful especcially if you have long hair. I'd also advise that you spritz a bit of hair-shine spray after you're done styling to add a bit of gloss to your hair, which will look amazing with defined waves!

The performance of the waver is pretty impressive because the curls turn out so beautiful and in such little time- so it's so much better to use this tool than your average curling wand to achieve lovely defined waves!

Check out: for more info- they have a sleek website with video hair tutorials and lots of tips and tricks! Also, there is a current promotion on Enrapture products where you receive a 1/3 off the price- so instead of paying the RRP of £74.99 for an Enrapture styler, you would pay £49.99! The promotion is out throughout the Summer so hold tight for the Summer hair waves trend!

What do you think?
Originally posted: 9th July 2012