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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

I love Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour range; I apply the Skin Protectant on my lips every night without fail, and due to its versatility, I use it on cuts, dry and sunburnt areas, and burns. So obviously, I had high decent expectations of their Miracle Hydrating Mist.


Elizabeth Arden All Over Miracle Oil

I've been a fan of Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream for years- the versatility of it is what I love most about it. I use it on abrasions, dry patches, and my nails when they're brittle. So when I noticed that Elizabeth Arden's latest skincare innovation, the All Over Miracle Oil, claims to be suitable for use on the face, body and hair- I was intrigued to try it, albeit a little sceptical at first as I'm not the biggest fan of oils. 

8 benefits of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream has been a saviour beauty product for so many women, and I'm no exception as I have been a huge fan of the stuff for years. 

I remember hovering around the Elizabeth Arden counter in Debenhams a couple of years ago, and I was being encouraged by the sales woman to purchase some Eight Hour Cream. After listening to countless benefits that the cream claims to offer, I gave in and eventually bought one, naive to the fact that it would be one of my favourite all-time beauty products and that I would be getting my hands on many more over the years to come.

The number of benefits from Eight Hour Cream is never-ending, and it is a very versatile product. Here, I've compiled a list of '8' amazing benefits that I've experienced with Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. There are plenty more, but here's my cut of 8.

1. Moisturises intensely dry skin
I've never really had a problem with dry skin apart from on my arms and my elbows as a teenager. I could always easily moisturise my arms, but never my elbows for some reason as nothing ever worked to reduce the dryness of them in the long term. Then came Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, which helped to completely change the condition of my elbows!