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Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover!

I converted from make-up wipes to oil based make-up removers/cleansers about two years ago- and since then my skin has thanked me! It's a well known fact that some make-up wipes can be harsh and can strip the vital minerals off the skin. 

I have quite oily skin so out of all of the oil based make-up removers I had tried, the majority of them made my skin even oilier as they were thick in consistency. No7's Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover for example, did an excellent job in removing my make-up at the end of the day, but it left my skin feeling really greasy.

Introduction to Elemis FreshSkin range!

When I was at the Superdrug Summer Press Preview back in February (images below!), I was quite intrigued with Elemis' new skincare range as it was a range specifically targeted for young, and teenage skin. Although it's aimed for young skin (under 20), anyone can use it if they want to or if they have quite delicate skin.

I feel that the teenage skincare market is not as lucrative as it should be; I never had to deal with pimples or troublesome facial skin when I was going through puberty, but I had loads of friends who did and whenever we went to the chemist or Boots to purchase something to prevent and calm down teenage breakouts or intensely dry skin, we were told that the best brand to use was Clearasil- one of the most popular products teenagers resort to when attempting to tackle a skin dilemma. Clearasil face scrubs and toners were quite rough on my face as a teenager, but I got used to them as I grew older. 

But the high-street market for teenage skin- I feel- is slightly neglected in terms of specific skincare products, products that Elemis FreshSkin were clever enough to include in their new teenage skincare range, such as face-masks  and washes that are gentle on the skin. The last thing a teen needs is a face-mask that's so rough on their skin that it causes even more pimples and breakouts because teenage skin is a lot more delicate. I remember purchasing a face-mask sachet from the reduced stand in Superdrug when I was 14 and I couldn't stop itching my face for about a week after I had used it. This is why a teenage skincare range is a really good idea so that they use the right products for their skin.

Although the brand 'Good Things' exists for younger skin, it is nice for teenagers to use a range that also has a range for adult skin; what I'm basically trying to say is that teenagers who use and develop a liking for the Elemis FreshSkin range, can then switch to the products from the Elemis range when they're a little older. Plus, I feel that Good Things face-mask tends to leave a tight feeling to your face, and it's doesn't easily spread across the skin so you end up having to use loads of the actual product just for one face-mask.

Have you tried some bits from the Elemis FreshSkin range? What do you think?

I will be reviewing Elemis' FreshSkin Moisturising Serum later on in the week so keep your eyes peeled for that! XX