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Elegant Touch Sherbet Mix It Up Nails!

Sweet pastels are perfect for the summer season- especially when the sun actually manages to shine in the UK! So I jumped at the chance to try their Mix It Up Sherbet Nails!

Basically, you get a mixture of different nail colours (in this pack- pink, yellow, and green), and you can mix and match to create different coloured manicures. Sometimes your thumbnail can be pastel pink, or sometimes pastel green, so I think it's right for this product to be priced around the £8 mark.

The design and packaging of the product reminds me exactly of when I used to go to Woolworth's and go to the Pick 'n' Mix stand.

The colours of the nails are sweet pastel shades that you're likely to find in a pack of Smarties- although I believe that the colour range is definitely missing a shade of sherbet blue, which would make the range look a lot more colourful!

I don't like using nail glue for false nails as I damaged my natural nails with nail glue last year, so now I just use Nailene's Nail Tabs because not only does it allow false nails to be easily applied and removed, but it doesn't damage the natural nail.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Elegant Touch?