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Spring Make-Up Trends for 2012: Nails

Pastels and brights are huge this season and you can't express this exciting trend better than with the colour of your nails! Let's take a look at the nail colours from the Spring 2012 Collections of premium brands. 

In YSL's Spring 2012 Collection, there is a mint green shade, a neon orange shade, a candy-floss pink shade, and a deep brown shade. 

Chanel have opted for light yet vibrant apricot shade, and a ballerina pink shade in terms of pastel colours, but also in the collection is a red/brown shade for those who'd rather opt for deep, strong lacquer shades.

Dior have launched two neon nail lacquer shades in their Spring Collection; one shade is a royal purple, and the other is a bright green- both shades are quite florescent so you'd really be making a statement with these.

Givenchy has a classic red nail lacquer shade, keeping the red nails tradition alive.

Thankfully, you don't have to splurge and break the bank for these lovely colours- here are some affordable alternatives from the Andrea Fulerton range that are just as awesome.

Andrea Fulerton is a celebrity nail technician with her very own nail range available in Superdrug. The nail colours are amazing for quick-drying, non chipping nail colour with an good brush that easily paints your nails with a colour that lasts long.

These colours are from the main Andrea Fulerton range- which just about says that she pretty much has every occasion colour covered.

Above (From Left to Right): Andrea Fulerton Nail Colour in Beatrice, Carrie, Debbie, Eva, Jessica, and Naomi. RRP: £4.99 each from Superdrug.


Autumn/Winter 2011 Make Up Trends!

The season of autumn has fallen upon us, which marks a drastic change in make-up trends since summer has come to an end.

Smokey Eyes:
Sporting a Smokey eyes look in the Autumn Season will add a touch of glamour, femininity, and sexiness to your personality.

The Smokey eye look is all about playing around with it to achieve the look of your preference; a Smokey eye look can be created using any colour, and you can choose whether you want your look to be bold or subtle. The best bit is that you can even add a little shimmer!

Smokey eye make-up can, not only give you a wide-eyed look, but can also make a dramatic and powerful statement about yourself.

How to create a Smokey Eye look:
      1.    Apply some concealer under your eyes and over your eyelids to create a base for when you apply eye shadow.
      2.    Line your eyes with an eyeliner (Use a pencil eyeliner to create an even more Smokey effect)
      3. Apply a dark coloured eye shadow onto the base of your eyelid- however, don’t apply over the whole eye area.
4.    4. Next, use a lighter coloured eye shadow and apply it above where you have applied the dark eye shadow.
5.    5. Blend the two colours together using an eye-shadow blending brush.
6.    6. Add a coat or two of volumising mascara.
7.    7. Use a brush to clear up any messy eye shadow underneath or around your eyes.

Check out the autumn eye make-up collections for 2011:
Dior’s 2011 Autumn Collection for eyes
Chanel’s 2011 Autumn Collection for eyes:

Nude Lips:
If you choose to go for a Smokey eyed look, the best option for your lips is to go nude! This is to make your eyes more of a focal point of people’s attention. A nude/pink lip adds a touch of glamour to your look, and like they always say: Less is more!

Choose nude shades lip colours to go with Smokey eye make up will balance out the colour on your face.

Follow these steps for perfect nude lips:
       1.    Moisturise your lips using a lip balm- this is essential as dry or chapped lips will be seen at its worst when lipstick is applied.
       2.    Lightly line your lips with a lip-pencil in a similar colour to your foundation.
     3.    Apply a lipstick that is similar to your skin tone.
      4.    If you want a gloss finish, apply a clear lip-gloss.

Tip: Use a lip primer before you apply the lip-pencil and lipstick if you want your lipstick to last on your lips longer.

Tip: If you wish to make your lips slightly lighter, apply some concealer over your lips and then use a creamy lip colour!

Here are the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks from their 2011 autumn collection:

Autumn/Winter nails:
Traditional colours are back this autumn, and it would be a shame if you missed out on the trend! Deep, and bold nail colours add a touch of elegancy to your look.

Check out Nails Inc’s 2011 Autumn/Winter nail polish collection: