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DKNY Be Delicious City Collection

I always anticipate the annual launch of DKNY's trio fragrance collections, and so I was excited about what would be the theme of this year's. Titled the 'City Collection', the idea is to portray the different type of New York 'city girl' personalities. DKNY are always so proud of New York City, and these fragrances are named after areas in the city itself- Brooklyn Girl, Chelsea Girl, Nolita Girl. 


DKNY Be Tempted

Whenever DKNY announce the launch of a new apple-shaped bottle fragrance, I experience a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and they never disappoint. My favourite seasons of the year are Autumn and Winter, and DKNY's Autumn fragrances always help to create memories that form alongside the experiences of cold winter evenings. For instance, wearing fashionable coats and scarves, sipping Autumn inspired coffees, and the excitement in the run-up towards the festive season.

DKNY have launched a new Autumn fragrance for 2016- Be Tempted- and oh, how beautiful it is! Although the bottle is a lookalike of the shiny red apple in Snow White, Be Tempted is anything but poisonous. It's a warm, luxurious, fruity fragrance that's sure to turn a few heads around!


DKNY Delicious Delights: Dreamsicle

I'm a huge fan of DKNY fragrances, and I always get excited when they launch their annual limited edition 'Delicious' fragrance collections. For 2015, DKNY are launching a 'Delicious Delights' collection in March, consisting of three fragrances 'Fruity Rooty', 'Dreamsicle', and Cool Swirl. I recently got my hands on a press sample of Dreamsicle, and I LOVE it!



DKNY MYNY fragrance review

DKNY launched their sensational new scent MYNY earlier this season which saw Rita Ora as the celebrity face for it, and I could not wait to get my hands on it!
DKNY MYNY fragrance bottle

The fragrance has been incredibly popular so far and before trying out the fragrance myself, I thought the huge success in sales was purely down to Rita being the face of it. But I love the fragrance so much that I now believe the success lies equally between these two factors. 

I absolutely love the advertising campaign for MYNY- Rita looks so gorgeous and it just makes me want to book a flight to New York this Christmas! New York has forever been one of my dream city destinations so this fragrance now holds a special place in my heart as it captures the trendiness and high adrenaline of New York, and I will be taking it with me on my first ever trip to New York!

Rita Ora for DKNY MYNY


DKNY Golden Delicious!

My recent fragrance reviews have been incredibly popular so it was imperative for me to do another one! A Bags of Beauty... reader e-mailed me over the weekend asking if I'd recommend the DKNY Golden Delicious fragrance, so I thought I'd review it on here!

Golden Delicious is a gorgeous floral scent that's encapsulated in the DKNY's signature apple shaped bottle but gold in colour.