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DKNY Be Delicious City Collection

I always anticipate the annual launch of DKNY's trio fragrance collections, and so I was excited about what would be the theme of this year's. Titled the 'City Collection', the idea is to portray the different type of New York 'city girl' personalities. DKNY are always so proud of New York City, and these fragrances are named after areas in the city itself- Brooklyn Girl, Chelsea Girl, Nolita Girl. 


DKNY Be Tempted

Whenever DKNY announce the launch of a new apple-shaped bottle fragrance, I experience a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and they never disappoint. My favourite seasons of the year are Autumn and Winter, and DKNY's Autumn fragrances always help to create memories that form alongside the experiences of cold winter evenings. For instance, wearing fashionable coats and scarves, sipping Autumn inspired coffees, and the excitement in the run-up towards the festive season.

DKNY have launched a new Autumn fragrance for 2016- Be Tempted- and oh, how beautiful it is! Although the bottle is a lookalike of the shiny red apple in Snow White, Be Tempted is anything but poisonous. It's a warm, luxurious, fruity fragrance that's sure to turn a few heads around!


DKNY Be Electric collection

I look forward to DKNY's Limited Edition collections every Spring. The Dreamsicle fragrance from the Sorbet collection last year is my absolute favourite DKNY fragrance to date, and I'm currently trying to save as much of it as I can! This year, DKNY have launched a really fun collection- Be Electric, and aren't the bottles just amazing?! They're incredibly photogenic and I love the bright summery colours. 

As always with DKNY collections, there are three new fragrances in the famous apple shaped bottles; Citrus Pulse (Orange), Bright Crush (Yellow) and Loving Glow (Pink). Obviously not everyone will purchase all three, (they are priced at £37 each) but I think there is something for everyone in the range as the scents are quite different from each other. At the moment, my favourite is Loving Glow but I'm also leaning towards Citrus Pulse too. They're all unique in their own way. Here are my thoughts on all three:


DKNY Be Desired

There's always a special place in my heart for a DKNY fragrance- I still own some of the limited edition ones from years ago. Who remembers the Candy Apples and Hearts The World fragrances? I also fell in love with the gorgeous DKNY Dreamsicle fragrance that launched earlier this year- I'm currently being stingy with it so it doesn't run out. Such a shame it was limited edition! 
Anyway, DKNY have just launched a new fragrance in the form of the brand's famous apple bottle, called Be Desired. DKNY usually launch their apple fragrances in trios so I was intrigued to find out the story behind the new scent, and obviously what it smells like. 


Debenhams Beauty Press Show SS15

A few weeks ago, I attended the Debenhams SS15 Beauty Press Show at the Debenhams Press Office in Oxford Street. The theme was 'Jet Set Beauty' and showcased the best of Summer beauty. There's lots of exciting products and upcoming launches from so many different brands including Dior, Burberry, OPI, DKNY, Too Faced, Make Up Forever, and Jean Paul Gaultier. Here are some photographs I snapped during the launch. 
Colour cosmetics for Summer from Dior, Sisley, Givenchy and Burberry


DKNY Delicious Delights: Dreamsicle

I'm a huge fan of DKNY fragrances, and I always get excited when they launch their annual limited edition 'Delicious' fragrance collections. For 2015, DKNY are launching a 'Delicious Delights' collection in March, consisting of three fragrances 'Fruity Rooty', 'Dreamsicle', and Cool Swirl. I recently got my hands on a press sample of Dreamsicle, and I LOVE it!


DKNY Fall Sparkling Apple fragrance review

DKNY launched a limited edition fragrance for the Fall season, named 'Sparkling Fall', and was fragrance was launched alongside DKNY's Sparkling Apple collection.

The fragrance starts off as a burst of fruitiness which is made up of top notes including Grapefruit, Blackcurrant and Plum, developing into a floral scent of Rose, Olibanum and Pink Pepper, which then dries down into warm notes of Tonka Bean, Benzoin and Patchouli.


DKNY MYNY fragrance review

DKNY launched their sensational new scent MYNY earlier this season which saw Rita Ora as the celebrity face for it, and I could not wait to get my hands on it!
DKNY MYNY fragrance bottle

The fragrance has been incredibly popular so far and before trying out the fragrance myself, I thought the huge success in sales was purely down to Rita being the face of it. But I love the fragrance so much that I now believe the success lies equally between these two factors. 

I absolutely love the advertising campaign for MYNY- Rita looks so gorgeous and it just makes me want to book a flight to New York this Christmas! New York has forever been one of my dream city destinations so this fragrance now holds a special place in my heart as it captures the trendiness and high adrenaline of New York, and I will be taking it with me on my first ever trip to New York!

Rita Ora for DKNY MYNY


DKNY Golden Delicious!

My recent fragrance reviews have been incredibly popular so it was imperative for me to do another one! A Bags of Beauty... reader e-mailed me over the weekend asking if I'd recommend the DKNY Golden Delicious fragrance, so I thought I'd review it on here!

Golden Delicious is a gorgeous floral scent that's encapsulated in the DKNY's signature apple shaped bottle but gold in colour. 

DKNY Women fragrance: A U-turn in thoughts

I purchased this fragrance in the Boxing Day sales last year when everyone rushes down to the stores  to bag a few bargains.  Because this was a sale item at the time, I wasn't allowed to smell the fragrance to get an idea of the scent which was a shame, but  I still brought it anyway as it was a good deal  for  a 50ml fragrance and body lotion for £18.
I was itching to get home and try out the fragrance (and most of the other fragrances I got a good deal for!), but I have to say that I hated it! I have never actually been so disappointed with a fragrance- you know when you try out a fragrance and it's not really to your taste, but you manage to encourage yourself of the possibility that you may end up wearing it because it may go well with a certain event or outfit in the near future? I didn't feel the same with this fragrance. It smelt a bit like coriander and tomatoes.

I'm not exactly sure what has happened to me since then, but I had a little whiff of the fragrance when I was doing a bit of spring cleaning yesterday and I, for the first time actually took a liking to it. Maybe my taste has matured, or the scent has matured- who knows? But I like the scent, and my hair smells of it at this moment.

The refreshing floral scent was created with inspiration from the spirit and energy of New York.  The fragrance is a floral scent, and is perfect for those mornings when you need a quick boost from a refreshing scent. The scent also smells great on your hair which I think is great- I love fruity fragrances, and so spraying fruity scents on your hair makes it smell slightly artificial, but because the DKNY fragrance smells fresh and floral, it gives off the impression that your hair naturally smells florally because the scent is a very 'clean' spring/summer scent.

Have you tried out this fragrance? What do you think? What were your initial thoughts?


Coming Soon: DKNY Sweet Delicious Fragrance Range!

Alas, we still can't believe that we've already said goodbye to DKNY's Delicious Candy Apples range. We loved the incredibly fruity range and are cherishing the remains of our bottles (or shall we say "apples"?!)

But DKNY are launching a whole new fragrance range! Waheyyy! It's still in its popular apple bottle design so not to worry! 

The fragrance range is called the 'Sweet Delicious' range. This range is so exciting because they're apparently cup-cake inspired. 

The yellow fragrance as shown on the left, is called 'Creamy Meringue' and is a floral, musk fragrance with hints of lemon. 

The pink fragrance is called 'Pink Macaroon' (We love the name already!), and is supposed to be a floral fruity scent consisting of the scent of pomegranate, nectarine, and flower petals. This one is bound to be our fave!

Finally, the green fragrance is called 'Tart Key Lime'- a zesty floral scent with a hint of spiciness.

Just a quick disclaimer, we've never smelt these fragrances as they're not released yet, we're just providing you guys with some sneak-peak info before it hits stores in March!

The fragrance will be exclusive to Debenhams from 4th March, and will then be available in most stores from April 1st. The fragrance will retail at £36 at 50ml.


NEW DKNY Delicious Candy Apples fragrance! (Juicy Berry)

Bring 'Sweet New York Fun' to your home. Take 'Sweet New York Fun' with you wherever you go. Experience the bliss of 'Sweet New York Fun' anytime and anywhere with DKNY's new Delicious Candy Apples fragrances!
With three scents of the perfume to choose from, you're really spoiled for choice! The perfume is available in these scents: Sweet Strawberry, Fresh Orange, and last but not least... JUICY BERRY!

Captured to create the fruity scent of the Juicy Berry Candy Apples fragrance includes a selection of fruits- blackberries, lychees, and pears, which are then smothered with nectar, soft rose petals and apple blossom.
And that's not all... The amazing scent is trapped in one of the traditional DKNY apple-shaped perfume bottles, but with a little twist! The bottle has a cute little lollipop stick sticking out of it, making the perfume similarly resemble a candy apple.

Wear this fragrance on a day out in the city shopping with the girls and you're bound to make a unique statement about yourself from the crowd with the sexy, fruity aroma spritzed from the DKNY apple bottle.

Oh, it's such a shame it's limited edition...

The perfume retails at £29.50 for a 50ml bottle, and is exclusive to The Perfume Shop.

Quick perfume tip!
Make sure your perfumes are kept in a cool place as warm and hot temperatures can affect the colour, and the scent of the fragrance.