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China Glaze | Summer Neons!

This season's China Glaze collection is amazing! With 12 hot neon shades to choose from, your nails are bound to stand out in the crowd! 

Neon shades drive me crazy! And the best thing about your nails being painted in a neon shade, is that everyone stops and stares at them because they're so bright and hard to miss! Especially if you're nails are nicely manicured. Here are some images of when I tried the shades in 'Orange You Hot' and 'Hang-Ten-Toes'.

'Orange You Hot?' 
A beautiful shimmering Summer neon orange shade. Below pictures only one coat!
'Hang-Ten Toes'
A flirtatious blue-based shimmering fuchsia pink. Again, only one coat (although quite thick)!

I have previously purchased a variety of neon nail lacquer shades from different brands, but most of them didn't have a glossy light shimmer finish to them, these two shades are Creme lacquers, and they offer a lovely velvety textured finish to them so I felt a top coat was unnecessary and may end up looking streaky. The Creme lacquers also dry very quickly too, so that's a very positive aspect.

The brushes of these nail lacquers were decent in shape and size- the brushes weren't too thick but they absorbed a lot of the actual polish, so it was easy to paint each nail in one go without having to dip the brush in the polish again, which will make the coat of polish look streaky. The lacquers have a very very fast drying time so I was really pleased about that, and I was actually able to get on with my work/tasks without having to spend ages letting my nails dry.

Also, China Glaze nail lacquers claims last a lot longer than other branded nail lacquers, and I agree that this cannot be more true! Despite washing the dishes everyday, my nails remained un-chipped for 4 days!

They're really pretty colours aren't they?