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Cher Lloyd fragrance review!

Cher Lloyd's fragrance
Launching your own fragrance is probably the hottest thing to do at the moment- so many celebs are launching their own scent, and I definitely wouldn't mind giving it a go myself!

The news and launch of Cher Lloyd's debut fragrance was all over the internet and tabloids last month, which is no surprise; the sales of her fragrance exceeded by 500% the initial expectations, and she looked absolutely amazing at her fragrance launch!


Cher Lloyd fragrance launch!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Cher Lloyd's debut fragrance launch at Circus London in Covent Garden this morning! We were welcomed by the lovely Becky over at Mediahubb and we sat down as we waited for Cher to arrive, and when she did- she was photographed by a bunch of photographers and then she talked us through her fragrance, which is self-titled.
Cher Lloyd posing for the paparazzi at her fragrance launch event
Cher's fragrance is lovely so it's not surprising that the sales for it exceeded initial expectations by five times! It's a floral fruity scent that settles into a gorgeous 'vanillary' scent- one of Cher's favourite scents! I too, am a lover of vanilla scents, so I like this fragrance. Additionally, Cher's fragrance lasts quite a long time on the skin too! I'm going to write up a detailed review of the fragrance very soon.
Cher Lloyd fragrance launch
Cher Lloyd fragrance event


Cher Lloyd launches debut fragrance!

cher lloyd fragranceWe've seen Cher's career grow ever since she stepped onto that X Factor stage during the auditions two years ago and like many other celebs, she's making her mark in the beauty industry by launching her very first fragrance which has already attracted exceeding demands!

The fragrance- which is currently available to purchase- is based on a 'vanillary' scent (apparently Cher's favourite scent), and is exclusively available nationwide. The fragrance retails at £15 for 30ml, and £20 for 50ml

Celebs who have previously launched successful fragrances include Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, J Lo, JLS, Britney Spears, and Kylie Minogue.

What do you think? Will you be smelling it in-store or purchasing it?