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BOSS Runway Edition Fragrances

Before Nuit launched in 2012, Hugo Boss wouldn't have ever crossed my mind when thinking of one of my favourite fragrance brands. 

Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie changed everything for the BOSS Woman fragrance brand, making it more feminine, and sophisticated. For me, BOSS Woman Orange just wasn't cutting it. So it's great that the fragrance trio are being celebrated by their re-launch as Runway Edition fragrances this month. The new editions have three statement looks inspired by Jason Wu on the bottles and packaging.


Summer fragrances for 2014

Summer is fast approaching, which not only hands you the opportunity to revamp your wardrobe, but also gives you the excuse to purchase a cheeky fragrance to get you smelling sweet this summer.

In the summer, fragrances should be light- the last thing you need during a heatwave is an intensified headache from an overpowering fragrance when combined with hot temperatures. Whether you like it or not, certain fragrances are best left for the Autumn/Winter seasons, and these include strong fragrances with spicy and woody notes. Water-based fragrances are great for the summer but if you're not a fan, you can also go for scents with light floral notes as these are less likely to give you headaches. 

Hot temperatures in the summer can also reduce the longevity of the fragrance as body heat and sweat can cause the scent to evaporate quicker in comparison normal temperatures. The perfect trick here is fragrance layering which involves applying your chosen perfume's body lotion onto the skin before the perfume itself. 


BOSS JOUR Fragrance Review!

I love BOSS Nuit- it was one of my fave fragrances of 2012 as I wore it almost everyday in the Autumn last year! So obviously I was incredibly excited to try out its sister fragrance, BOSS Jour.

In a similar sleek bottle as Nuit but in crisp white, Jour is an elegant floral fragrance but with a fruity kick which makes it the perfect daytime fragrance symbolising femininity, sophistication, and composure. And again, Gwyneth Paltrow looks stunning in the fragrance's ad campaign!