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No7 Colour Your Way

As a child, I always used to watch my Mum apply her make up- she absolutely loved No7 and had a whole drawer full of their products! So I became very familiar with the brand whilst growing up. No7 has always been very good at helping women feel better about themselves and changing beauty norms and boundaries; and their brand new 'Colour Your Way' campaign is no exception to this. 


Poppy King Raindrops Lip Crayons for No7

I was so excited when I heard from a friend that Lipstick Guru- Poppy King was launching a new lip-wear collection for No7 at Boots; I loved her lipstick range when it hit the shelves last year!

She has recently launched a range of lip-crayons which is called the 'Raindrops' range, consisting of five different shades.

I love the trendy packaging of the crayons! The box packaging is coloured according to each shade, and is patterned with raindrops!

The lip-crayons have a built in chunky pencil sharpener above the lip-crayon, and is covered by a cap. The amount of times is countless when I've lost a pencil eyeliner or a lip-liner because I can't find a sharpener when needed. I always love a product with a built-in accessory!

I haven't tried all five of the shades, but they all seem quite wearable to me, personally. Boots were very kind  to send me two samples to try; 'Dancing' and 'Playing', which are two very lovely shades!

A pink coral shade which comes out positively sheer and glossy on the lips. It isn't a bright pink, but it's a neutral pink shade.
An orange/red coral that comes out on your lips as a subtle orange shade if you apply a thin, gentle layer, or a glossy coral red if you build up the coverage.

Here are some swatches. On the left are some light swatches, and on the right are the full coverage ones on the back of my hand. 

The top swatch on both images are of the 'Dancing' shade, and the bottom swatch is of the 'Playing' shade.

You can basically choose whether you want a 'lipstick look' or a 'lip-gloss look' depending on the coverage you desire. I'm surprised that I haven't seen much beauty blogger hype around this yet!

I love wearing these lip crayons with a delicate, subtle coverage- and the best aspect about these lip crayons is that they leave a lasting tint on your lips for ages! Plus, the crayons are very good at moisturising your lips- making this product something that I can really benefit from! And because they're moisturising, the lip-crayon glides onto your lips so easily!

Also, before you ask- no, these lip-crayons don't have a sticky or a tacky feeling when you wear it! In fact, the lip-crayon locks in the smoothness of your lips due to the moisturising effect it provides.

No7 Poppy King Lip Crayons retail at £11.50 each, which I think is a fair price considering all of the benefits I have experienced, plus the built-in chunky pencil sharpener! :)

What do you guys think? I really recommend that you give these a go!

Bags of Beauty Blog: 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks!

I don't usually go for bronzers- especially on my face as it's slightly darker than the rest of my body, but this one by 17 cosmetics is brilliant and I'd definitely recommend it!
I LOVE the packaging of this product! It looks quite professional and I'm a fan of the black lid and the gold coloured font, so thumbs up to the guys who are behind the product's design!

This bronzer isn't too full on as the others I've tried, and this is because the bronzing rocks are a mixture of bronzed rocks and pink shimmer rocks- I found the pink shimmer rocks a lovely element of the product! Some of you may find this weird, but it's also a good product to apply on your legs this spring/summer!
The glow bronzer looks lovely on your cheekbones as it bronzes and highlights the skin beautifully, and the layer you apply is quite fine so it doesn't look too full on, but the glow on your skin looks gorgeous...

The product comes with a round cosmetic sponge- I would've preffered a brush rather than a sponge as it'll be a lot easier for the product to apply, but that's probably where my powder brush comes in handy.

These Bronzing Rocks retail at a bargain price of £4.99 and can be purchased at Boots!

What do you think about this bronzer? Have you tried it yet?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Boots Curved 7 Way Block! Perfect for those at-home manicures!

I absolutely love this product- I first brought it from Boots a couple of months ago and I really liked it. I don't like the wooden 'stick' nail files and buffers because I find them slightly uncomfortable as it can be a little rough.

This product only costs £3.50, which is totally worth it considering that you don't have to buy 7 different nail file/buffer products! It's also really really handy to have all of these products in one 'product'!

Here are a couple of (quite blurry!) images:

The only negative I have to say about this is that because the block of the product is made out of polystyrene, it can break really easily if you're too rough with it. Also, don't over-do it when you buff your nails- trust me they'll become sooo weak and will constantly break!

Have you tried this? What do you think? 



Bags of Beauty Blog: No 7 Midnight Enchantment Christmas Collection!

The No7 Midnight Enchantment Christmas Collection is so awesome! The products are bang on trend for smokey eyes, Christmassy purples, and blushed cheeks for Christmas and NYE parties!

The collection is really really pretty with some fab products! But here are some of our faves:

From left to right: 

No7 Midnight Enchantment Lipstick- Winter Berry: A gorgeous, shimmery purple/plum lipstick which you're definitely going to fall in love with! The lipstick is very smooth and glides onto your lips quite easily. It's not as pigmented as you might expect however, but for me that's a good thing because a deeply pigmented lipstick colour would take all the shimmer away as a lipstick needs to be balanced :( The lipstick  looks incredibly glossy when applied too!

RRP: £10.00

 No7 Midnight Enchantment Eye Palette: This eye palette comes with 4 eyeshadows in the colours: Lilac, Indigo Violet, Silver, and a dark grey. The colours are shimmery and will create the perfect NYE party look as purple is a real party colour! 

RRP: £13.00

No7 Midnight Enchantment Eyeshadow Stick: These are available in Grey and Purple and they're super creamy and glide onto your skin very easily and are really glittery and pigmented in colour. You can also use these as eyeliners as the shadow stick allows you to have full control over your makeup application. 

RRP: £10.50

No7 Midnight Enchantment Blusher: This blusher is the best bit out of the entire collection! In the palette is a pink rose blusher, and a purple/brown blusher. It's ridiculously smooth in texture and like the other products, it's shimmery too! I like to use the white bit/blush as a highlighter because it's so shimmery.

RRP: £13.00

Have you tried these products? What do you think of them? 

No7 products can be purchased at Boots.

Free Beauty Gifts at Boots!

Yep, it's nearly Christmas and it's normal for everyone to spend a load of money on presents for family, friends, and even yourself. You're defo going to need a couple of fab freebies to wipe those over-spending frowns off your face!

Boots have a range of fantastic free-gift offers on some of your favourite beauty brands... Spend £15 or more on one of these brands, and you'll receive a free gift! And let's be honest, £15 isn't really that much compared to the RRP of the free gifts!

These will probably run out of stock very very quickly so hurry!


The Great Skincare Swap at Boots' Benefit counters!

Love Benefit? Love skincare? Pop down to a Benefit counter at your nearest Boots store, and swap your used skincare/facial product for an amazing Benefit skincare sample!

You have a choice of swapping for a deluxe sample of Benefit's Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, or Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream! 

The samples are amazing for your handbags too! You can pamper your skin on-the-go!

The product you wish to swap doesn't even have to be a Benefit product! You can also have a free 15 minute consultation with the Benefit Gals (And trust me, they do an incredible job in choosing the best products for your skin- no matter how problematic your skin may be!)

Hurry! You have until 18th October to make use of this amazing promotion!


Bags of Beauty Blog: Why I love the new No 7 lipstick and lip gloss range by Poppy King

The collaboration of No 7 and lipstick guru Poppy King means that we’re in for a treat as No 7 has recently launched the Poppy King lipstick and lip gloss range, which comes in 7 different shades; History, Glamour, Allure, Intrigue, Seduction, Confidence, and Power. All the more for us to choose from!

Here's Poppy talking about her new No 7 lipstick range in a little more detail:

No matter how jam-packed your handbag is, you’ll still be able to fit this amazing lipstick in as it’s tiny in its appearance, but you still have an average sized lipstick inside- reminds me a bit of the Tardis really…

On top of that, the lipsticks feel incredibly light when you're holding them in your hands. The design is also very sleek. I have to disagree with those who say that the lipstick and lip gloss range could have been more creative when designing the packaging because I think the lip sticks look really cute, and a simple design really works for it.

I was sent a lipstick and a lipgloss in 'Intrigue' which Poppy King describes as subtle and a "nude with a little bit of pink". I really liked this shade as it's quite a neutral shade but with a coloured element to it. My other favourite shades include Glamour (a flirty pink) and Confidence (a warm golden glow).

3 reasons why I love the lipstick:       
-   The lipstick moisturises your lips and keeps them smooth.
-   You're in control of the boldness of the colour: the more bolder you want the colour- the more levels of lipstick you apply.
-   When applying the lipstick, it has a very glossy feel to it, and it looks glossy too.

3 reasons why I love the lip gloss:
-   Acts like a lipstick/lip gloss in one.    
-   Provides your lips with deep colour and high levels of shine.
-   When applied, it doesn't feel as heavy as other lip glosses.   

Here are a couple of tips to remember when applying lipstick:
-    Place a folded tissue between your lips in order to get rid of any excess colour after applying the lipstick- this will prevent the lipstick from getting onto your teeth.
-    Try not to rub your lips together as the colour of the lipstick will end up over the outline of your lips.
-    After applying lipstick, if you feel you want to add some shine, but not too much shine, add some vaseline/lip balm onto your lips.

No 7 products are available to purchase at Boots. 

Click here to read an interview with Poppy King, find out her lipstick tips, and to watch videos of her talking about each shade in a little more detail.


Pucker up with these fab new lip glosses

Lock N Hold lip glosses: Shades (from left to right): Rock Steady, Twisted Disco, Urban Punk, Break Dance.                     

Us girls all know how difficult it is to find lipsticks and lip glosses that stay on your lips for longer- that's why lip tint pens recently became a trend and replaced the lipsticks in our handbags...

But what about lip glosses? You're still going to want to add some shine to those lips. Well now you can with Collection 2000's new Lock N Hold lip glosses that can last on your lips for up to six hours.

These lip glosses come in six different shades and the scent of them are absolutely amazing! They smell very fruity; honestly, the amount of times I had to go into my make up box and whip these out just to smell them, will probably shock most of you.

The six different shades of the lip glosses include a lilac/pink (Twisted Disco), a light coral (Break Dance), a creamy pink (Rock Steady), a metallic mocha colour (Urban Punk), a pinky red (Beat Box), and a bright pink (Body Pop). The lip glosses add both colour and shine to your lips.

Another benefit from this lip gloss is that it doesn't feel heavy and sticky whilst wearing it. The lip gloss feels very light and gives off a very natural feel. Whereas, if you were wearing a very sticky lip gloss, your lips would probably feel quite tacky.

Another great thing I found about these lip glosses is that they have a sponge applicator that is very soft and makes lip gloss application much smoother. The sponge applicator also has a unique and efficient shape that's quite narrow, which provides you with much more precision and accuracy when applying the lip gloss.

The lip gloss lasted about 4 hours on my lips but that was until I ate. But honestly, these lip glosses cost £2.99 each. You're not gonna be digging your hands into your pockets for more money with such a great price for an excellent product. This lip gloss lasted much longer than my usual lip gloss.

I strongly recommend this product if you like colour and shine on your lips for longer without that sticky, heavy feel. The fruity scents and the price are just a bonus...

Collection 2000 products are available to purchase at Boots and Superdrug. 

For more info on the product, or to see the colour swatches of the lip glosses, log onto: