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Barry M Pastel Nail Shades!

Pastel shades are all the rage in Summer seasons, especially when the sun's out. I gathered some pastel nail polishes for a bright, sweetie multi-coloured manicure.

The majority of the nail colours used below are mainly Barry M Nail Polishes, but I couldn't find a yellow pastel shade, so I opted for a Revlon Nail Enamel. I do like Barry M Nail Polishes, but I feel that they sometimes have their 'mood swings'- i.e. sometimes they streak, sometimes they don't streak. However, the nail polishes are excellent when they don't streak.

The shades I used below from left to right, are: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Barry M Berry, Peach Melba, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Blue Moon. Barry M Nail Polishes are only £2.99 so it was such a bargain! That means you can buy 5 different shades of Barry M (one for each nail!) for just under £15!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Barry M Nail Polishes? £2.99 is a pretty good price!



Introduction to Elemis FreshSkin range!

When I was at the Superdrug Summer Press Preview back in February (images below!), I was quite intrigued with Elemis' new skincare range as it was a range specifically targeted for young, and teenage skin. Although it's aimed for young skin (under 20), anyone can use it if they want to or if they have quite delicate skin.

I feel that the teenage skincare market is not as lucrative as it should be; I never had to deal with pimples or troublesome facial skin when I was going through puberty, but I had loads of friends who did and whenever we went to the chemist or Boots to purchase something to prevent and calm down teenage breakouts or intensely dry skin, we were told that the best brand to use was Clearasil- one of the most popular products teenagers resort to when attempting to tackle a skin dilemma. Clearasil face scrubs and toners were quite rough on my face as a teenager, but I got used to them as I grew older. 

But the high-street market for teenage skin- I feel- is slightly neglected in terms of specific skincare products, products that Elemis FreshSkin were clever enough to include in their new teenage skincare range, such as face-masks  and washes that are gentle on the skin. The last thing a teen needs is a face-mask that's so rough on their skin that it causes even more pimples and breakouts because teenage skin is a lot more delicate. I remember purchasing a face-mask sachet from the reduced stand in Superdrug when I was 14 and I couldn't stop itching my face for about a week after I had used it. This is why a teenage skincare range is a really good idea so that they use the right products for their skin.

Although the brand 'Good Things' exists for younger skin, it is nice for teenagers to use a range that also has a range for adult skin; what I'm basically trying to say is that teenagers who use and develop a liking for the Elemis FreshSkin range, can then switch to the products from the Elemis range when they're a little older. Plus, I feel that Good Things face-mask tends to leave a tight feeling to your face, and it's doesn't easily spread across the skin so you end up having to use loads of the actual product just for one face-mask.

Have you tried some bits from the Elemis FreshSkin range? What do you think?

I will be reviewing Elemis' FreshSkin Moisturising Serum later on in the week so keep your eyes peeled for that! XX


BM Beauty Mineral Foundations! A mini swatch gallery

BM Beauty has an extensive range of Mineral Foundations- they currently have a total of 8 gorgeous shades to suit a range of different skin tones. They even have shimmering  tones to them- which I never thought I'd like in a foundation, but trying the BM Beauty foundations has made me realise that I love it, as it makes the skin look a lot more radiant. Plus, a little shimmer always helps to brighten up those cheeks!

BM Beauty foundations are also very forgiving in regard to using slightly different shades to your skin-tone, as it blends in very easily because the texture of the powder is super smooth! 

Below, I've only featured 5 of the 8 shades available though as these shades were mini samples that I purchased from the BM Beauty website which I then zoomed into with my camera and photographed to bring you a clearer picture of what each shade actually looks like. The BM Beauty website does offer a clear image of what each shade looks like, but   it don't actually show the shimmering tones the foundation has to offer.

0.75g sample jars of BM Beauty's Mineral Foundation retail at £1.25 each- a perfect price for those wanting to experiment and try out different foundation shades to find out which one is right for you. This is a really good way of trying out all of the available shades without purchasing the full-sized versions, and creating a hole in your pocket! 

I found it a bit difficult to purchase sample jars from the BM Beauty at first as they're tricky to actually locate. What you have to do is click on the 'More Info' button of the shade you want a sample of, and you'll be directed to another page where you can click the 'Add Sample' button to purchase a 0.75g sample! 

Honey Mist
This is my favourite shade from trying out the samples! It brightens my skin-tone which was surprising as I thought it would be a little dark for me, but it worked into my skin really well.

I love this shade too- especially when I just want a simple coverage with only slight shimmering tones. Naked is only slightly lighter than Honey Mist, and is great to achieve a natural, flawless look.

Stripped is the lightest shade in the BM Beauty Mineral Foundation range, which is probably a shame for girls with a paler skin-tone. But then again, I've realised that BM Beauty powder foundations are a lot more forgiving when using a slightly different shade to your skin as the powder is easy to blend across and into your skin.

 Sunny Haze
Sorry about the fuzzy bottom of this image! Sunny Haze is a step darker than Honey Mist; it's more of a bronzed sunset shade which is beautiful. I used this shade once when I woke up one day and hated how pale my skin looked when I looked in the mirror! 

Walnut Whisper
Another gorgeous shade! And the name is so lovely too- I love saying it out loud! By looking at this image, this shade is definitely looks too dark for me, but it's a completely different story  when you apply it onto your skin. This shade is perfect for a bronzed goddess look as the shimmering tones really stand out in the bronzed powder shade. I also use it as a naughty little eyeshadow too! And you can also use this to highlight and bronze your cheekbones with a soft walnut shade.

The price for the full-sized foundations are £14 for 10g of foundation in a sifter jar. 

I hope you liked this little swatch gallery! If you want to know anything else about anything BM Beauty, pop a comment below or e-mail me! XX


Pastel Nails: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

Okay this collection may have been launched over a year ago, but some of the colours are so wearable for this summer!

The collection was launched for Spring/Summer 2011 and was inspired by the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Pastel Colours are also great for a multi-cultured manicure; pastel shades usually resemble sweets and so the more colourful your nails look, the better- I like to call this type of manicure the 'Pix N Mix' manicure. 
The shades from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection aren't bright pastels- I wasn't expecting them to be bright as, if anything, a colour collection inspired by a pirates movie would probably mainly consist of more dull colours.

Instead, OPI made the pastel colours in this collection slightly grey-based, which I took a surprising liking to. I love bright colours but these shades stood out to me because they looked somewhat a lot more natural  than the brighter pastel shades.

Most OPI Nail Lacquers I have tried don't actually need a second coat as their coverage and pigments are great. However because these are pastel colours, only applying one coat will have a sheer effect on the nail (which some of you may prefer). But if you want a better coverage, then two coats is best. OPI brushes are decent in size and length so this won't take long at all as you can apply a coat in one stroke in a few seconds. OPI lacquers dry very quickly too.
Nail Lacquers from left to right: 'Sparrow Me The Drama', 'Mermaid's Tears', and 'Planks A Lot'.
What do you think? Are you all thumbs-up for pastels?!


MUA Lip Boom in O.M.G!

Before I say anything, for £3- this product is an absolute bargain! I've never actually been a fan of shopping for MUA products in-store, which is why I was so pleased that the range launched their very own online store about a year ago. I don't feel that Superdrug (the ones in my area at least!) look after MUA as much as the other brands in its stores, especially the smaller stores, which is a huge shame because the range has some pretty decent products.

Now, onto the Lip Boom! Alexandra Burke has collaborated with MUA to launch her very own line of lip products! I was kindly sent a couple of Lip Boom shades from MUA's PR company for review this morning, and soon as I opened the package, I LOVED the packaging of the products. I don't think I've ever posted about a product that I was sent, this quick! I really like the fact that MUA have different images of Alexandra Burke wearing each of the eight shades for each of the shade's packaging. This actually attracts me a lot more to the product because it shows you that MUA have taken the time to produce individual packaging imagery for the various shades. Plus, it gives you an idea of how the shade actually looks when worn, without having to search the internet; it's not everyday when you have a product with an image of a suggestion of how the product could be worn- especially on a lipstick, so I admire MUA for that.

The product:
MUA's Lip Boom is a handy little product with a built-in lipstick, highlighter (lip-gloss), and a tinted lip balm, allowing you to create different looks; MUA recommends a volume, a glossy, a sheer, or a matte look with Lip Boom and it provides some tips and instructions on the back of the packaging.

After this slight embarrassment (Haha), I had a look at the lipstick and the highlighter, which were both so lovely in its colour! O.M.G is a lovely coral shade swaying towards more of a coral's orange side- because coral can vary in pinks, reds and oranges. But when applied, the shade is more of a pink/orange coral which will really go down well with gorgeous peachy blushed cheeks this summer!

The lipstick offers a matte finish- I have to admit it felt a bit chalky on my lips but I sorted that out by applying some of the highlighter. Here's a swatch of the lipstick:

The highlighter has dashes of golden shimmer adding a holographic touch, which reminds me of a gorgeous sunset on the beach. The lip-gloss smells of vanilla which I love! I love a lip product that smells lovely and addictive because it makes it such a pleasure to wear!

The only problem I have with the product is that the lip balm is is the most tiniest tub! There is no way I can get the surface of my finger onto the actual balm without totally messing up its presentation (which I hate doing as I'm such a perfectionist!) So eventually I keep digging my finger into the balm which isn't good if you have long nails! It probably would have been slightly more useful with a tiny little applicator but because the product is only £3, I'm willing to forgive :)

My favourite aspect of the product has got to be the highlighter- it's so shimmery that it can make anyone look so glamorous, and I love the fact that the highlighter is really smooth in consistency. The shine from the highlighter doesn't last very long, but the bits of shimmer stay on your lips so it's not all bad!

Considering that you get a lipstick, a lip-gloss, and a balm for £3, it is such a good buy! Especcially as I usually find £3 lipsticks and lip-glosses to be a good deal!

MUA Lip Boom is available in eight different shades, and are due to be launched in Superdrug stores, and online at on May 9th!


Pastel and Ice Pastel Nails with Revlon!

I've promised pastels so voila! I recently tried Revlon's Top Speed Nail Enamel in Cloud- a white based lilac shade which adds radiance to the complexion of your skin when worn on your nails. It is a neutral colour, but it's quite bright, and it shines in the reflection of the light. The shade is ideal for the summer, but because it's a neutral yet radiant colour, it can even be sported on a rainy day- so this is defo for keeps if you live in the UK!

The images below show the lilac colour to be more of a grey, but this was just lighting issues- the shade is a lot more brighter in reality. Some of the Top Speed range was released last year in the UK, but I think the extensive range available in the US has recently been made available in the UK. The Top Speed range does fulfil its promise of drying quickly. Plus, I love the design of the typical Revlon bottle with its sleek long bottle-top which can glam up anyone's dressing table! That sounds weird, but I pay a lot of attention of detail!
Revlon Top Speed in Cloud

Revlon Top Speed in Cloud
If you want to jazz up your nails, you can use a glitter overcoat to create the 'Ice Pastel' look. I currently love Revlon's new Nail Enamel in Stunning to do this. Revlon recently launched a whopping new 20 shades to celebrate the brand's 80th birthday, and they launched a few holographic sequined glitter shades. If you're going for a glamorous look, glitter nails are a must!

Here are some images of my 'Ice Pastel' nails:
Glitter overcoat with Revlon Nail Enamel in Stunning
Glitter overcoat with Revlon Nail Enamel in Stunning

This look totally reminded me of the colour and glamour of Cinderella's dress when she went to the ball! 

What do you think of these Pastel/Ice Pastel nails? Are you a fan of Revlon Nail Enamels?


Snow White and the Huntsman Make-up Palette by diego dalla palma

There's so much excitement for Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart- which releases into cinemas on June 1st 2012.

diego dalla palma is launching a make-up palette as part of an official partnership with the film. The palette consists of six eyeshadows (three matte, and three shimmery), a red 'wicked queen' lipstick, and a black eye pencil. The packaging of this palette is great and so fairy-tale like!

The make-up palette launches in June and will retail at £25. The make-up palette will be available for purchase in Tesco stores.

My only issue is, that I'd be pretty surprised to see a £25 make up palette whilst shopping in Tesco. Or is that just me? I guess I'd purchase it because I'm so excited about the film and I like some of the products from the diego dalla palma brand, but for others who've never heard of the brand or has experience of its products- I doubt they'd buy it for £25 in Tesco! I think the price would shock them- it'd shock me!

Disclaimer: I don't mean to say that those who shop in Tesco can't afford a £25 make up palette (as I can imagine some of you will misinterpret from my words!). Hey, I shop in Tesco occasionally too so it'll be a bit hypocritical if I was!

What do you think? Are you excited? I am! :)


Orly Nail Polish in Orange Sorbet

I was in Boots the other day looking for a unique summer shade nail polish as it's 'technically' approaching (by that, I'm making a negative reference to British weather!). I came across Orly and saw loads of lovely summer colours, but one colour really caught my eye as the colour matched a pair of orange coral wedges I recently bought. I always like to match the colour of my nails to the colour of my shoes!

Orly in Orange Sorbet is a lovely neon orange colour with yellow gold shimmering tones. It's such a gorgeous shade and reminds me of candy rock stick from Southend when I was a young girl.

The golden shimmering tones in the nail polish make the orange shade a lot more mature, and it makes your nails shine beautifully in the reflection of light. Also, the more light that's shining on your nails, the more neon and bright the orange colour looks.

I painted a thin coat on my nails, which I actually liked as the polish gave off a sheer look, and then I painted a second coat which instantly made the colour burst into a bright, pigmented orange colour!

I bought this shade in the mini nail polish, retailing at £5.00 from Boots. I prefer the larger bottles of Orly- partly because I'm a fan of their sparkly silver lids! But they didn't have any in Orange Sorbet :(
What do you think of this colour? Are you a fan of Orly?

Poppy King Raindrops Lip Crayons for No7

I was so excited when I heard from a friend that Lipstick Guru- Poppy King was launching a new lip-wear collection for No7 at Boots; I loved her lipstick range when it hit the shelves last year!

She has recently launched a range of lip-crayons which is called the 'Raindrops' range, consisting of five different shades.

I love the trendy packaging of the crayons! The box packaging is coloured according to each shade, and is patterned with raindrops!

The lip-crayons have a built in chunky pencil sharpener above the lip-crayon, and is covered by a cap. The amount of times is countless when I've lost a pencil eyeliner or a lip-liner because I can't find a sharpener when needed. I always love a product with a built-in accessory!

I haven't tried all five of the shades, but they all seem quite wearable to me, personally. Boots were very kind  to send me two samples to try; 'Dancing' and 'Playing', which are two very lovely shades!

A pink coral shade which comes out positively sheer and glossy on the lips. It isn't a bright pink, but it's a neutral pink shade.
An orange/red coral that comes out on your lips as a subtle orange shade if you apply a thin, gentle layer, or a glossy coral red if you build up the coverage.

Here are some swatches. On the left are some light swatches, and on the right are the full coverage ones on the back of my hand. 

The top swatch on both images are of the 'Dancing' shade, and the bottom swatch is of the 'Playing' shade.

You can basically choose whether you want a 'lipstick look' or a 'lip-gloss look' depending on the coverage you desire. I'm surprised that I haven't seen much beauty blogger hype around this yet!

I love wearing these lip crayons with a delicate, subtle coverage- and the best aspect about these lip crayons is that they leave a lasting tint on your lips for ages! Plus, the crayons are very good at moisturising your lips- making this product something that I can really benefit from! And because they're moisturising, the lip-crayon glides onto your lips so easily!

Also, before you ask- no, these lip-crayons don't have a sticky or a tacky feeling when you wear it! In fact, the lip-crayon locks in the smoothness of your lips due to the moisturising effect it provides.

No7 Poppy King Lip Crayons retail at £11.50 each, which I think is a fair price considering all of the benefits I have experienced, plus the built-in chunky pencil sharpener! :)

What do you guys think? I really recommend that you give these a go!


An introduction to Nazila Love Glamour

Taken from http://www.nazilalove
A couple of months ago, I came across a new nails brand, called Nazila Love Glamour and their products look really exciting!

I'm a huge fan of any products for nails- charms, paints, nail art products, and the list goes on!

Nazila Love Glamour specialises in LED Nail Gels (they have hundreds of different shades!), but the brand also has a range of 3D Nail Art including nail charms, and metal and acrylic nail art which you can stick on. Plus, they have a cool collection of eyelashes too, and in a range of different styles so you're definitely spoilt for choice if you're a fan of false lashes! I have taken a look at their colour chart online of the LED Nail Gels that are available, and I would seriously wear every single colour! I have included the colour chart below.
Taken from
I currently have three LED nail colours from the extensive range, which look absolutely gorgeous! Images of these are below.

At the moment, I can't actually swatch and try out the gels as my LED lamp has broken! And before you ask, it wasn't a lamp from the Nazila Love Glamour brand- but they do have their own range of LED lamps which all look great! I also need to purchase a base coat from the brand too; I've never tried an LED gel before, but I want to make sure I have everything necessary with me so that it all goes down smoothly when I actually do!

Nazila Love Glamour have an LED lamp which I am definitely going to purchase! It's in the shape of a heart, and it would add the perfect touch to my bedroom as it looks very trendy and sleek.
Taken from

Here are some paper swatches of the current LED gels from Nazila Love Glamour that I have. The Gels retail at £17.99 each.

I have spelt 'Extravaganza' wrong! That's what happens when you're trying to write without smudging the gels!

Here is the colour chart for the LED Gels:

I will try very hard to get all of the equipment and accessories necessary for a post/feature on these LED Nail Gels- I can't wait to try them out and let you know how it goes! But in the meantime, take a look at the brand's website: They have some pretty amazing stuff on there!

Let me know what you guys think!


I love, love, love Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil!

This time last year, I didn't have a hair product that I could call 'Made For Me', which I found quite frustrating; my hair was so untamable and I didn't want to go for the chop- my hair goes down to my waist! My hair was frizzy and it always looked messy, plus I didn't want to be bound to using straighteners every single day. I needed a product that would tame my hair without reducing its moisture and shine, and thankfully, I found one.

Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil is probably the only product I couldn't live without (apart from eyeliner that is!)- and yes- I will only use Lee Stafford's! When I was a child, my Mum used to apply Coconut Oil in my hair, making it strong and silky. Despite this, I really dislike Coconut Oil! The smell, greasiness and heaviness really annoyed me, so this made me skeptical about using Argan Oil at first.

However, Lee Stafford's Argan Oil is the total opposite to other hair oils; it's incredibly lightweight, non-sticky, and smells lovely! I always use a few drops of Argan Oil when my hair is damp after I've washed my hair so it's easier to apply.

That's not it, Lee Stafford's Argan Oil doesn't just make your hair smooth and tamable until you've washed your hair the next time- it improves the health and appearance of your hair overall. I've definitely noticed a difference, and so have my friends! That's why it's a really good idea to use it every time you wash your hair. Also, you should avoid applying Argan Oil into the roots of your hair as this will make your hair greasier a lot quicker than usual!

Lee Stafford's ArganOil Nourishing Miracle Oil retails at £14.99- yes, I was shocked at the price too but seriously, a little goes a really long way with this product. I started using my bottle in November and I've only used half of it! And I have long hair! I treasure my cute little bottle of Argan Oil; I even have a little space for it on my desk!

£14.99 is a brilliant investment for healthier, smooth locks. I haven't used another brand of Argan Oil, but Lee Stafford's Argan Oil has already totally won me over so I don't really need to. Every time I hear a friend, or a friend of a friend complain about how dull or unhealthy their hair looks, I always recommend Lee Stafford's Argan Oil!

I also  love Lee Stafford's ArganOil Deep Nourishing Treatment mask, and I'll be writing about that very soon!

Have you tried Argan Oil? I'd highly recommend Lee Stafford's if you're looking to give it a go!


Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup in 'Dance Again'!

J Lo released the music video of her new song a few days ago, and I loved her bronzed goddess look! What caught my attention more though, was her eye make-up- which was extremely hard to get a proper look at!

There's a screen-shot of her staring at the orgy taking place on the ceiling (haha!), and that's probably the most clearest image of her eye make-up- although its difficult to tell exactly what was done in order to achieve that particular look. I did have a little go myself though...

Here's the image of J Lo:

I tried to stick to a few brand as possible as it'll confuse you all if I used too many, but this was difficult and I ended up using a load of different brands because that was what I had my hands on at the time.

I also didn't copy every aspect of J Lo's eye make-up. It seems to me that J Lo's make-up artist opted for a thick line of eyeliner, I opted for a slightly thinner one.

Here's my look inspired by J Lo: (The look below is actually a lot lighter in reality! The camera's made it a lot darker! And sorry about the brows- I'm currently in a re-growth process!)

Products used:

BM Beauty in Her Majesty for the eyelid
Aveda Eyeshadow in Purple for the eyelid
Revlon Grow Luscious Lashliner
BM Beauty in Marble Sparkle for underneath the lash-line
BM Beauty Lash Curling Mascara


OPI 'Red Lights Ahead...Where?' Nail Lacquer

When the O.P.I Holland Collection launched in the UK, I fell in love with the shades on the Lena White website, but there was one shade in particular that stood out to me: 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?'.

This shade is a gorgeous vibrant coral that's like an incredibly glossy red colour with a pinky sort of hue to it. The shade completely matches its cool and wacky name- 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?', as wearing such a bright coral colour such as this one, makes you feel sexy, and somewhat daring as if you're driving and don't care that there are red lights ahead telling you to stop. That was my first thought when I read the name of the shade!

Coral is my favourite colour as it comes in all sorts of different shades and colours- orange coral, pink coral, red coral, and I love every single one of them (so I'm basically cheating when I'm asked to name my favourite colour!). I have quite a few coral nail polishes, but this is by far my favourite!

There's no glitter or shimmer in this nail lacquer, but that's a good thing really, as the shimmer would take the extreme glossiness of the nail lacquer away. And there's always something good about a glossy coral...

Have you tried this shade? What do you think? Are you liking O.P.I's Holland Collection?


Easter Inspired Nail Art!

I was experimenting with a few nail polishes the other day and it struck me that Easter is fast-approaching, so I did some Easter inspired nail-art. I painted a little easter chick on a sunny day!
Here's what I did:

1. I applied a base-coat using Andrea Fulerton's Triple Action Undercoat.

2. I then painted a layer of GOSH'S Nail Lacquer in Lavender Love, and waited for it to dry. (The actual colour is a lot lighter in the image above though!)

3. Then I carefully painted a 'hill' using GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Early Green.

4. When the 'hill' was dry, I dipped the tip of a pencil in GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Bright Idea and painted dots on the 'hill' to resemble daisies, and I waited for them to dry.

5. I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Colour in Daisy to paint the chick; I painted a small blob and when it dried, I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Art Pen in Pink to draw the chick's eyes, feet, and smile.

6. Finally, I sealed my creation with Andrea Fulerton's Gloss Up Overcoat!

Here are the products I used: (Except for the Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Pen in Pink)
What do you think?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry!

This is probably the best eyeliner I have ever tried and the quality of the product even beats the quality of premium branded eyeliners!

The Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner is really smooth and creamy in texture, so applying it is relatively easy as it glides onto your eyelids, and it's smooth enough for the liner to fill in your waterline with a very pigmented colour.

The colour of the Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry is a deep chocolate brown but with a lovely purple shimmer which looks lovely with the reflection of light. When I first saw the product, I thought it would just be a simple brown coloured eyeliner but when I tried it out, I realised that I was so wrong. This colour is lovely because it's so shimmery and it looks like two different colours; it also reminds me of Christmas! It's nice to wear this shade on a night out but I wear it in the day sometimes because the colour is so gorgeous, and so I feel that I don't need to wear eyeshadow with it!

The eyeliner stays on for quite a long time because of its gel consistency and I don't have to keep 'topping' it up. Here are some images of the eyeliner on me:

What do you think of the colour? I'll put up an image of the product as soon as I can!

Bags of Beauty Blog: Win a Clearasil Bundle!

I'm giving away the new Clearasil range- which was the brand behind the Big Skincare Mystery! 

The bundle includes: 
- Clearasil PerfectaWash Automatic Touch Dispenser
- Two re-fills for the dispenser (PerfectaWash Superfruits Extracts & Vitamin E, and PerfectaWash with Soothing Plant Extracts and Vitamin E) 
- Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask
- Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins and Extracts Scrub
- Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Cleansing Wipes 

To enter:
- Comment on this post with your Google Friend Connect name and your e-mail address.You must be a follower of my blog!

- For an extra entry, follow @MissSusmiPatel on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway using the hash-tag #ClearasilBundleGiveaway. Make sure you leave your TwitterHandle in your comment below too! 

- You MUST be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect.

- This giveaway closes on 28th March 2012 (My birthday!); any comments left on the 29th March and onwards will not be counted. The winner will be announced shortly after on this blog.

- This giveaway is open internationally.

- The winner will be selected by and we will contact the winner via e-mail so I can send the goodies out.

- In the case of the winner not claiming their prize within 2 weeks of announcing, I will use to select another winner.

- The prize was provided courtesy of Clearasil but I'll be paying for the P&P.



Bags of Beauty Blog: 17 Magnetic Nail Polish!

I have been swooning over Magentic Nail Polishes for a while now but it was only the other day when I actually tried out one! When I recommend magnetic nail "art" people, they think its expensive- but it's really not! The Magnetized Polishes by 17 Cosmetics retail at £5.99 and the magnet is part of the bottle.

It met my expectations in terms of presentation as I have seen a few adverts for Magnetic Nail Polish and I loved the look of them. At first when I used the polish, it didn't work! And this may have also been the case for some of you guys too. But the trick is to paint a thick layer of the nail polish- or paint a thin layer to get coverage of your nail and then a thicker second coat to get the magnet to work!

I love the colour of the 17 Magnetized Polish in Blue, which is a metallic ocean blue shade with bits of silver shimmer with a slight hint of purple/pink shimmer! 

It's pretty cool what the magnetized effect on your nail is! Darker stripes of the colour start to form with 17's Magnetized Polish and even though I applied a thick second coat, my nails managed to dry very quickly.

Before I tried this out, I was set out that this nail polish would end up clumping and gloopy (I blame the horrors of crackle nail polish!). But actually, the texture of the polish doesn't get clumpy at all and I don't need to use undercoat with it and it provides a really smooth application with a matte finish.

Have you tried this? What do you think of Magnetic Polishes?


Bags of Beauty Blog: The Brand Behind The Big Skincare Mystery!


Who'd have thought it?! I was invited to the exclusive reveal last week and I was so shocked to find out that the brand was Clearasil!

The range consists of a Clearasil Perfectawash refillable automatic dispenser, Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mash (the mystery product you have all been trying!), a Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Scrub, and Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Cleansing Wipes!

I am giving away the WHOLE new Clearasil range soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Here are some images of the event. And when I say some, I really mean 'some'- me and my photographer took over 100 images that evening!