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Bags of Beauty Blog: Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub!

Before using this product, I used to sigh over the fact that my lips were not exactly super smooth. My lips aren't chapped- they just get dry easily even though I always apply lip balm.

The first thing I have to say about this is product is its gorgeous scent! The scrub smells of vanilla and so the lip scrub tastes good!

I've always used the lip scrubs by LUSH, but I sometimes find that they're a little too rough for your lips, and my lips feel a little sore a bit after (this is probably because I apply way too much pressure!). But this product is really smooth and creamy in texture and so it's like a lip balm scrub which replenishes and smoothes the lips.

The lip scrub removes dead skin cells and I have to use this before I wear lipstick otherwise it'll look chapped.

All in all, I love this scrub- although it is a little expensive, so it's more of a luxurious treat for me because it's so smooth but I'll definitely be purchasing more of these!

The Lip Scrub retails at £12, and can be purchased at Debenhams, and Bliss online.


Hands up if you hate cellulite!

Hate the gnawing fact that you have skin that’s prone to cellulite? Whether you have cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, or stomach, it’s always a killer to get rid of!

On top of that, I bet you’ve tried so many cellulite creams/gels that only make a slight difference to your skin, or maybe not even at all?

So let me introduce you to this little life-saver! You’ll be amazed by its wonderful wonders...

The kit contains cute little tubs of Bliss products: Fatgirlslim (A cellulite cream), Fatgirlscrub (An exfoliation scrub), and Fatgirlsleep (An overnight cellulite cream), plus a Fatgirlslimulator- which is brilliant in getting your skin circlulating to get rid of that cellulite!

My experience with this kit was an amazing one as I wasn't expecting it to give such a brilliant result. After using it, my skin always felt super-soft and radiant, and I saw the reduced visibility of cellulite on my thighs!

On top of this, the kit lasts for a lot longer than expected- considering that the content tubs are miniture versions of the full size products.

The kit retails at £30- but for £30, you get to give yourself a good old pamper and you get a bargain too as the products sold individually would cost you a total of £44!

Here's the link to the Bliss website, where you can purchase this, as well as other fab Bliss products!