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BOSS The Scent

This is Hugo Boss' biggest male fragrance launch in a long time- and it's a very good one. BOSS The Scent is a masculine scent that's inspired by the art of male seduction and confidence, and pays tribute to the BOSS man's personal achievements rather than his professional. Nice. 
For the past couple of years, Hugo Boss have been launching fragrances that were almost like brothers to the original BOSS Bottled. BOSS The Scent is completely different, and this is why it's already an incredibly popular scent. Every guy I've tested it on has nothing but positive to say about it.


Hugo Boss The Scent: Meet Theo James!

Hugo Boss recently unveiled their brand new fragrance BOSS The Scent, which stars British Hollywood Actor Theo James as its ambassador (swoon!). I absolutely love Theo James- he's a brilliant actor, and really fits in with the campaign. Plus, he's gorgeous! 

I just thought I'd give you a little heads up that Theo James will be at Oxford Street's Debenhams this Thursday signing bottles of the new Hugo Boss scent.