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BOSS Runway Edition Fragrances

Before Nuit launched in 2012, Hugo Boss wouldn't have ever crossed my mind when thinking of one of my favourite fragrance brands. 

Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie changed everything for the BOSS Woman fragrance brand, making it more feminine, and sophisticated. For me, BOSS Woman Orange just wasn't cutting it. So it's great that the fragrance trio are being celebrated by their re-launch as Runway Edition fragrances this month. The new editions have three statement looks inspired by Jason Wu on the bottles and packaging.


BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme review

I love both BOSS Nuit and Jour fragrances. The fruity, sensual fragrance of Nuit is an absolute favourite of mine; for me, it's a fragrance staple and I wear it all the time during the autumn/winter season! So I was very ecstatic when I was told that BOSS is launching another fragrance this summer called 'Ma Vie'. 

As expected, Ma Vie bares similarities to its sister fragrances Nuit and Jour. All three of them are fresh, feminine scents that sit comfortably in the floral/fruity fragrance category, albeit Ma Vie leans over more towards the floral side.