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NEW BM Beauty Lip gloss in 'Gypsy Spirit'!

I attended BM Beauty's press day yesterday where I met the lovely Kimberly Wyatt and Laura McComiskie, (founders of BM Beauty), where they announced the launch of  a new shade of their Mineral Lip gloss next week in a shade called 'Gypsy Spirit'.
BM Beauty is a cruelty-free make up line ranging from mineral eyeshadows, lip glosses, foundations, blushers, bronzers, mascaras, and make-up brushes.

BM Beauty currently has five lip-glosses in the line, with lovely wearable colours- some glossy, some sheer, and some shimmery so you're bound to find a shade to suit your personal taste.

The new 'Gypsy Spirit' lip gloss by BM Beauty is a burnt/carrot orange shade that comes out gorgeously sheer and glossy on the lips when applied lightly, but the colour is easily buildable if you desire a burst of colour on your lips. You can get a built-up colour on your lips in just two coats. Kimberly Wyatt told me that the colour was chosen as a suitable colour for the summer, and in particular- music festivals. It looks a lot different when swatched- almost like an orange coral shade. I love corals so this lip gloss is definitely for me!

I have zoomed into the colour of the lip gloss to give you an accurate idea of the shade (with flash) and I have taken a photo of a swatch too (both in the image below)

The best thing about BM Beauty lip glosses is that they don't have a sticky, tacky feel to them when worn. I actually don't enjoy wearing lip glosses as opposed to tinted lip balms, but BM Beauty lip glosses make my lips super smooth so this product is basically a lip balm in itself! The lip glosses really moisturise the lips, and the texture of the lip gloss is so smooth and perfect in consistency, allowing the it to glide and spread across the lips which is good for creating both sheer and full coverages.

Also, the lip gloss is a perfect combination with BM Beauty's Peachy Glow Blusher used to contour the cheeks, creating a warm summer look.

The new lip gloss shade is being launched on the BM Beauty website next week! BM Beauty Lip Glosses retail at £12.00 each.

Do you like the new BM Beauty 'Gypsy Spirit' Lip Gloss shade? Are you a fan of BM Beauty?


BM Beauty Mineral Foundations! A mini swatch gallery

BM Beauty has an extensive range of Mineral Foundations- they currently have a total of 8 gorgeous shades to suit a range of different skin tones. They even have shimmering  tones to them- which I never thought I'd like in a foundation, but trying the BM Beauty foundations has made me realise that I love it, as it makes the skin look a lot more radiant. Plus, a little shimmer always helps to brighten up those cheeks!

BM Beauty foundations are also very forgiving in regard to using slightly different shades to your skin-tone, as it blends in very easily because the texture of the powder is super smooth! 

Below, I've only featured 5 of the 8 shades available though as these shades were mini samples that I purchased from the BM Beauty website which I then zoomed into with my camera and photographed to bring you a clearer picture of what each shade actually looks like. The BM Beauty website does offer a clear image of what each shade looks like, but   it don't actually show the shimmering tones the foundation has to offer.

0.75g sample jars of BM Beauty's Mineral Foundation retail at £1.25 each- a perfect price for those wanting to experiment and try out different foundation shades to find out which one is right for you. This is a really good way of trying out all of the available shades without purchasing the full-sized versions, and creating a hole in your pocket! 

I found it a bit difficult to purchase sample jars from the BM Beauty at first as they're tricky to actually locate. What you have to do is click on the 'More Info' button of the shade you want a sample of, and you'll be directed to another page where you can click the 'Add Sample' button to purchase a 0.75g sample! 

Honey Mist
This is my favourite shade from trying out the samples! It brightens my skin-tone which was surprising as I thought it would be a little dark for me, but it worked into my skin really well.

I love this shade too- especially when I just want a simple coverage with only slight shimmering tones. Naked is only slightly lighter than Honey Mist, and is great to achieve a natural, flawless look.

Stripped is the lightest shade in the BM Beauty Mineral Foundation range, which is probably a shame for girls with a paler skin-tone. But then again, I've realised that BM Beauty powder foundations are a lot more forgiving when using a slightly different shade to your skin as the powder is easy to blend across and into your skin.

 Sunny Haze
Sorry about the fuzzy bottom of this image! Sunny Haze is a step darker than Honey Mist; it's more of a bronzed sunset shade which is beautiful. I used this shade once when I woke up one day and hated how pale my skin looked when I looked in the mirror! 

Walnut Whisper
Another gorgeous shade! And the name is so lovely too- I love saying it out loud! By looking at this image, this shade is definitely looks too dark for me, but it's a completely different story  when you apply it onto your skin. This shade is perfect for a bronzed goddess look as the shimmering tones really stand out in the bronzed powder shade. I also use it as a naughty little eyeshadow too! And you can also use this to highlight and bronze your cheekbones with a soft walnut shade.

The price for the full-sized foundations are £14 for 10g of foundation in a sifter jar. 

I hope you liked this little swatch gallery! If you want to know anything else about anything BM Beauty, pop a comment below or e-mail me! XX


Bags of Beauty Blog: BM Beauty Giveaway Winner!

I counted the GFC Comments first and then the extra Tweets.

The winner of the BM Beauty Giveaway Winner is:


I have contacted you Linda, via e-mail so make sure you get back to me!

Don't worry if you didn't win as I'm holding another giveaway today!


Bags of Beauty Blog: Aquatic Galaxy Eyeshadow Look with BM Beauty!

BM Beauty Eyeshadows are the best and I love experimenting with them! At the moment, I'm in love with the mineral eyeshadow in 'Aquatic Galaxy'- a shimmery blue shade with bits of fine silver and blue glitter. BM Beauty Eyeshadows are pigmented in colour and they're in the form of a fine powder that glides quite easily onto the eyelids with both brushes and fingers.

The look I created on my sister below is a winged-out eyeshadow look using the Aquatic Galaxy eyeshadow on the socket, and BM Beauty's Mineral Eyeshadow in Silver Cloud for the brow bone.

Unfortunately, BM Beauty doesn't have a range of eyeliners, so I used the Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner in Twilight Sparkle to colour the waterline in order to widen the look of the eyes- the colour very similarly matches the Aquatic Galaxy shade.

What do you think of the BM Beauty eyeshadow shades? Do you like this look?

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Bags of Beauty Blog: Happy 1st Birthday to BM Beauty!

BM Beauty, a cruelty free make-up brand founded by former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt and business partner Laura, made its debut this time last year but I never heard of it until April through an internet search as I wanted to start using cruelty-free make-up products. I was then given the opportunity to try some of their products, and a very lucky chance to interview Kimberly herself which instantly boosted traffic to my blog! Read the interview here:

My first post on BM Beauty received many member comments saying they've never even heard of BM Beauty, which was a little bit disappointing. I thought the products were amazing- their eyeshadows were incredibly soft and fine, and after I wear eyeshadow for more than 8 hours, my eyes get irritated but the BM Beauty eyeshadows didn't irritate my eyes at all. In fact, because the eyeshadow is so fine, it's so easy to remove! It's as if the make-up brand was actually made for me...

Whenever I see BM Beauty in a blog-post or in a magazine, I always feel glad that people love the products just like I do, and I really hope that BM Beauty hits the high streets soon so that everyone will know about it and get to try their fab products, and I hope that some new products are introduced. BM Beauty products are available to purchase online at: The website also has some great video tutorials creating different make-up looks, with Kimberly as the model!

Happy Birthday BM Beauty!


Interview with Kimberly Wyatt!

Kimberly Wyatt
In your welcome message video on the BM Beauty website, you say that you love make up. What would you say is your favourite beauty product, and why?
I would say that mascara is my favorite product! I have blonde eyelashes so I rarely go a day without pumping them up with BM Beauty thickening mascara!

Have you got a favourite product from the BM Beauty range? If so, why, and are there any other products you would strongly recommend?
Our mineral foundations contain zinc oxide which is a natural anti-inflammatory and is great for spot prone skin! It helps my problematic skin AND gives me the coverage that I need!

Do you have a make up/beauty tip that you'd like to share with us?
The better you prep your skin, the better everything you put on it looks!

How did you meet your business partner, Laura? And how did the BM Beauty brand form?
Laura and I met in 2008, I was a fan and label mate of her boyfriend's Scottish band Driveblind. He introduced me to Laura and I soon discovered her skincare range, Love The Planet. We became fast friends after bonding over our love of the environment and beauty products! I started selling some of her products on my website and then we decided to join forces and BM Beauty was born!

Apart from your passion for make up, why did you decide to launch a beauty range?
The idea for a makeup line derived from my online portal, The BM Family has become an online community of loving and compassionate people working towards a better life. BM Beauty is an extension of my websites message.

Why do you think it's important for make up to be free from certain chemicals, and fragrances, and for cosmetics to be 'Cruelty Free'?
My favorite quote: "Be the Change you wish to see in the World." -Gandhi

Does your cosmetics line have a specific aim? Are you trying to target a particular female market? If so, why?
Our aim is to make the all natural choice fun, affordable and easy to use for all ages.

How would you describe your cosmetics line?
BM Beauty is cruelty free and BUAV , PETA approved! It's a beautiful face with a no makeup feel! 

I think it's fantastic that you co-manage the brand and you're act as the face of it too. What made you take up the role of being the face of the line?
I like being on both sides of the camera!

How do you cope with co-managing a beauty brand as well as focusing on your music career? Is there a 50/50 split between the two?
I definitely have to be wise with my time. I like to find ways to cross-pollinate music and makeup using song titles and words that relate to Her Majesty and the Wolves with BM Beauty. Emerald Showers is a song title as well as the name of a BM Beauty Eyeshadow, so is Her Majesty. Finding ways to mix makeup with music and keep the integrity of Beautiful Movements intact is what I'm all about, it's the challenge that keeps me dreaming!

What advice would you give to those aspiring to break into the beauty industry or the business sector?
Do it because you love it and are passionate about it, listen to the advice around you but always form your own opinion and be forward thinking in how you connect with your market!


Introducing... BM Beauty!

A few of my lovely followers introduced me to a recently launched cosmetics line, BM Beauty- and I'm incredibly pleased that they did!

BM Beauty creates cruelty-free mineral cosmetics that is approved by BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Oh, and did I happen to mention that the brand belongs to the fabulous former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt along with entrepreneur Laura McComiskie?

BM Beauty cruelty-free cosmetics

I was lucky enough to be sent some of their fantastic products which are not only cruelty-free, but they also don't include any tongue-twisting names of harmful chemicals, for example Bismuth Oxychloride okay, not so tongue-twisting, but it's pretty harmful...

I fell in love with the range immediately and my favourite BM Beauty product has to be the eyeshadows which is available in 15 different colours! Whatever your  personality, there's bound to be a colour for you!
My favourite shades have to be 'Her Majesty' (a shimmery pink/gold) and 'Marble Sparkle' (a shimmery grey/white) and I love these shades because they're full of intense colour and they're super sparkly which can help to create a 'Glam' look.              

The 'Her Majesty' shade goes really well with bronzed skin as the shade has a golden shimmery effect.

The eyeshadow is also quite fine and has a soft texture to it, which, unlike other shimmery eyeshadows, doesn't hurt your eye-lids when applying it.

Check out these fab eyeshadows and the rest of the range on their website: I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with the range!

The eyeshadows are priced at £7.00 and they come in a lovely sifter jar (so no more excess eyeshadow on your brushes ladies!)

Also, check out this great make up tutorial starring Kimberly Wyatt herself!

Have you tried BM Beauty? What do you think of the range?