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Avon Gel Enamels: Red Velvet

Avon have jumped onto the gel nails bandwagon and have recently launched their very own collection of nail Gel Enamels. 

The enamels are available in a variety of on-trend colours- from brights and nudes to glitters- and promise to offer a gel-like finish without the hefty salon price. With great performance in my opinion, and considering that the enamels retail at £7 each, their promise is fulfilling.

I recently tried out the shade 'Red Velvet', a shimmery red wine colour that reminds me of Christmas, and of course- red wine.


Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette: The Nudes!

Avon are launching their 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palettes later this month, and I'm loving 'The Nudes' one! It's packed with the most amazing nude shades, most of them having a very subtle shimmer to them. 
Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette- The Nudes


Avon Colour make-up launch!

On Wednesday, I attended Avon's Colour make-up launch at the Sanderson Hotel where its new products were on display for press and bloggers to have a little preview of. The new collection consists of a load of fab new products including beautiful new shades of Avon's Ultra Colour Lipsticks, a re-design of Avon's Eyeshadow Quad Palettes, as well as introducing Lip Crayons, and 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palettes.

Avon Colour collection
I was given a product-stuffed goody bag upon leaving, so I'll be very busy this weekend playing around and experimenting with the new collectionI'll defo be blogging about the products- especially the new Lip Crayons as I swatched a few of them on the back of my hand at the launch and they had such a burst of colour to them! Here are some of the photos of the launch:

Avon dressing table


Monthly faves: September!

Here are my favourite beauty products for the month of September. Some products are newly launched, and some products have been available for a long time, but I've only recently got round to trying them or I've only just discovered its wonders! And some are simply re-favourites!


Avon Chilling Teal Nailwear Pro+ from the Arctic Goddess Collection!

This nail polish is part of Avon's Arctic Goddess collection- a lovely winter collection due to be launched in November.

This shade is called 'Chilling Teal', and it is such a gorgeous icy blue/green colour that's the perfect finish to achieving that Arctic Goddess look this winter! The colour is amazing and definitely reminds me of frost and Christmas!
avon chilling teal


Avon Arctic Goddess Make-up Launch!

I was invited to Avon's Arctic Goddess make-up launch on Thursday at the super fancy Penthouse Suite at the Mayfair Hotel, which had an amazing star line-up including Pixiwoo, Alesha Dixon, and celebrity manicurist Marian Newman.

Whilst sipping on champagne, we were introduced to Avon's upcoming Arctic Goddess collection which consists of three stunning new Nailwear Pro+ polishes (Arctic Waters, Chilling Teal, and Green Goddess) and a gorgeous Eyeshadow Quad palette called 'Arctic Goddess'.

The collection is made up with frosty colours of blues and greens in order to achieve the colourful, 'icy' look that's perfect for the Winter season. The 'Arctic Goddess' Eyeshadow Quad palette is amazingly pigmented, and Alesha was even sporting it at the launch!
avon artic goddess
AVON ARCTIC GODDESS LAUNCH: Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad palettes (the palette in the middle is from the Arctic Goddess collection)

avon artic goddess
AVON ARCTIC GODDESS LAUNCH: Avon Autumn Nailwear Pro+ (The three polishes on the stand are from the Arctic Goddess collection)


Avon Pink Pastel Nail Lacquer!

When Avon announced the launch of its Nailwear Pro+ range earlier this year, they promised lots of shades that will hit the hot summer pastel trend on the head! I've previously posted about Avon's 'Coral Reef' shade- which is beautiful!- and Avon's nail polish in 'Pink Pastel' is also gorgeous and perfect for the summer.
Avon Pink Pastel Nail Lacquer

The shade definitely reminds me of strawberry milkshake, and is similar to the popular 'Pink Friday' shade from OPI's Nicki Minaj collection. This polish is very glossy, which goes well with a bright and 'clean' shade.

My first coat of the polish was okay, but it needed a bit more colour as it wasn't that pigmented, so I painted a second coat which made the polish on my nails a bit streaky. I had a feeling that a thick third coat in one single stroke would provide a decent finish, and it did so it looked great. Avon nail polishes have rectangular shaped brushes which gives a better coverage of the nail.
Avon Pink Pastel


Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry!

This is probably the best eyeliner I have ever tried and the quality of the product even beats the quality of premium branded eyeliners!

The Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner is really smooth and creamy in texture, so applying it is relatively easy as it glides onto your eyelids, and it's smooth enough for the liner to fill in your waterline with a very pigmented colour.

The colour of the Gel Eyeliner in Blackberry is a deep chocolate brown but with a lovely purple shimmer which looks lovely with the reflection of light. When I first saw the product, I thought it would just be a simple brown coloured eyeliner but when I tried it out, I realised that I was so wrong. This colour is lovely because it's so shimmery and it looks like two different colours; it also reminds me of Christmas! It's nice to wear this shade on a night out but I wear it in the day sometimes because the colour is so gorgeous, and so I feel that I don't need to wear eyeshadow with it!

The eyeliner stays on for quite a long time because of its gel consistency and I don't have to keep 'topping' it up. Here are some images of the eyeliner on me:

What do you think of the colour? I'll put up an image of the product as soon as I can!


Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon Nailwear Pro in Sequined Turquoise!

Susmi Patel
Ever since I first tried this nail polish courtesy of Avon, I have purchased five more of the same shade as this is such a gorgeous colour! The shade is a glossy turquoise colour with  silver and turquoise shimmer and glitter, giving an overall metallic effect.

This colour is perfect for glam nights out and when you're wearing something metallic or glittery! Avon polishes usually have a glossy finish as you can see in the images below in the reflection of the light. I don't usually go for greens and turquoise colours, but I loved this colour as soon as I tried it out!

Avon nail polishes are brilliant considering the polish's chip-resistance, burst of colour, and staying power.

Avon has a few other metallic colours in their Nailwear Pro collection so I'll be posting about these soon! The polishes retail at £6.00 each, but they're on offer at the moment for £3.00!

What do you think of this colour?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Outspoken Intense Fragrance by Fergie!

If you're out of pocket and are looking for something special, and luxurious to treat your female friends to this Christmas, you should definitely consider the Outspoken Intense fragrance by superstar, and Black Eyed Peas member, Fergie!

The recently launched fragrance which is exclusive to Avon, is a must-have for women who wish to feel fruity, but with a more glamourous and sophisticated twist to it. The range of fruity scents include starfruit, passion flower and "a warm base of sensual musks". When you first smell the fragrance, you get a whoosh of a lovely soft fruity scent, and after a little while you can then start to smell the gorgeous musk which we here at Bags of Beauty totally love!

The perfume is ideal for dinners, glamourous nights out, or even for a shopping trip with the girls! I find this perfume slightly similar to J Lo's L.A. Glow fragrance, only better because I think J Lo's perfume is a little too fruity and apparently it gives people a headache whenever I wear it. 

Fergie's fragrance doesn't have the same effect however- the fruitiness is only just subtle because of the sensual musk base. But we like this!

Although you can't smell this perfume before you purchase it, this perfume is an absolute favourite of ours- it's a simple yet glamourous fragrance that will do wonders to people's sense of smell!\

On a final note, the fragrance comes in a silver, kind-of transparent bottle that looks somewhat like a lamp... It will look really nice on your dressing tables.

What do you think of this fragrance? Have you purchased it before? Is it on your Christmas list or wish list?

The product retails at £15.00 for 50ml.


Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon Bus Tour!

Last Friday I was luckily invited to the Avon Bus parked in Hanover Square to meet the fabulous Sam and Nic over at Pixiwoo (again!), as well as check out some of Avon's launches for the new year! 

As many of you have already heard, Alesha Dixon has recently been announced as the new face and spokeswoman for Avon. She is also launching Avon's exciting new foundation range, Ideal Flawless, which consists of 16 shades- Avon's widest selection of shades.

Here is an image of Avon's already-launched Autumn/Winter Collection for 2011:

Here's a word from Pixiwoo about Avon's new lipstick range to be launched in January:

Pixiwoo also gave everyone a fab makeover with some of Avon's exciting products. Pixiwoo are so lovely that when you have a chat with them, you'll feel like you've known them for ages! And they're super talented make-up artists!

Here are some pictures of Nic giving my co-blogger/sister a makeover:
Nic gets to work on my co-blogger's makeover...

The finished look!
Check out some future blog-posts on the new Avon lipsticks and Ideal Flawless Foundation range which I will be posting about soon!



Avon announces its Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador

Alesha Dixon has been named as Avon's Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador for 2012!

She is taking up the role as Avon's spokeswoman for Avon's make-up range as well as Avon's domestic violence cause. She also plans to launch a foundation range, Ideal Flawless, consisting of Avon's widest selection of foundations, which will appear in Avon brochures from February 2012.

Alesha is taking over the @AVON_UK Twitter Feed today so tweet your beauty questions to her for a chance for them to be answered by Alesha herself. The Twitter Takeover takes place today between 1.30pm and 2pm!

Bags of Beauty Blog: Avon Autumn/Winter Collection Launch Event!

A fancy suite in London's Mayfair Hotel yesterday was where Avon were launching their fantastic Autumn/Winter Collection for 2011!

Whilst munching on the yummiest Avon cupcakes, we were shown the fab products which are available to purchase near the end of September! We also met the lovely girls over at who we had a nice little girly chat with! (Check out their blog here if you already haven't:
Avon Autumn/Winter Collection

Avon's new Autumn/Winter Collection for 2011 consists of four fab new nail lacquers in the metallic shades of Gleaming Gold, Sequined Turquoise, Violetta Sparkle (purple), and Mercury Metal (Silver). The lacquers are excellent in terms of performance- you can get a perfect, full coverage in just two coats!
Also in the range, are two new True Colour Eyeshadow Quads, the SuperEnchant Mascara, Glazewear Sparkle Lip Glosses in the shades (Gleaming Gold, Glimmering Bronze, Violetta Sparkle, and Shimmering Amethyst), and Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner.

I would strongly recommend Avon's Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner- it's the best eyeliner I have tried so far, because it's very smooth in its texture, and the colour is rich and pigmented.

Here are some images of the launch event:
Avon Autumn/Winter Collection 2011
Avon products currently available to purchase
Yummy Avon Cupcakes
Yummy Avon Cupcakes
Fruit, Cupcakes, and Wine.