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Aramis Modern Leather

Aramis is definitely an underrated men's fragrance brand. They launch a new limited edition fragrance every year, and have recently launched one called 'Modern Leather'.

Modern Leather is an elegant, woody fragrance and is a contemporary twist on the original Aramis, with more distinguished notes in order to capture a sense of 'modern' masculinity.


Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

Michael Kors has just launched a new selection of fragrances called the Gold Collection, composed of three scents which were all carefully chosen for the Michael Kors woman. 

I'm a huge lover of MK handbags and watches particularly because they have that special hint of bling to them, but Michael Kors has clearly gone the extra mile with these new fragrances. Obviously, packaging isn't everything but oh my goodness just look at these! 


Aramis Black

Prestige fragrance brand, Aramis has recently launched a new male fragrance- Aramis Black, which portrays the wearer as 'Polished but mysterious. Racy but refined'. Nice :) 

Aramis have been very clever with this fragrance as it's a scent formed of traditional notes, but also thrown into the mix is a combination of unique, contemporary notes. Aramis Black is a modern twist on the traditional, and it smells great.