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Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French Duo in Millie!

The shade 'Millie' is named after the amazing Millie Kendall, co-founder of Ruby and Millie, and upcoming beauty concept- BeautyMART. 

'Millie' consists of a bright orange shade to use for the nail tips, and a holographic lilac to use as an overcoat. 
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French on Millie
Orange and purple were definitely the 'It' colours for last summer- the jazzy combination was sported by many celebs, including Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor USA auditions, and Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. 

But this colour block combination is still so wearable because it looks so colourful, cool-toned and trendy!

What's great about the Flip Flop French Duos is that you can also wear the colours on it's own- I love wearing the lilac shimmer shade on its own for a simple yet gorgeous look. The lilac shade reminds me of crystal ice and is quite fairytale-like.
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French in Millie
Andrea Fulerton's Flip Flop French Duos retail at £5.99, which is great considering you get two colour polishes, and some nail tip guide stickers. I think the price has reduced since the brand first launched.

The Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique is exclusive to Superdrug, although they only stock in selected stores, which is a shame because I think it should be stocked in all Superdrug stores as most of the Superdrug stores I visit, don't stock the range.

What do you think?


Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French Duo in Ruby!

Andrea Fulerton- who I've mentioned a lot about on here many times before- is a professional nail technician, who has products for both design, convenience, and affordability in her Nail Boutique range.

Since the brand's launch in 2010, I have purchased endless numbers of Andrea Fulerton's Flip Flop French Duos in 'Ruby'- a double stick nail lacquer with a glitter shade, and a colour shade to create a beautiful coloured, shimmery french manicure- which is always a winner for those who love the good old french manicure but want to go for a more colourful look.
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French in Ruby

I believe the shade 'Ruby' is named after Ruby Hammer, the co-founder of Ruby and Millie and the woman behind the Debenhams' brand 'Ruby Recommends'. I know this because I was an intern with Ruby and Millie, and they knew Andrea Fulerton and they worked on the launching of the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique brand- which I was so excited about at the time! The pre-launched products were always on my desk and I couldn't wait for them to launch!

The other Flip Flop French shades are named after Millie Kendall, Lianna- who also worked at Ruby and Millie, and Sadie- Millie Kendall's daughter, who also went to school with my younger sister.

The Flip Flop French Duos are very very easy to use. And this is coming from a person who can't do a perfect french mani to save her life! The idea of the product is to paint your nail tips with the colour (in this case, the red nail polish) using the nail tip guides if necessary, and then painting over the whole nail with the glitter polish, which offers a lovely pink glossy shimmer to your nails. Although, I like the nail tip to stand out, so I end up painting over the glitter coat on the tips.
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French in RubyMy previous experience with french manicure products includes the daunting really thick brush, and the difficult-to-work-with thin as a stick brush. Andrea Fulerton has opted for neither for the Flip Flop French Duo, and instead has a decent, not so thick brush that's angled slightly on the tip. So it's pretty easy to paint the tip in one go- to create the look above, I didn't even use the nail guides included with the product- okay, they're not perfect but I'm happy with it :)

The colour's gorgeous too! What do you think? 


A Very 'British' Manicure with Andrea Fulerton Nail Colours!

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fast approaching, why not celebrate with a patriotic British manicure? Not only will you be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee in your own unique way, but your nails will also look fab and be the centre of attention- especcially the trendy British flag on the ring-finger!

When coming up with an idea for a Diamond Jubilee manicure, I definitely intended to include the Union Jack but I was unsure of what other colours I could paint the other nails with. I then decided that a mix and match of colours was best, and I decided to use the colours of the Union Jack- Blue, white, and red. 

I used Andrea Fulerton Nail Colours for this manicure, primarily because I loved the shades of metallic silver, red, and blue which are perfect for a Diamond Jubilee themed manicure! I painted my thumb-nail with Helena, a metallic dark blue shade; my grooming finger with Assunta- a Peel Off metallic red polish with pink tones, my middle finger with a beautiful shade called Annie- a metallic silver, reminding me of sparkles and diamonds- perfect for this manicure, and finally I painted my little finger with Nigella- simple cream white shade.

I used these colours, except for 'Annie' to paint the Union Jack on my ring-finger too.

What do you think? Do you have anything planned to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?


Easter Inspired Nail Art!

I was experimenting with a few nail polishes the other day and it struck me that Easter is fast-approaching, so I did some Easter inspired nail-art. I painted a little easter chick on a sunny day!
Here's what I did:

1. I applied a base-coat using Andrea Fulerton's Triple Action Undercoat.

2. I then painted a layer of GOSH'S Nail Lacquer in Lavender Love, and waited for it to dry. (The actual colour is a lot lighter in the image above though!)

3. Then I carefully painted a 'hill' using GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Early Green.

4. When the 'hill' was dry, I dipped the tip of a pencil in GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Bright Idea and painted dots on the 'hill' to resemble daisies, and I waited for them to dry.

5. I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Colour in Daisy to paint the chick; I painted a small blob and when it dried, I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Art Pen in Pink to draw the chick's eyes, feet, and smile.

6. Finally, I sealed my creation with Andrea Fulerton's Gloss Up Overcoat!

Here are the products I used: (Except for the Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Pen in Pink)
What do you think?


Bags of Beauty Blog: Andrea Fulerton Nail Colour in Debbie!

Susmi Patel
I naturally love bright coral colours, so the Andrea Fulerton nail polish in Debbie is one of my favourites in the range. 

The shade of the polish is a lovely cool-toned orange and it's quite a neon shade too so it's perfect to wear in the Spring and Summer seasons. Pastel and neon colours are huge this season- especially for nails!

Andrea Fulerton nail polishes have a good brush- I hardly experience any streaks with Andrea Fulerton products and it's easy to paint the whole of your nail (even the corners!)

I have used two coats of the polish in the image above, and if you use Andrea Fulerton's Triple Action Undercoat and Gloss Up Overcoat, you're nails will last quite long. I've never applied polish from the range without using the undercoat and top coat so I'm not sure how long the colour of your nails will last without using these...

To make the colour of my nails even prettier, I would have added some silver glitter onto them using Andrea Fulerton's Stripe and Sparkle but unfortunately, I didn't have that with me at the time... :(

Are you a fan of the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique? Do you like this colour?


Spring Make-Up Trends for 2012: Nails

Pastels and brights are huge this season and you can't express this exciting trend better than with the colour of your nails! Let's take a look at the nail colours from the Spring 2012 Collections of premium brands. 

In YSL's Spring 2012 Collection, there is a mint green shade, a neon orange shade, a candy-floss pink shade, and a deep brown shade. 

Chanel have opted for light yet vibrant apricot shade, and a ballerina pink shade in terms of pastel colours, but also in the collection is a red/brown shade for those who'd rather opt for deep, strong lacquer shades.

Dior have launched two neon nail lacquer shades in their Spring Collection; one shade is a royal purple, and the other is a bright green- both shades are quite florescent so you'd really be making a statement with these.

Givenchy has a classic red nail lacquer shade, keeping the red nails tradition alive.

Thankfully, you don't have to splurge and break the bank for these lovely colours- here are some affordable alternatives from the Andrea Fulerton range that are just as awesome.

Andrea Fulerton is a celebrity nail technician with her very own nail range available in Superdrug. The nail colours are amazing for quick-drying, non chipping nail colour with an good brush that easily paints your nails with a colour that lasts long.

These colours are from the main Andrea Fulerton range- which just about says that she pretty much has every occasion colour covered.

Above (From Left to Right): Andrea Fulerton Nail Colour in Beatrice, Carrie, Debbie, Eva, Jessica, and Naomi. RRP: £4.99 each from Superdrug.


Bags of Beauty Blog: Andrea Fulerton Crystal Gemstones!

Andrea Fulerton is a professional celebrity nail technician and she really knows her stuff when it comes to nail art and nail care- her nail products never fail to disappoint, and these Crystal Gemstones are no exception.

These Crystal Gemstones by Andrea Fulerton are amazing if you want professional looking, glam nails the way you want it, and have it done in your own time, in your own space.

The Crystal Gemstones are Swarovski Element stones and they really shine beautifully in the sunlight. They're easy to pick up and apply with the 'Gem-stone picker' and its sponge bottom in the container- tiny things can be really annoying but this product isn't going to annoy you!

These lasted me a lot longer than I expected- you get 100 gemstones in a pack, and if one falls off after wearing it, you can always stick it back on if the gem isn't missing.

I had a manicure at the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique recently at the Superdrug store in Westfields- London, and the manicurist gave me a little advice about these Crystal Gems.

She told me to use these Crystal Gems on nails that aren't painted in metallic or glittery colours as they tend to take the balance out of the nail art, otherwise it would look too full on and tacky.

Andrea Fulerton products can be purchased exclusively at Superdrug, and it retails at £8.19.


Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique: Oops! Varnish Clean Up!

The worst thing about about painting your nails is when you make a mistake, or by painting the skin surrounding the nail!  The dilemma here is whether you use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover to tidy it up, or simply leave it alone- with both options having the same result of messy-looking nail polish/art. So what do you do?

Let me introduce you to Oops! Varnish Clean Up! If you're a 'Oops!' kind of girl when doing your nails, this handy little product is a must-have in your manicure set! Everyone makes mistakes, but there's no need to do your nails again if you make a mistake! 

Andrea Fulerton is a 'Nail Guru' whose products I'd definitely recommend for salon quality, affordability, and creativity and innovation. Read my previous post on '5 reasons to love Andrea Fulerton's nail products!'

Oops! Varnish Clean Up retails at £4.99, and can be purchased at Superdrug.


5 reasons to love Andrea Fulerton's nail products!

Since the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique began providing the UK with high quality nail products in late 2010, a drift came about that we needn't take a trip to our nearest nail salon for a manicure that made us cry every time we spent money on one that didn't last very long.
I love the products from the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique, and now I am going to give you 5 reasons why I love it, and why you should love it. 1. Andrea Fulerton products allows anyone to be creative (and have fun!) when giving yourself a manicure As well as having a huge range of coloured nail polishes, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique also has a variety of products to glam up those nails that will catch everybody's attention. You can add some cute little tattoos onto your nails and add a puff of glitter, or add silver strokes and a crystal gemstone- it's your choice. And what makes it even better is that you didn't leave a hole in your pocket so that you could get a great manicure which is fun at the same time. This leads to reason number 2... 2. Andrea Fulerton products lasts for ages! It's incredibly difficult to find nail products that last over 2 months without going all gooey and lumpy, but Andrea Fulerton nail polishes are the best option if you want to go for long lasting nail polish that's professional, efficient, and affordable at the same time. One thing in particular that I love about her products is that even after a few months of using the nail varnish, I can still actually open it without the lid and bottle being jammed together. 3. Andrea Fulerton provides the basics for a nail manicure As well as the amazing nail polish colours and nail design accessories, the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique range also includes basic products that are required for nail care. These products include Andrea's Cuticle Eraser Gel to reduce the appearance of cuticles, Mirror Shine Glossers to buff your nails, and the amazing Andrea Fulerton Oops! Nail Varnish Clean Up fluid (Just in case you make a mistake when painting your nails...) 4. The products are very easy to use Staring at a woman doing a french manicure with Andrea Fulerton's Flip Flop French nail varnish duo in 'Millie' on the train is an experience of mine that proves how easy it is to use Andrea Fulerton products. Andrea Fulerton's products includes instructions/tips on how to use them. The Flip Flop French (French manicure) products comes with guides for the tip of your nails so that you know where to paint. 5. The products are professional Andrea Fulerton is a professional nail technician who has worked with loads of celebs including Kylie Minogue and Lily Allen, and was labelled the 'British Nail Professional Of The Year' (2006/2007). She knows her stuff so you're in pretty good hands... Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique products are available online at Superdrug and in stores across the UK. Now, in selected Superdrug Stores, you can have a manicure on the go at the Andrea Fulerton Nail Bars. You can drop in and get a manicure of your choice with Andrea Fulerton products and by nail technicians trained by Andrea Fulerton herself. I will be doing a review on some specific Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique products soon. If you have any suggestions of which products I should review, let me know... xx